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I have been an independent holistic health scientist for 50 years now, and when I first started my work and investigations, I made a commitment to go after an ever-deeper understanding of whatever was true, irrespective of what other people believed, or what everyone assumed to be acceptable facts. I knew that if I cared at all about labels, group associations, pre-conceived ideas, or pleasing other people, any of these would be blinders and limitations on what I would be able to understand. Motivated initially by the need to overcome my own health problems, I could not afford misunderstandings or partial clarity.

As a result, I was able to discover many things outside the box of acceptable beliefs according to modern health science. I found that most diseases and even what we call “normal aging” are totally preventable, reversible and unnecessary in most cases. No, diseases do not have to be “managed,” in most cases they can be cured. I found that the main tools needed to accomplish this were not sophisticated new high tech instruments, special new drugs or discoveries in genetics, but rather re-connection to what was known by wise teachers of healing thousands of years ago.

I found through deep investigation and long personal experimentation with almost endless trial and error, that the important elements of health and healing are live foods, natural systems of detoxification (such as colon hydrotherapy), proper exercise, sunlight, grounding, fresh air, rest, and positively re-directed mental and emotional patterns. These things have been known and taught as long as wise teachers who were in touch with the timeless laws of nature were willing to share their insights and experience with humanity. The origin of this knowledge is not “higher education” as we know it today, or acceptable journals, and certainly not corrupt government agencies or medical associations. What used to be known as “common sense” is far closer to the origin of this knowledge than the most complex and sophisticated-sounding academic teaching being given in the medical schools and PhD programs under today’s medical industry.

Unfortunately that very industry, in partnership with deeply corrupt government, has become the number one cause of death in America today (Null & Dean, 2011) . Most of the public is unaware of this fact and remain as victims of this system. Vaccination, touted as the pinnacle of achievement in western medicine, is in reality one of its primary tools of death and destruction, and those at the top of the system know it well. The evidence of this fact is everywhere today and the history of vaccination is well documented (Humphries & Bystrianyk, 2013) so the question is, why are those in positions of authority unable to see what is right before their eyes, and why do they continue to deceive the public, causing such great harm with their misinformation? The answer may be that they themselves have been successfully programmed not to see the truth. Or it may be that they do know, but are afraid to tell the truth for fear of reprisal from the medical mafia in general, or the big medical drug dealers (a.k.a. “pharmaceutical industry”) in particular. Suppression of open debate on the subject is now worldwide (Tenpenny, 2015).

When Edward Jenner, who worked at an apothecary shop in 18th century England and bought a medical degree for 20 pounds sterling (Laibow, 2005), first came up with the idea of putting disease organisms directly into the bodies of people in order to prevent them from getting the disease in question, he might have actually believed it could work. I know of no convincing evidence that he brought the scourge of vaccination on humanity knowing the harm it would cause. However, it was not long before the real effects of vaccination were witnessed and widely known where it was tried. But equally quick were government and the medical industry to realize the potential ongoing gold mine that vaccination would represent for them, which is certainly true more than ever, today.

Clint Richardson’s documentary, “Lethal Injection, the Story of Vaccination,” (2011) reviews the real history of the practice in gory detail. I have reviewed that same history at length. To date I have found no convincing evidence at all that vaccines ever prevented any diseases. It certainly was not the cause of their eradication as claimed with smallpox, polio and other diseases that eventually declined or disappeared (Humphries & Bystrianyk, 2013) (O’Shea, 2015).

Science used to be known as an approach to learning about phenomena in the world around us or in ourselves, involving painstaking observation, pattern recognition, hypothesis and theory construction to explain observations, followed by experiments designed to test if the theories were true or needed further revision. The system made sense. In fact, it used to involve a lot of something called “common sense.” Now, science has apparently been re-defined to mean paraphrasing or repeating verbatim acceptable points of view from acceptable sources, such as medical authorities or government agencies. This new kind of science effectively stamps out beliefs or findings that would be inconvenient for the partnership of government with the most powerful corporations. Ideas that would threaten their continuing accumulation of wealth and power are ridiculed, and their proponents attacked, discredited, or worse. And most of the trusting public, indoctrinated since birth to believe their rulers are 100% benevolent, just working to protect them, apparently believe the information they are given by “authorities” without question. They have forgotten, or never learned, that one of the basic tenets of real science, useful in anyone’s life, is to question everything, even the information that powerful entities tell us is true.

Common sense may be out of vogue, but its value remains even when we have lost our ability to use it. The idea of putting disease organisms into the body through hollow needles (Laibow, 2005), bypassing all of the normal defenses of the human organism like the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems and the skin, in order to make us healthy and resistant to the disease being injected, should not be something we just believe without question. Especially when the results start to appear, which they have now done for hundreds of years in unmistakable patterns. The epidemics started and spread by vaccination, which began early in its history, with vaccinated individuals infecting others around them, should have shown us the reality of the situation. And in fact, the practice was banned many times (Humphries & Bystrianyk, 2013), but always re-started by the government groups and their medical association partners that stood to gain the most in money and power by the reinstatement of vaccination programs. We have to realize that the worst thing that could possibly happen to the medical industry, which in America now takes in more than $3 trillion dollars per year from the nation’s rampant ill-health, would be health itself. And vaccinations are there as one element of the system in place to make sure that never happens.

