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Scientists worldwide are calling on governments at all levels to ban the spraying of glyphosate herbicides, based on overwhelming evidence of harm from scientific studies and witness testimonies compiled by the group

This letter has been signed by 238 scientists and 294 non-scientists from 41 different countries – add your name

We, the undersigned international scientists and medical professionals, call on governments at all levels to ban the spraying of glyphosate herbicides.  As professionals who have read the literature on glyphosate herbicides and their effects, we have concluded that they are causing irreparable harm.

The World Health Organization’s recent reclassification of glyphosate as a “probable human carcinogen” is only a small part of the known toxicity of glyphosate herbicides. Chronic exposure to glyphosate herbicides is associated not only with cancers, but also with infertility, impotence, abortions, birth defects, neurotoxicity, hormonal disruption, immune reactions, an  unnamed fatal kidney disease, chronic diarrhoea, autism and other ailments.

In addition to human diseases, glyphosate herbicides are linked to more than 40 new and re-emerging major crop diseases.  They are causing irreparable harm to the entire food web; including the plant kingdom, beneficial microbes that supply nutrients to our crops and soils, fish and other aquatic life, amphibians, butterflies, bees, birds, mammals, and the human microbiome.

For the sake of the planet, our children and our grandchildren, all spraying of glyphosate herbicides should be immediately replaced with eco-friendly alternatives that restore damaged food webs. We urge you to have the courage to stop the destruction of life on our planet as leaders for future generations.

Scientific reviews, papers, and witness testimonies are presented here:

Research papers on glyphosate herbicides compiled by Dr Alex Vasquez:

Glyphosate crop interactions reviewed by Dr Don Huber:

A Roundup of Roundup® Reveals Converging Pattern of Toxicity from Farm to Clinic to Laboratory Studies:

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3 Responses to “Independent Scientists Manifesto on Glyphosate”

  1. irene says:

    We can send this letter to the editorial section of all the local news papers and news shows. If It isn’t published we can send it again and eventually shame those who do not address this issue. In light of our represenathievs selling out to the TTP and making Poison mandatory we are duty bound to plaster this open letter far and wide..

  2. George H. says:

    GLYPHOSATE CAUSES CANCER AND UNTOLD MISERY TO ALL LIVING THINGS. There can be no more profound or declarative article than this, but the EVILEST corporation in the world MONSATAN is “outraged” by such utterances as this, and by God (or is that-by satan) they will not stand for such “blasphemy” as this. Well, I got news for you devil-spawn, the world is OUTRAGED by MONSATAN and it’s POISONOUS GLYPHOSATE. And soon they will both be banned across the world, and guess what: The World will be a far better place with them gone forever. So DROP DEAD MONSATAN-AND THE SOONER THE BETTER!

  3. Abe says:

    This letter has been signed by 278 scientists and 381 non-scientists from 45 different countries 6/10/15 10:00 AM CDT