lines in the sky


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4 Responses to “Lines in the Sky”

  1. George H. says:

    Poison from the sky CHEMTRAILS, poison in the ground GMOs, poison in the water FLUORIDATION. This is the one, two, three, punch that has America reeling on the ropes. What’s the knockout punch going to be? The meltdown of the economy via the Fed’s fiat money, the brinksmanship of the American Hegemon (neocon warmongers) starting WWIII or will we just slowly poison ourselves to death as the oligarchs extract that last gold coin as they flee to their Patagonia retreats just before the SHTF. When corporations became people (Citizens United v. FEC) did WE THE PEOPLE officially become WE THE SHEEPLE and was it then that Satan was officially installed as CEO of America Inc. Or did it happen long before that, did it happen with the money changers in the Temple, or does it go back even farther than that, to the snake in the Garden of Eden, and is this just the latest iteration of Man’s fall from grace. Just the latest example of Man rejecting the Creator and the natural bounty of his creation. Was that first apple in the Garden of Eden a GMO apple that Satan (MonSatan) induced Eve to eat, and were the waters of eternal life polluted with fluoride and were the heavenly blue skies filled with poisonous clouds of chemtrails, by God’s orders, or was that all done by Man as he left the Creator’s Garden of Eden behind for Satan’s (Monsanto’s) promised garden of eden instead. Is Monsanto really MonSATAN in disguise, is God’s apple now MonSatan’s apple. And is IN GOD WE TRUST now to be replaced by IN (MON)SATAN WE TRUST. No I think not, I’m an old fashioned kind of guy and I really do subscribe to that quaint notion of IN GOD WE TRUST just as surely as I say, with one hand on my heart and the other hand on the Bible (MON)SATAN GET THEE BEHIND ME!!!

  2. Abe says:

    What if people started to exercise there castle doctrine rights?

  3. maddie says:

    And those lines are why there is such a long lasting drought in the western US. Same has been happening in New Zealand for the last two years also. It is artificial global warming/climate change using poisonous products. That is why Monsatan has patented aluminum resistant crop seed.

  4. J says:

    It’s real:

    Also utube has a segment where the issue being addressed
    at the United Nations.

    Also: is relaying a lot of information.
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