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Farm Wars

Step on up folks and get your dose of legal speed brought to you by the pushers at Big Pharma, Inc.

Have trouble with ADD, ADHD or Binge Eating Disorder? Try Vyvance! Another legal amphetamine produced by Big Pharma and available through your friendly neighborhood doctor, aka legal drug pusher. Pay no attention to that “sudden death” side effect experienced by some users. Amphetamines are good for you! That is, if you buy them off of the guys in the white coats.


You see, it’s perfectly okay from society’s standpoint to be on speed if it is prescribed by a doctor. A legal high. Yet, get the same thing off the street corner dealer and you are a felon. Hypocrisy, plain and simple.

A classic good guy vs. bad guy scenario. The good guys are the ones in the lab coats. The bad guys are in the shadows. We love our movies, don’t we!

Both are drug dealers, but the “good guys” are endorsed by the government mafia and the “bad guys” are freelancers. And there are penalties imposed for not purchasing from the “good” guys. Penalties such as jail, sudden death from lead poisoning, you get the picture. The “law” looks down on that sort of disobedience.

So, either go without the drugs or pay through the nose for insurance so that you can get assistance paying the $500 per pill cost of a legal high. And if you don’t? Then you can go without, or in extreme cases, get dosed anyway and forced to pay the piper after the fact. And don’t expect help from the men and women in blue. What accounts for the “law” these days is actually a group of thugs for hire, paid to protect the interests of upper-class crooks and robbers. And if you buck the system, then you become the criminal so that you learn your lesson that it doesn’t pay to undercut the ones in control of the largest drug con in history.

Drug pushers are drug pushers, legal or not. First they get you hooked, then they know that you will most likely be a customer for life.

They smile at you and look you straight in the eyes while they lie through their teeth about the “safety” of their products. They promise you instant relief and a better world through chemicals, not meaning a word of it. They are just playing the game to get what they want. To get you hooked. You mean nothing to them. They don’t care if you are drugged senseless. In fact they want you that way. You are more easily manipulated if you are in a state of constant withdrawal and perceive that you need their drugs to survive. That keeps the money rolling in.

The addiction game – both “sides” use it. “There ‘ain’t no good guys, there ‘ain’t no bad guys…” there’s only the street corner pushers versus the approved sellers who sell regulated drugs to approved customers, who obtain approval through their trusty doctor, who prescribes approved medications via the approved insurance process in this scenario, and each player in the legal process gets a cut of the action.

And then there are the “bad” guys. They bypass the system. Cut out the middleman and that makes a lot of people angry. Don’t dare mess with the bottom line. So there are laws. Not based on some sort of “morality,” but because of economics. It’s called penalizing the competition. Driving it into the dim corners of back alleys with a dark cloud of potential arrest or worse hanging overhead for both the seller and customer.

Your well-being has nothing to do with drug sales. Not even a factor. Unless too many die and the stats start rising like volume sales on Black Friday at Wal-Mart. Then someone will notice, but by then, who cares?

The legal companies just invent another drug, or put a fancy new name on the same concoction with a minor ingredient change. And by the time the bean counters notice the stats rising on that one, they simply move on to the next… and the next… and the next… The illegal ones merely wait until the new stuff hits the streets and the game is on.

What’s the difference? One is cloaked with a mask of legitimacy, and the other with a mask of the scoundrel. A thief, plotting against society as a whole to drag it down to the pits of drug addicted degradation. There is no difference in the players except for the mask. They accomplish the same thing – your addiction to an expensive habit. Behind the mask is the same face. The only way to tell the players apart is by which side of the cell door they are standing on.

After legal speed started its comeback as a treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder, The Journal of Neuroscience published a study that functioned as a polite tap on the shoulder. Amphetamine and methamphetamine, the researchers wrote, are “about equipotent” and “produce qualitatively similar behavioral responses.” Both excite the central nervous system in nearly identical ways, flooding and blocking dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline receptors. Also, meth is meth is meth. The brain responds the same whether it’s produced by the Sinaloa boys and slung by the gram-baggie as glass, or made by Lundbeck Inc. and sold in orange bottles at CVS as the meth-based ADHD drug Desoxyn®.

Is your speed legal? Or not…

Is it addictive either way? Yes…

And it’s growing in popularity…

In March, Express Scripts, which monitors industry trends, issued a report showing that women aged 26 to 34 have become the fastest growing market segment with an 85 percent increase in ADHD drug prescriptions over the last five years. The age bracket beneath them, female millennials, has spiked sharply in ADHD diagnoses over the same period.

Across all demographics, national spending on speed has nearly doubled since 2008. It is now a $10 billion market accounting for more than four-fifths of the world’s pharmaceutical speed.

This is not a moral ‘should I or shouldn’t I use drugs’ issue as proclaimed by government thuggery. This is a matter of economics. You will use drugs, and you will get them from government-approved corporate pharma suppliers. And you will enslave yourself any way necessary in order to get them, and you will pay any price. And your doctor will tell you that you need them, and he will prescribe them, and you will be a consumer for life.

That’s the addiction game. And the only way to win is to not play it.

©2016 Barbara H. Peterson

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2 Responses to “Legal Speed”

  1. Abe says:

    I’ve dealt with this. I should of known better, if it was today my response would of been totally different. Much to my dismay, my wife would let our boy eat Frosted Flakes and Mountain Dew 24/7. The part that pisses me off about medicine today is they don’t give a RATS ASS TO FIND THE CAUSE, JUST ADD MORE CHEMICALS.
    That Adderall made him into such a zombie!! For some reason my wife liked the Adderall to! The school would send Chris home if he wasn’t on drugs! So much for “Just Say No”!

  2. Paul says:

    Excellent article! Absolutely true. Now be sure to “vote.”