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I can see it all now; brains uploaded onto a chip and into a machine built by a machine that was built by a man. A man who may have had too much to drink the night before and ooopsie! Oh, well, mistakes happen. Then downloaded into another machine built by a machine that was programmed by the guy who appears normal on the surface, but secretly likes to test the boundaries and see what he can get away with, or the newly graduated student of We Churn ‘em out Quick and Charge a Bundle University who relied on her classmates to carry her through. She can’t add without a calculator and removing both of her Reeboks, but hey, who notices nowadays?

And there you are in all your undead glory, stuffed into a computerized machine that only needs minimal  upkeep every now and then; a change of oil, bit of grease, new filter, and away you go for another year or so. You can hit ‘pause’ and take a break, but you’d better remember to set the timer or you’re asleep indefinitely. Aaaahhhhh, but we will be sentient machines you say. Uh huh.

A soft, humanlike machine is still a machine. Thoughts may be recorded on a chip, but not as anything remotely resembling the soul that uttered them.

So, I really hate to break it to those who think that they are destined to live forever in a body of their own design, but anything that man makes is imperfect because man is imperfect. The glorious future that you envision of everlasting man-made life encased in a shell of materials designed to host circuits and computer chips is not a viable reality. There will be no consciousness in that soulless vehicle. At least not one that can be recognized. And if by some miracle your spirit could be entrapped in a mortal boundary created by toddlers weaned off Windows 8, that would be everlasting life in hell, and nothing to really look forward to.

We’ve already got kids running around with blue hair and pink tattoos, and so much metal attached to their bodies that if a magnet is anywhere near their vicinity, they stand a good chance of flying through the air to meet it. So, it’s not a big stretch. Man melds with machine. Man becomes machine. Man makes it all up and can become anything he wants. Only it will never be without flaws. Ever.

I can see it now… It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…. what in the hell is that, anyway? Oh! Not to worry, it’s just Fred down the road. He wanted to increase his sex drive and thought some rabbit DNA would fit the bill so he got some transgenes injected into his artificial body and not only can he hump like a bunny now without Viagra, but sports a nice tail, a few extra whiskers, and his ears are a tad long. Too bad he can’t feel anything from the waist down without taking 34 pills a day to keep his artificial nervous system functioning at 85% of normal…

Aaaaahhh, transhumanism and life without boundaries. Well, almost…

©2016 Barbara H. Peterson

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5 Responses to “If transhuman programming is anything like Windows 8, we’re through…”

  1. MissionLIFE says:

    You are great at making it all make sense and a light bulb go ding in the brain, Thanks for being such a strong voice for those who are “AWAKE”. Keep strong and GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS, YOU ARE A LIGHT IN THIS EVER DARKENING WORLD. HUGS.


  2. George H says:

    I’m so sick and tired of these transhumanist apostles, with their artificial intelligence schemas that they think will “revolutionize” humanity and bump it up to it’s next inevitable and heroic level. Even the weird kid with his blowup doll, knew that his plastic “girlfriend” wasn’t really an actual woman. Are we now so addled, so besotted with chemtrails, gmos, fluoridated water, and toxic vaccines, that we now believe that robots, no matter how seemingly lifelike, are actually human. And that we can somehow “upload” our consciousness into a silicon and titanium simulacrum and pretend that it, and us, are now somehow immortal, wow. Is there some supernal power that effects this transmogrification, some Golem like uplifting that miraculously bestows life to the lifeless. Some arcane power of mind, as yet untapped. Well no, not exactly. You see, it’s an old, old power. The power of wishful thinking, or possibly the power of (yikes) insanity. But hey, I can understand the power of an overactive imagination, the power of a fevered brain. Heck yeah, it’s alright, if you want to be the wooden dummy that thinks it’s alive and can talk, that’s fine with me. I’ll be your EDGAR BERGEN, if you’ll be my MORTIMER SNERD.

  3. Patricia Tursi says:

    Thanks, Barbara. Great laugh. Most people aren’t aware of chemtrsails let alone transhumanism.

  4. CJ says:

    It’s a feeble attempt to digitize God. Good luck with that. It will never happen, but then, that’s the grand illusion of the dark side.

  5. Alan Donelson says:

    DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE! EXIT THE MATRIX! (Ooops, “heroes” of “The Matrix” movies were ALREADY transhumans!! Here, let me plug this huge computer cable into the back of your neck….) Chip me, do me up with the latest vaccination against my humanity!

    Amen, Barbara.

    Eat well, help out others sleeping, awakening now, as you can. Many miles along this long and winding road ’til we have to call it an end!