Vaccine promoters are quick to point out that the injection of disease organisms into the body produces a response in the form of the appearance of “antibodies” in the blood. That is undeniably true, though the name is arbitrary and may be misleading by design. The fact is that the presence of “antibodies” does not mean the person will not get the disease they are being injected with. This happens commonly, and is listed as a “side effect” on many vaccine inserts that patients are not supposed to ask for or read (Blaylock, 2013). In addition, many people without detectable antibodies to a disease exhibit immunity to the disease anyway. If you point out this logic that calls the entire theory of vaccination into question, you will most likely be attacked, and labeled as “anti-science” by the huge money interests you are questioning. Medical doctors who persist in making this point can lose their licenses (Humphries & Bystrianyk, 2013). This is about intimidation and power, not about any real science.

Another thing to realize about the antibody issue is that additional toxic metals and other poisons like formaldehyde are added to modern vaccines (Blaylock, 2013), (O’Shea, 2015), and they do in fact result in more antibody production. However, this just illustrates clearly that antibodies are some kind of defense reaction of the assaulted human body, not necessarily having anything to do with disease, as aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and other common dangerous vaccine ingredients are not disease organisms and “immunity” to them is impossible. So what is going on with antibodies is not understood by those who claim their presence proves immunity (in spite of the fact that the person with the antibodies often gets the disease). People who keep saying antibodies equal immunity are repeating what they have memorized, they are not making any sense, nor are their statements logical. Instead, they try to use arrogance and an air of authority instead of real science, so that no one will question them (National Vaccine Information Center, 2015). And it helps to have a multi-billion dollar industry like the vaccine industry to back them by giving the supporters money and personally destroying those that bring up “inconvenient truths” that might expose their deadly scam.

Vaccine makers solved the problem that their products are so dangerous that they cannot get normal insurance, by going into partnership with government to take all liability away from the producers of these toxic products (National Vaccine Information Center, 2015). If they kill you or your family, there is no liability for those that made and promoted the vaccines, so you have to go to the government to enter the difficult process of proving the vaccine was the cause of injury or death. You cannot sue anyone in the vaccine industry for wrongful death. In the “vaccine court” (which is not a real court), most do not succeed in this process and the ones that do often spend many years to “win” their cases. In the meantime, the vaccine companies go right ahead making as many more vaccines as possible, taking full advantage of the fact they are not responsible for the damage. The victims ultimately pay, one way or another.

There is a problem though, for the vaccine companies, as more people very gradually become aware there is something wrong with this picture. Even with the corrupt and complicit news media trying their best to hide the fact, more people are realizing that diseases are often spread by vaccinated individuals (Richardson, 2011). More informed parents are opting their kids out of vaccination to start school, taking advantage of exemptions that they are not supposed to discover. So now, a decision has apparently been made at a very high level, to begin an aggressive push to legally force vaccination on everyone, including those that know the truth and try to object. Bills have been introduced in states across America to take away exemption rights (National Vaccine Information Center, 2015), especially those based on personal belief or religion. The growing number of informed parents choosing not to vaccinate their children is cited as a threat to public health. The kids injured or killed by vaccines are not mentioned, and the mantra is, parrot-like, “safe and effective,” “safe and effective.” Great mantra, except for one thing, it is completely false. Vaccines have never worked (Laibow, 2005), the theory underlying the practice is fatally flawed, and even when they do not cause short-term death, they introduce substances into the human body that are guaranteed to cause harm.

The current campaign to force you and your family to undergo injection of any toxic mix the government may decide you need is in full swing now, all over the world (Tenpenny, 2015). It is backed by the massive power of drug companies, in partnership with governments and supra-governmental agencies like WHO and the UN, which have their own deep ties to the drug companies. How this drama will ultimately play out is not clear. Bill Gates, whose foundation is a major backer of vaccination, recently said on video that if we are very successful with vaccination and other measures, we may be able to reduce world population by about 15% (Adams, 2010). He probably regretted making that statement publicly, but then again, most of the population seems to be so unaware of what is going on around them now that most may not even notice or understand.

So the bottom line is this: you must take responsibility to learn how to care for your own and your family’s health. It does not make sense to trust an industry whose profit depends on your sickness and lifelong addiction to drugs for its own success. You and your kids are much more important than that. Learn where real health and immunity come from. Don’t complain that improving your lifestyle habits is hard. The time, if it ever existed, to be sloppy about letting the causes of disease remain in your life, is over. Powerful interests want to inject you with potentially fatal poisons. Plus they want you to take them orally, all in the name of good health. You are not that dumb, do not fall for it, but wake up instead.

