Letter from Ammon Bundy from behind bars, sent to Carol Bundy. Please listen as this is the reason the “virus,” which is the spreading of education about the Constitution, had to be stopped at all costs by “authorities.”


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  1. RMIGIRL says:

    Thank you for sharing all this.

  2. George H says:

    On the Saturday before Stupor Bowl Sunday, the sheeple in Santa Clara stood in line for up to three hours just to get a glimpse of the Super Bowl trophy, wow, a nation of dunderheads. Now if they had stood in line for three hours to get a glimpse of the the Declaration of Independence, then I would have been impressed, but when people worship a golden calf (trophy) more than their Charter to Freedom, why then, they have sealed their own fate. And let us not forget that the NFL wants to rescind the 2nd Amendment and disarm all Americans so that the NWO meets no resistance when they enslave us all. When the Constitution is out, and Bread and Circuses are in, then we are well along the path to serfdom, and TPTB and their goon squads think that’s just fine, all according to plan, as we usher ourselves, lemming like, into THE SOYLENT GREEN FACTORY.

  3. maziel says:

    Thank you for posting it. We are living in crushingly perilous times. Think about this when you cast your ballot – Your Constitutional rights vs an oppressive government. The government, whether local, state or federal, has grown so large and so powerful, it is not “of the people, for the people, by the people”.