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Monsanto and the State of Oregon’s Brian Clem are attempting to circumvent the Jackson and Josephine County GMO bans, and make it next to impossible for any county in the state to enact such a ban. In other words, what “you the people” want doesn’t mean a hill of beans compared to what the people who pay us want.

Just as we are battling to defend our democratic vote banning GMO’s in Jackson County, the Oregon House just passed a sneak attack on the ability of our county and all others to pass laws that protect family farmers growing traditional crops from practices such as growing GMOs.

The bill, HB 3212, was proposed by Rep. Brian Clem, and is not only targeted at GMOs, but undermines the ability of every county and city to adopt any law, like Jackson County’s ban on GMOs, that protects family farmers from damaging agricultural practices.

HB 3212 would define any county, city or state law addressing farming practices as a “land use regulation” and would require local governments to either pay “compensation” for a landowners claimed reduction in their property value OR waive the law entirely. That’s right – under HB 3212 Jackson County could be allowed to waive the GMO ban if individual GMO growers claimed the ban had reduced the value of their property, or the county could face potentially millions of dollars in compensation claims.

Help us stop this misguided law that would expose Jackson County and many other counties to costly litigation threats that put family farmers at risk. OFFC is working closely with Senator Bates and Rep. Buckley to help stop HB 3212, but we need your help today.

Please take a minute now to EMAIL and also CALL the five senators on the Senate Committee who are considering HB 3212 and tell them you oppose HB 3212 and support maintaining the ability of local communities and the state to protect family farmers, organic farmers and the environment without the threat of millions of dollars in liability claims.

Please contact: (503-986-1706) (503-986-1724) ( 503-986-1715) (503-986-1726) (503-986-1709)

Thank you for your support!

Our Family Farms Coalition

One of the key aspects of the Jackson and Josephine County GMO bans was that there would be relatively no cost to the local governments to implement them. Now, the state is attempting to turn the tide and enact legislation that would cost local governments dearly unless they waive the law and allow business as usual for the GMO juggernaut to continue. Did you expect anything else?

HB 3212 TEXT

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2 Responses to “State of Oregon Moves Against County GMO Ban”

  1. maddie says:

    Just another sign of Agenda 21. You will NOT be able to protest because it will cause a loss of profits to the perps. Like Monsatan, Bayer, etc. Just pray as that is the only thing left besides armed resistance, and then we just die without changing anything those ba$Tards want to shove down out gullets. Sigh.

  2. Abe says:

    I wonder how many can see the correlation between what’s going on today in Hawaii and Oregon, with what was called “The Bayonet Constitution” of Hawaii? Back then the Dole family ruled the roost!

    What happened to the royal family of Hawaii after the U.S. took over?

    Hawaii’s monarchy was limited by the 1887 Constitution of the Kingdom of Hawaii, which King David Kalakaua (1836–1891) signed under threat of force, and which was therefore often known as the Bayonet Constitution. It established a constitutional monarchy much like Britain’s, but also transferred power through a redefinition of the electoral franchise to an elite class of American, European, and native Hawaiian landowners.