Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

To vote or not to vote – that is the question.

Whether it is right to vote for the lesser of the evils to avoid even more bloodshed or to refuse to play the game and face the wrath of an army of ‘patriotic’ soldiers shouting in unison: “I told you so!” when things invariably go south.

If it is right to choose three lives over five, which shall we choose?

If one presidency is more likely to kill less brown people, but a few more yellow people, where is the honor then, in making the choice when choosing merely pinpoints the target? Either way, someone is killed.

And the results will be laid squarely at the feet of the people. You voted the wrong way – it is your fault; or, you did not vote – it is your fault. It is in this manner that we are dragged into a quagmire of guilt and kept in the trap, exercising our ‘right to vote’ because either way it turns out, what happens when the election dust settles is ‘our fault.’ We are guilty, no matter what we do. So, we’d just better get it right next time. A nation based on the insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

This is the epitome of a narcissistic/sociopathic relationship; whatever you do, however you do it, the game is rigged. You are there to cheer and clap and lend support for whatever the controller has in store, and once the ‘elected’ puppet is chosen, you are held responsible for his/her actions. This is the way the relationship works. The only way. The sociopaths in charge want you to take the blame for what they have done; and the voting system, the way it is today, is the vehicle by which this blame is passed on to those who choose to participate. Who pray that voting might keep some from dying in the next pre-emptive strike carried out by nameless, faceless drones in the endless war on terror. Who think that whomever resides in the POTUS seat will be allowed to make decisions based on morality and ethics rather than convenience and greed. But let’s not forget that for the love of power, just about anything goes. And your ‘vote’ no longer ‘counts’ when the rubber meets the road in the backrooms of deal-making central.

As for me? I choose ‘no contact,’ or as little contact as possible with a sociopathic government so out of control that the only moral choice on the ballot card is ‘none of the above.’ To support what is reprehensible and to pinpoint future targets for whatever ‘war’ is in the mix for a world domination agenda is not the way I choose to involve myself in a stand for liberty.

©2016 Barbara H. Peterson

Warning! The following video contains strong language.

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4 Responses to “The Moral Man’s Dilemma”

  1. George H says:

    After 50 years of voting, which I viewed as almost a Holy Day of Obligation, I’ve given it up. I no longer wish to participate in this fraud, this Hegelian Dialectic (vote for Tweedledee/vote for Tweedledum) or fall victim to another Dog & Pony show of (your vote matters) because your vote doesn’t matter. You’re just choosing between preselected Bilderberger stooges, shills of the Cabal, who while pretending to offer real choice, are just actors reading their scripts, that were written for them by the Big Boys in the Backroom. It’s a fraud, a hoax, THE BIG LIE, that plays out every year in various statehouses all across the nation, and once every four years on the national stage, where the POTUS (Puppet Of The United States) is paraded out on the stage, as we watch the Marionette Show. But so many Americans are now catching on, and getting so SICK AND TIRED of this dualopolist/oligarchy that if NONE OF THE ABOVE were placed on the ballot, NOTA would win, hands down. So, come election day JUST SAY NO, don’t perpetuate this fraud with your vote. WHAT IF THEY GAVE AN ELECTION AND NOBODY CAME. Then maybe a real Democracy would begin, so grab your smartphones, because THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TELEVISED.

  2. Kentucky: If there were two candidates and one chose to kill all black people while the other chose to kill all white people, which one would YOU vote for? Either way, you have voted to kill people and can now state proudly that you are in favor of genocide. And you call me a coward for choosing neither?

  3. kentuckywoman2 says:

    Not voting at all is not only an abdication of one’s civic duty, but is morally cowardly. There is at least one candidate who is the zeitgeist our country needs…and he needs everyone’s vote if anything is to change.

    And you call yourselves…what? Moral cowards….imho. No fortitude. No grit. Simply withdrawing is only acceptable if one is on one’s deathbed. And even then, some would still try to vote.

    Because like it or not, laws govern our everyday existence. We have a “social contract” which basically says it is our moral imperative to choose our leaders. Yes, the system may be rigged. But the fact remains, nevertheless, that those who are elected have power over us. They make the laws; they enforce the laws; they interpret the laws. And by the social contract, without which we would sink into anarchy, we agree to be ruled.

    Who rules with our permission can only be determined by the persistent attempts to support and elect candidates who are suitable. If the system is rigged, then we need to unrig it.

    In this election there is one person who is worthy. I don’t need to tell you who that is. You have the choice to keep fighting to make a difference in who leads us or you can choose to be a moral coward and abdicate your responsibility.

  4. Alan Donelson says:

    Spot on as usual, Barb!

    In general — the exceptional “election” offering a candidate of true grit, intestinal fortitude, and personal, moral, fiscal and moral integrity proving the rule — I too subscribe to two exhortations:

    1) DON’T VOTE – that just encourages TPTB!

    2) If you (have to) vote, then simply vote for NOBODY.

    Reminds me a bit of the story titled “Sophie’s Choice”, which I have yet to read, but which a woman in my life a long time ago recounted to me, memorably, emotionally, as we lay together in bed sleepless one night.

    Instead of giving up one child and keeping the other, we vote to keep one party in power and relegate the other to (nowadays, controlled) opposition. But we do not, really. We vote for The ONE Party, with the one ring that rules all the rest. No choice but Hobson’s Choice!

    The Shadow Government, the Eight Families that own the banks that own the Federal Reserve, central banks ruled from afar by the BIS — they care not who makes the law (they actually do, to a fair degree, otherwise bribery would go out of fashion — it has not!), they care who (a) counts the votes and (b) controls the money. Increasingly, TPTB will count on cashlessness and computers to do their wicked deeds!

    ‘Tis HIGH TIME to our withdrawing every unit of energy — financial, psychological, physical interaction — from The Matrix, The Empire, or whatever appellation works for one labeling the Evil that infests this planet.