Individual rights must take a backseat to the collective.

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7 Responses to “Agenda 21 for Dummies”

  1. Oh boy! An Agenda 21 supporter! How do you sleep at night?

  2. Tigger1595 says:

    Maybe we could all just read the document for ourselves and see what it’s all about instead of watching this very spliced video. The document is widely available and isn’t anything like what is trying to be conveyed. This isn’t very helpful at all, it only lends to the idea that all of us are crackpots that think the Illuminati are trying to control the world. Why does everything have to turn into some type of conspiracy of world wide proportion aimed at world domination.

  3. Colony14 says:

    Here’s a National Guard website where they are hiring people for Internment/Resettlement Camps:
    Now, as I checked it yesterday, it had been scrubbed, HOWEVER, you can type in the LINK I posted here, and ‘click’ Cached and the ad will come up plain as day.
    I found it from this link: http://spktruth2power.wordpres.....pecialists
    “To assist them [detainees] in returning to a productive life.”

  4. Colony14 says:

    Thanks for posting the videos!
    I tried looking everywhere for these videos and just could not find them.
    These are the best I’ve seen, the most informative.
    I have sold my very far-Nor-Cal mountain property and bought a modest home on land up in the very area where this article speaks about the ‘preppers’ and I hope to do the same.
    Preparedness is not a choice anymore for me, it’s a necessity.
    California is GONE. There’s no place in California anymore that is not affected by bad politicians destruction of the state.
    The open border has completely destroyed California as well as the leftist-liberal-progressives that run the entire Government of California. There’s only a GOP/Republican Governator that tries to stop them, but most of the time, it stays leftist-liberal-progressive.
    Watch and see how the trial over the illegal in San Francisco’s Sanctuary City protective laws get’s away with shooting an innocent family of lifelong residents for absolutely no reason other than he felt like it, get away with it. The illegal is still free to live his life in San Francisco because there’s no way the law protects the legal citizens from the illegals, Sanctuary City rules you know. So, he will get away with his third offense and multiple homicide this time.
    This is very common in California now.
    The water being shut off in San Jouquin Valley’s growing region because of the Environmentalist/Conservationists wishes to ‘Save the Smelts’ is causing the EXACT scenario the videos discuss about AGENDA 21, destroying all the Farms, forcing people to live off IMPORTED foods from places like China.
    Everyone that can needs to grow at least a little Victory or square foot garden, and barter and trade fruits and vegatables.
    People seem to think that the illegals cannot vote, get welfare or buy houses. Nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, they get preference over a legal citizen.
    California has CAPI for illegals. They get quite alot of cash in those checks and the added benefits are huge.
    They buy houses with USDA Rural Direct and USDA Rural Guaranteed 1% loans and get Subsidizes on top of that, along with Down Payment Assistance, but you must be low-income and because the women and children use Welfare, the men work under the table at CONSTRUCTION, they have a duel income, but the state & government only counts their welfare and that’s enough to qualify for USDA Rural Direct!
    I grew up in Los Angeles and know full well all about how they work and how the government and state favors them, as well as the Catholic Social Services that pampers them.
    People are making fun of the ‘preppers’ on other websites, but someone has to be part of the UN plan for ‘Depopulation’.
    There’s still plenty of places to have a ‘Bugout’ in the Pacific Northwest.
    Only problem now is the Mexican Drug Cartel’s pot farms, because they are everywhere.
    Here’s a website that has alot of information about the fight between the government/state and the struggleing farmers.
    Again, I really appreciate these video’s and really like your website with all the organic gardening information.

  5. Kim Pierce says:

    What’s even more fascinating is the degree with which paid-for bloggers and blog commenters quickly sweep Agenda 21 under the carpet, as a classic conspiracy theory — despite that all of this information is clearly available from the UN’s own web sites. Label anything a CT these days and the debate never happens. It’s the most effective mass brainwashing ever invented. It’s quite amazing how well it works. It’s so brilliant and the execution is so perfect, I suspect no less than Satan is at the helm. Seriously.

  6. Right on down the line, just like those before him, Laurel. He does what he is told and he gets to be President.

  7. laurel says:

    This is horrifying.
    And rather well kept secret, never heard of it till now, I feel so, so, dumbed down!
    It also explains a lot more about the takeover of land and other weirdnesses going on..Looks like Obama is following the agenda too..