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On Friday, March 25, 2016, Actor Robert De Niro took a rather brief stand on a highly controversial issue, vaccines.

“Robert De Niro issued a statement on Friday defending the decision to screen the controversial anti-vaccine documentary Vaxxed at the Tribeca Film Festival, that he co-founded.” (DailyMail)




A day later, the decision to air VAXXED was reversed:

“Andrew Wakefield reportedly found out late last night about his documentary being pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival. Tribeca, as well as De Niro, initially defended the documentary’s insertion into film lineup; however folded under suspicious circumstances. Now more details are being exposed as Wakefield himself is speaking out. Wakefield is stating that Congressman Bill Posey played a role in getting the picture listed at Tribeca. His (Posey) early influence kept the film in the Tribeca lineup and led to De Niro’s defense of the film. However, it seems after that, an “organization affiliated with the festival” was none-too-happy with the documentary and pressured De Niro into removing the film. Our guess is the organization is a large advertiser, potentially Big Pharma related or even American Express (who was said to have been under fire by pro-vaxxers after the film was announced).” (Truth Kings)



This is not a case of ‘to vaccinate or not to vaccinate,’ this is a case of not even allowing the issue that VAXXED raises regarding the safety of vaccines to be discussed. This is a case of blatant corporate control gone wild. Free speech? We don’t need no stinkin’ free speech. We will let Big Pharma and the Medical Establishment decide for us what we are to see, hear, and talk about regarding vaccines. The decision has already been made. Pay no attention to the rising autism statistics or the rising amount of children falling desperately ill, and in many cases dying right after receiving the numerous doses of vaccines required shortly after they are born.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff makes the following correlation between harmful ingredients in vaccines and how the toxicity of these ingredients is increased due to the use of the world’s most popular herbicide, Glyphosate:

“What I think people don’t appreciate is that the vaccines and the glyphosate are synergistically toxic.  The glyphosate is making the chemicals in the vaccines much more dangerous to the children than they would otherwise be.  As I said, the glutamate is very interesting because glyphosate disrupts the body’s ability to metabolize glutamate, so the glutamate becomes toxic and gets into the brain.  I think that’s the critical thing with the MMR vaccine, which has not been appreciated by even the people who believe the MMR may be linked to autism. Until we can find a way to produce vaccines without using these toxic chemicals, we need to really worry about the extent to which we’re vaccinating our children.  We need to cut it way back.  And if I were a young mother today, I would try very hard to get out of all the vaccines that contain aluminum, mercury and glutamate.  That’s a pretty big list.  That’s DTaP, Hepatitis B, MMR, the measles vaccine, the flu shot, all of those. . .  . I would like to eliminate them.  . . . If you don’t choose to eliminate, you can actually delay–and that’s much, much better than getting them on schedule, because a newborn child has a very weak immune system.  To give that child a Hepatitis B which contains a substantial amount of aluminum is very dangerous.  And now they’ve added the Gardasil vaccine, which has a very toxic form of aluminum in it, that they’re giving to the teenagers, which is just on top of whatever load they might have accumulated up to that point.  The U.S. has the highest vaccination requirements in the world, along with the highest infant mortality rates among the top industrial countries.  If we’re getting all those vaccines, it’s somehow not compensating for whatever else we’re poisoning ourselves with, which of course might be the case.  . . . When you look at the risk benefit ratio of the vaccines, it comes out short. You really have to think about whether it’s worth the cost.  . . . Do you want your child to be permanently damaged in order to prevent it from getting measles?  It doesn’t make sense.  I think we really need to question whether the vaccines are an obligatory part of a child’s program. I certainly think they’re not, particularly because they are so dangerous.  And in conjunction with the glyphosate, which is making them much worse.” (Age of Autism)

In the United States, the genetically engineered Hepatitis B (Hep B) vaccine is scheduled to be given to babies at birth. Since babies do not normally go out and indulge themselves in high risk behavior such as tattooing, body piercing, IV drug use, sharing needles with others, having sex with multiple partners, or engaging in any high risk activity other than being born in a hospital, why give them the shot?

Here is the CDC vaccination schedule, listing the Hep B vaccine to be given at birth and several boosters thereafter:

Graphic 3

We are expected to submit to jabbing our newborns with a vaccine containing the following ingredients and are not even allowed to talk about it?

