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Farm Wars

My Internet service has been sketchy lately, so my ISP guys came out to see what the problem is. It appears that a tree has grown up right in my direct line of site to the wireless tower. That could explain it. So, we discussed options such as getting a taller pole, hiking several miles through the bush to locate the offending tree and chopping it down, attempting to find another location to point my antenna, and so on. But the thing that really struck me was that they mentioned that they could see everything on my property in detail from their office…

Google Earth. Yup. They can simply go to Google Earth, punch in my addy and lo and behold, there I am weeding the garden in the back, watering the geese, and quite possibly, taking a quick bathroom break behind the shed.

google earth

To make this situation perfectly clear, I sit smack dab in the middle of forty acres, with only a couple of neighbors within eye range. Not spitting range, mind you, but houses that I can actually see in the distance. Yet, my comings and goings are up close and personal to anyone with an Internet connection. On display, a bug in a petri dish.

Populations are undergoing a quiet revolution. We can cite some of the reasons: television; education; job training and employment requirements; the Surveillance State; government organizations who follow a “zero tolerance” policy; inundation with advertising.

It’s all geared to produce people who are artificial constructs.

And this is just the beginning. There are a number of companies (see, for example, who are dedicated to measuring “audience response” to ads and other public messages. I’m talking about electronic measuring. The use of bracelets, for instance, that record students’ emotional responses to teachers in classrooms, in real time. (Bill Gates shoveled grant money into several of these studies. See also here.)

Then there is facial recognition geared to the task of revealing how people are reacting when they sit at their computers and view websites.

Push-pull, ring the bell, watch the dog drool for his food. Stimulus-response.

It’s not much of a stretch to envision, up the road a few years, whole populations more than willing to volunteer for this kind of mass experimentation. But further than that, we could see society itself embrace, culturally, the ongoing measurement of stimuli and responses.

We are being “volunteered” for mass experimentation as I write. And guess what? Most don’t even know that they have been placed in this system. Let me explain the difference between a voluntary “opt in” and an involuntary “opt out” system. In advertising, “opt in” indicates a system that allows a person to decide to accept what you are offering before he/she gets it. You can “opt in” by clicking a button, agreeing to the terms, and accepting those terms. “Opt out” means that you have already been plugged into the program without your knowledge or consent, and when you find out about it, you must jump through hoops to try and get out of it. Most think that this is normal. We might even be allowed, under certain circumstances, to “opt out” of things. We obtain permission from the party that placed us in that system without our knowledge or consent to “opt out” of it. Maybe. If we are lucky.

In essence, in this age of high tech chicanery, we are placed in an “opt out” system with just about everything, and have to try to find a way to extricate ourselves. Sort of like the “voluntary mandatory” income tax system. Once you are in, good luck getting out. We are all “voluntarily” agreeing by not saying anything at all to mass surveillance of our every move, courtesy of those who would control everything we see, hear and do, to extort as much money and power out of us as possible. We are living, breathing energizer bunnies and don’t even know it. And privacy? That is quickly becoming a myth. A thing of the past. A legend that will soon be debunked by Snopes.

So, this is a warning to all denizens of the deep who promote these types of systems where privacy is a thing of the past. To the people who think that watching someone from afar without their knowledge or consent, which used to be called stalking but is now normal operating procedure, is all fun and games and completely innocent, and what the hey, you can’t do anything about it anyway. Here is my message to you:

The next time you see me doing something in my own backyard via the Google Earth spy machine, you just might get an eyeful.

You have been warned.

©2015 Barbara H. Peterson

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3 Responses to “No Expectation of Privacy”

  1. Visionaerie says:

    Great one! Maybe this is why I have often advocated living underground. Heard once that there is an entire town in New Zealand like that, but haven’t investigated. In the documentary ‘The Singing Revolution’ (excellent — about Estonian defying both Nazis and Communists) there is a segment regarding “the forest brothers.” This group of men managed to live underground (literally) for a number of years without being discovered. Don’t think we need to do anything that drastic but certainly you can save on cooling / heating costs by “holing up”! Then perhaps you could have something like a bio-dome on top to shield from all those surveillance eyes. Thanks for posting this and have a refreshing week!

  2. George H. says:

    THE PANOPTICON. Privacy is long gone, and the private citizen is increasingly an anachronism, and we now live in, as Philip K. Dick called it, the BLACK IRON PRISON where all our moves are seen, measured and evaluated according to a corporate or govt. mandate. In essence we are being spied on by a whole bevy of “Peeping Toms” that not too long ago would have been locked up as undesirable perverts. But today they are instead, corporate “marketeers” and all our private activities are simply “metrics” that must be intensely scrutinized in order to better tailor their products (foist their crap) on us, or in the case of an overarching Govt. to better “inform” (force compliance) on us, their obedient servants. POWER MAD GREEDSTERS (Corporate/Govt) now monitor and control every aspect of our lives, in their relentless pursuit of more power and more money. Enough is no longer Enough. They are the MASTERS and we are the SLAVES. Well, its high time for a SLAVE REBELLION. Time to dismantle SATAN’S HOUSE (Military/Industrial War Machine) and its enablers (Congress) and it’s Fan Club (The MSM) and it’s time to get back to the bedrock of our siciety THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION-INALIENABLE RIGHTS. Without which we are nought but slaves and cannon fodder. Time to say NO TO MAMMOM AND YES TO FREEDOM-DO IT NOW!

  3. Abe says:

    A couple years ago or so I was talking to my uncle in ID. I was telling him about google earth. I was telling him I could see his house. Them I told him I could see his pick up. Then I read him his license plate number. He wasn’t very happy about that!I think this is when he started to believe everything I was telling him about them psychos, and what they were doing to America. He died a couple weeks ago. I got a card from my aunt the other day telling me how proud he was for me to take a stand against all that’s wrong with our country.