Based on the FBI’s own preemptive efforts to manipulate public opinion under the guise of transparency, it is our position that if the FBI has nothing to hide and it wants to be fully transparent about what happened, it should immediately release the following:

• All applicable audio recordings and sound tracks, including an audio track of the event recorded on Shawna Cox’s phone, which has not been released.

• Full length, unedited video (by drones, body cameras, dash cameras, etc.)

• Complete, close-up images of LaVoy’s truck following the siege.

In the meantime, we will have no choice but to wait for the outcome of the independent investigation, and hope that nothing is done to tamper with the evidence.

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4 Responses to “Latest Finicum Family Statement Issued 2-2-16”

  1. Helen says:

    It was very good to get this info. The newspaper articles were so biased and phoney. They made it sound like a bunch of mobsters had taken over. The sad thing is that people believe the newspaper articles.

  2. moopst says:

    I would also ask for the names of all the FBI/other agents present at the shooting, the name of the agent in charge, his plan for deescalating the situation and avoiding violence that was extant at the time of the shooting, assurances that those involved in the shooting will be given leave or desk jobs pending a review that will be conducted by, say New York’s Internal Affairs Division. I say New York because they have a big enough Internal Affairs Division and because I’ve heard there are several firemen and cops who had things to say at the 9/11 hearings and were not permitted to give testimony.

  3. George H says:

    It seems that Law Enforcement Officers nowadays, all too often resort to a fusilage of bullets, before more peaceful or rational methods are utilized. Witness the 16 bullets that the Chicago Police Officer used to cut down Laquan McDonald (who was walking away from the officer at the time) 13 rounds of which struck him as he lay on the ground curled up in the fetal position. These are the tactics of executioners, not Peace Officers. We need more Columbos, and less Rambos. But since we now have a Govt that holds most of it’s citizens in utter contempt, it is not at all surprising that agents of the state, feel justified in exterminating all who get in their way, or all who dare to question their authority. In essence, our friendly neighborhood cop, has now been replaced by JACK BOOTED THUGS, courtesy of the coming NWO.

  4. Abe says:

    Transparency! LOL Boy has that word gotten new meaning the last few years!