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Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Certain “news” sites tell us what we want to hear by subtly twisting the truth. Black is white and white is black. Just as long as they get hits and clicks and continue to make money, anything goes.

Headline – “US gov suggests limiting GM corn cultivation as failed experiment causes superpests to spread.” Sounds good, eh? Like the EPA is actually going to do something to limit the use of GM corn. NOT!!!!! The real story, straight from the EPA site is that this guidance is not to “limit” the use of GMO corn, but to “prolong the durability and effectiveness” of GMO corn. Big difference. It does not want to “limit” the use, it wants to better manage areas of resistance in order to expand its usage.

Quote from the EPA site: “These measures and others are designed to significantly delay corn rootworms from developing resistance to Bt pesticides genetically engineered into corn (a plant-incorporated protectant or PIP). The proposed framework would change the way farmers use Bt corn, in order to slow the development of resistance. Our goal is to prolong the durability and effectiveness of these plants to control the corn rootworm pest.

Use of PIP crops is one of the safest methods of insect control. If used properly, they greatly reduce the need for conventional pesticides and the risks they may present to human health and the environment. For these methods to continue to be available long into the future, it is essential that they remain effective. They must be managed properly to prevent insects from developing resistance to the natural proteins being expressed. EPA is committed to maintaining effective oversight of these products to preserve their substantial benefits to agriculture and the environment.”


Are you getting the picture? Don’t believe everything you see or hear, even it if comes from someone we “think” is “on our side.” That entity just might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

©2016 Barbara H. Peterson

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4 Responses to “Disinformation at its Finest”

  1. Thank you Farm Wars for getting to the heart of the matter, for sharing the truth. After reading “Poison Spring” nothing about the EPA surprises me.

  2. Abe says:

    After over 60 years of my life seeing how all the government lies to us, I wouldn’t believe anything that’s considered “Official”.

    When I was a kid, my mom would tell me to believe 1/2 of what you see, and a 1/10 of what you hear. These days the percentages I would think are a lot lower.

    The old adage “Follow the money” comes to mind.

  3. suss says:

    O please like they don’t know!!!!! Truth is they know and they don’t care…….. not in kansas anymore! Big money rules the day now. Don’t buy processed food especially w/ corn or soy in it even organic can be contaminated w/ these gm genes.

  4. Kev C says:

    I always thought the EPA was about protecting the environment. Yet here we have an example of a company (Monsanto springs readily to mind here) hell bent on spreading its scourge of GMOs across the planet causing all manner of harm and the EPA is actually wanting to assist them in doing so across the US and for a lot longer than we would like. Okay so they say it avoids using conventional pesticides which causes harm to humans. What exactly is conventional about pesticides anyway? Its chemical warfare and there is nothing conventional about chemical warfare.
    Two things about this position that the EPA have taken spring out at me. The first is that the EPA has admitted that conventional (?) pesticides actually cause harm to humans. Big mistake methinks. They are admitting that harm is being done. They are admitting also that they haven’t done a lot about this issue except protect the profitability of the corporations who produce the GMO crops.
    Second point is that Bacillus Thuringiensis is actually a soil bacterium and as such would never come into contact with humans via their diet unless the person was eating raw carrots or other crop straight from the soil without washing them. And how often would someone do that in their lifetime?
    How do the EPA know that Bt doesn’t cause humans harm? Have they checked it out? Have they experimented to find out if prolonged exposure causes us harm? The answer is no.
    So all in all the EPA is not acting as the Environmental Protection Agency but as a sponsor of GMO crops and the creep of the bio-techs across our dinner plates. Its not what we pay the EPA vast sums of money to do.
    Someone, somewhere needs to be having strong words with the EPA.