Graphic 4(click to enlarge)

31 vaccines [are]commonly recommended by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Controversial products used to make vaccines [are]: African Green Monkey (Vero) cells, aluminum, cow products, Cocker Spaniel cells, formaldehyde, human fetal lung tissue cells, insect products, and mouse brains. (ProCon)

Listen, Doc, I don’t want to jab my son/daughter with a concoction made for people who use drugs, get tattooed, engage in unsafe sex, and who knows what else, because it contains genetically engineered (recombinant) ingredients along with formaldehyde and aluminum hydroxide. I’m a ‘conspiracy theorist?’ A ‘kook’ because I don’t want my child poisoned from birth for no good reason? You will have to find a better excuse than that to get me to submit to your hocus pocus, as I’ve seen the autism statistics, and they appear to be going up with every increase in the vaccination schedule. So don’t tell me we can’t even discuss the matter.


Graphic 5(CDC)

I am glad that you initially took a stand, Bobby. I am ashamed that Big Pharma cut the legs right out from under you just as you were about to become a real life hero for exposing the fraud and opening up the discussion on a worldwide platform. But then again, maybe you did just that anyway.

Your initial inclusion of VAXXED into the Tribeca lineup and its subsequent removal by those who stand to lose in this corporate game of information manipulation just might have given the film all of the publicity it needs to reach more people than ever. Maybe this was your plan all along. Maybe, just maybe, you knew that the truth will forever take a back seat to power, so you rolled the dice, hoping that enough people would take notice and that the alternative media would respond by pushing back. Hard. Maybe you knew that the film would be axed, but counted on the publicity that action would garner to catapult it into the limelight in spite of the opposition.

I’m hoping that this is true. I’m hoping this because I like you Bobby. And I know that you are not stupid. I also know that those in charge of the mainstream media, by dictate of their corporate owners, have already determined that we the people don’t have a right to know or decide what goes in our bodies. That’s simply too dangerous a decision for us to make on our own. We need Big Brother to make those types of decisions for us. After all, the state knows best. And the state does not want us to even consider that VAXXED just might open people’s eyes up to the massive fraud perpetrated on each and every individual within its grasp in the form of poison for profit dished out by the drug companies whose main concern is not public health, but corporate profit.

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4 Responses to “Way to go, Bobby! You took a stand for free speech! Well, almost…”

  1. Visionaerie says:

    From the list of Tribeca festival sponsors it was pretty obvious that this film was walking the plank! Clearly the medical mafia was more than a match for De Niro — or should he be called De Nero? The more attention we can bring to the film, the better. Maybe Trump or anyone could start an initiative to get it sent to Congress to give it a good review. That Free DVD Project could add it to their list too. And how about Massimo Mazzucco who has done these kinds of documentaries before? Let’s keep paying it forward!!

  2. Abe says:

    Another note
    The cig and beetle comment:
    Tabacco has been triple stacked GMO since I think it was in 1986 is what Nancy told me. And of coarse without any approval!

  3. Abe says:

    I forgot to add All those jabs were in Marine Boot Camp 6 months earlier. Since my Dr. told me about what happened in Ft. Dix, I’ve been really leary of vaccines!

  4. Abe says:

    I’d be willing Bobby got the “Pull it, or Sleep with the fishes” line.

    I think to Stephanie’s list I’d also add the “Rat Poison” aka fluoride, and Embalming Fluid” aka formaldehyde. Then there’s the Bio Similar, and Bio Better which has been scaring the hell out of me for the since I found the 2009 swine flu had a cig and a beetle hybrid in it!

    I’ve been wondering if some how the vaccines and roundup in our foods intensifies the effect of the fluoride in most of the drinking water? Not only do the kids seem dumber, but the adults seem be Forrest Gump like too!!

    I’ve been getting spring water for a couple years now, did as much as I can to eliminate GMO’s and with the exception of a maybe 3 or 4 tetanus shots, haven’t been vaccinated since before the 1976 Swine Flu outbreak that the vaccine killed a couple soldiers at Ft Dix in that year. I got 17 jabs at once and a penicillin shot for good measure.

    The 1/2 dozen people I talk to line, and a couple friends, I can’t have an intelligent talk with anyone! Most seem willing to take there poisons and live in De Nile!

    I found this today. Mike Snyder does finance, so as you say “Follow the money” He’s been connecting dots since I’ve started reading his stuff years ago.

    Depressing Survey Results Prove the Dumbing Down of America Has Worked

    3:00PM EDT 4/1/2016 Michael Snyder