We have to stop eating poisoned, genetically modified foods. We have to stop drinking and bathing in fluoride-poisoned water. We have to demand an immediate halt to toxic aerosol spraying (“geoengineering”) that is going on every day right over our heads (Murphy, 2013). What we see in front of our eyes is in fact there, and no amount of name calling (“anti-science conspiracy theorist!”) should be allowed to deter us from telling the truth and encouraging others to see it too. How much poison should be OK for you or your kids to eat? How much is OK to inject into their bloodstream? Zero of course, none. You already know that. You can go read the vaccine package inserts and the CDC’s own information on the deadly ingredients they contain. I suggest you do so. Now. The truth is the truth no matter who says it. They don’t need credentials, it doesn’t matter if they have a troubled past, in doesn’t matter what school they went to, or if they once made a mistake in their earlier life. If they are telling the truth, it is still the truth. Likewise, a highly credentialed, rich and powerful liar is still just a liar. Attacks against the messenger do not invalidate the message.

It should not matter if I put on a medical or government costume and tell you that you are crazy, that poison is actually good for you, that diseases have been eradicated by vaccination (Humphries & Bystrianyk, 2013), that you should pay no attention to what you see with your own eyes, that common sense is anti-science, that vaccines are “safe and effective.” It should not matter to you what the “authorities” may say if it is nonsense. Once you do your own research (Tenpenny, 2004), you still know the truth.

Stand up for what you find out for yourself to be true, and you will inspire others to have similar courage. As Maximus said in “Gladiator,” what we do in life echoes in eternity. Speak truth to “power,” because the real power is in you, not in those who would control your life. Honor it by what you say and do, and you will help us all reclaim our lives, our health, and our freedom.

About the Author:

Richard Sacks has been an independent holistic health scientist since 1965. He is also an Essene Teacher and Host of Lost Arts Radio ( He wants everyone to realize that information like what is in this article is valid no matter who we hear it from. Understanding this will enable us to ignore the government/global corporate/media efforts to discredit anyone that tells us a truth we are not supposed to know. Do your own investigations to confirm what is true or not true, regardless of the source. You can’t afford to be lazy in this. The truth remains the truth, no matter who it is that tells you.


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10 Responses to “What No One Is Supposed To Know About Vaccination”

  1. Avanti says:

    When we see many vendors that left the job of selling drugs by big Pharms and tell us the truth about allopathic medicine (lie scientific research). On other side we can read about criminal type of vaccinations that were and are cover up by mainstream media. And when we ask by ourselves how some knowledge people don´t have a sense of perception…: Maybe because they are ill with brainwash together with calcification in the gland of pineal (when injecting fluoride)…

  2. wayne says:

    EXCELLENT article for anyone who wasn’t born vaccine deficient.
    Thanks Again.

  3. Susan says:

    What an amazing article—thank you! This one will be shared…

  4. WarriorMama says:

    This is excellent. I agree 100%. I have been a seeker of truth and against vaccinations for 20 years and my truth has not changed one iota in that time. I haven’t had to fight for the right to my truth until now. Some may say that such non-conformist views as ‘vaccines never worked’ negates the entire message. I say, let’s investigate that idea. What if there is fact in that statement? You’ve sent me on a new quest. Thank you.

  5. Alexa Dee says:

    That’s the problem Bill. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) gives us the only aperture into American adverse reactions and it’s estimated only ten percent at best/one percent at worst of adverse events are even reported. A good base starting place is The Vaccine Book by Dr Sears. Dr Sears is pro vaccine but he tries to be objective as provider can about presenting the facts. Ironically, he was nslammed by many for being anti vaccine. As far as learning more about the history of the antivaccination movement, I highly recommend Disolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrainyk. It is over whelming! The rabbit hole is nearly endless but I’d rather know the truth than be ignorant and sick.

  6. Tanner says:

    Outstanding article. I will be sharing this!

  7. jeff fitzhugh says:

    When the government or the elite want to get things done. They kill people. We are exposing these evil people and their evil agenda and all we are doing is talking about it, but not willing to do anything. Just like if you said to you wife honey there’s rats in the basement they’re eating up all the food we got down there and eating up the clothes and shitting all over the place and then you walk out and see the post man and he says you got holes all in your clothes and you say yeah the damn rats in the basement eating up everything and then you kid puts his drum set down there and the rats eat holes in it and you say yeah I guess I should have told you there were rats in the basement. Then they breed so many and they come up into your home and they are building nests all in the closets and in the cupboards and then your wife leaves you and you just learn to live with the rats and you just tell people the damn rats have taken over the house. So you started to kill them and sell their hides and meat for money and started making a damn good living and so the moral of the story once you let something come full circle what goes around comes around. We are only going to talk about this stuff and soon they’ll be in the FEMA camps and talking about it there.

  8. Bill Russell says:

    Are all vaccines unwise? For what percentage of people, do things go wrong?

  9. Michelle says:

    MMR shut down my pancreas thirty years ago, I’m a big pharma $lave for life.

  10. Bill Russell says:

    My son is a doctor of internal medicine, but I still don’t know who or what to believe.