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Barbara H. Peterson

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Have you read the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on Glyphosate? I mean REALLY read it?



You simply cannot make this stuff up, folks. In a nutshell, the MSDS for Tenkoz Inc.’s version of Roundup, Buccaneer, states that you are not to breathe in any of the stuff that you are spraying to kill weeds, you do not have to wear respiratory protection, and there will most likely not be any adverse effects. And that oh, so important portion of the recommended usage instructions that is the key to this whole charade?


Let’s undo some of the lawyer-speak in this well-crafted corporate trickbag designed to eliminate any and all culpability for the company manufacturing and selling the stuff:

1. Do Not Breathe

donotbreathe2Mist, vapours and spray are not to enter your nostrils while you are spraying this herbicide.

2. No Respiratory Protection Necessary

donotbreathe3You don’t need respiratory protection, such as a mask, to keep any of the mist, vapours and spray out of your nostrils. Simply following the precaution laid out in section 2.2.4, which states: Do not breathe mist/vapours/spray, is adequate protection.

Okay. Just how long can you hold your breath? It is next to impossible, once a mist/vapour/spray is let loose in the air around you, to NOT breathe it in, unprotected.

3. No Adverse Effects, Maybe…


And the bottom line appears to be…

If you hold your breath while spraying this stuff, you might be okay. Might be. Let that sink in along with this: “Not expected to produce significant adverse effects,” evidently, IF you do not breathe any of it in. Mask? You don’t need no stinkin’ mask! Perfectly safe. Just don’t breathe.

What does all this mean for the consumer? It means you are SCREWED. Yes, SCREWED! There is no way that you can spray this stuff without respiratory protection and NOT breathe any of the mist/vapours or spray. And if you do breathe any of it in, you have not followed the recommended usage instructions.

The only way that you can follow these instructions as written is to hold your breath while spraying. If you don’t, then the company is not responsible for any adverse effects. After all, they told you not to breathe it.

©2015 Barbara H. Peterson

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2 Responses to “Buccaneer Glyphosate MSDS: Do Not Breathe”

  1. George H. says:

    When I spray herbicide to kill the weeds (and other living things/collateral damage) I wear a gas mask to protect myself, then I go back over to my house and take it off, but oh darn, I see the Govt is spraying me again (chemtrails) so I put the mask back on and wait till it dissapates (in a couple of hours) then I go back inside for a cool glass of water from the tap (oh darn, flouride) and a nice tuna sandwich, aah (gmo/mercury) so now thoroughly disgusted and resigned to it all, I go downstairs into my basement workshop and continue working on my time machine, because I want to go back to 1950 WHEN EVERYBODY WASN’T TRYING TO POISON ME.

  2. Irene says:

    “I can’t breathe” quote by eric gardner