Riddled with RoundupClick image to enlarge

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One Response to “Is your pet food riddled with Roundup?”

  1. Abe says:

    Anthony and Stephanie, Congrats on your “Gut, gateway to Death IV”! You both are giants among giants.

    Now Monsatan and pet foods. How do I put this delicately? Sterben Monsatan sterben!! 40 + years ago Monsatan had a,, at that time a useless pesticide called Ethoxyquin that was widely used then in pet food to fight rancidity in fats. What we saw then is what we see now in our children. Back in 1995 we thought we beat them. Stupid us for letting down our guard! Now the poison
    isn’t “IN” the food,
    it “IS” the food.

    If this crap doesn’t have blood coming out of your eyes…… Well just sit right back, have another glass of fluoride, and watch the network news bomb shells fight it out! Nothing to see here.

    For those with a couple brain cells left, squirt some foam in your mouth, and go for the jugular!! Sterben Monsatan sterben!!