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A company called Lifenaut would like to know: “Would you like to create an avatar like me?”


But first, you have to store all of your personal information to be downloaded into your future android self:

Alternatives for Very Long-Term Storage of Personal Information & Materials

LifeNaut was featured in April 2013 issue of Cyronics magazine titled, “Alternatives for Very Long-Term Storage of Personal Information & Materials”. Below is an excerpt and link to full article in PDF format:

An important consideration for many cryonicists and other immortalists is the long-term storage of information and materials such as audio and video recordings, photos, documents and records, to be retrieved at the time of revival or cloning. In the future these simply may be welcome and ejoyable connections to one’s prior life, or they could serve as aids in reconstructing one’s identity and personality. Storage may also include objects such as memorabilia or those with possible future value such as precious metals and jewels, or even tissue and DNA samples. Assuming that revival could take as long as a hundred or hundreds of years to become feasible, it would not be reasonable to expect that one can leave records and material with friends or relatives and expect them to be continually guarded, maintained, and passed on through future generations. This article is a brief survey of currently available methods of potentially very long-term storage, including discussion of their respective advantages and disadvantages, and some recommendations by the author…


Yes, the upload is free. The download into your future android body? Not so much.

Create a Mind File

brainHead2How it Works

Upload biographical pictures, videos, and documents to a digital archive that will be preserved for generations.

Organize through geo mapping, timelines, and tagging, a rich portrait of information about you. The places you’ve been and the people you’ve met can be stored.

Create a computer-based avatar to interact and respond with your attitudes, values, mannerisms and beliefs.

Connect with other people who are interested in exploring the future of technology and how it can enhance the quality of our lives.

Let’s get this perfectly straight. I upload an archive of all of my experiences, including information about friends, family and acquaintances, pictures, videos, and documents. Then a “portrait of information” about me is preserved and stored. A computer-based interactive avatar is created, based on all of that information. Then, when the technology is there, and if I have enough resources, an android is created that is “just as human as me” and then some.


Ah yes! Immortality. No eating, no breathing, no drinking, no sleeping. The perfect inhabitant of a pesticide-soaked world in which the soil is dead, any vegetation grown has to be GMO to survive and doesn’t need a lick of nutrition in it because hey, we don’t have to eat, the water is poisoned because we don’t drink either and who cares about the fish because we can just genetically engineer new ones, and the air is toxic because breathing is overrated in an android society.


And remember! Androids have feelings too. “Not having a body makes you differently abled, not sub-human.” (Lifenaut)

So, if this sounds good to you, just point, click, and start on your journey towards a totally artificial environment where nothing is real, androids rule, and if you don’t like it, well, we have all of your personal information anyway, so we will simply delete you.

Just go online and upload your biofile so that you can become immortal. Yes, folks! Immortality is awaiting and it’s just a click away.

Because being you is not enough. Be an “immortal” you, and rule throughout eternity.

Rule what you ask? Now that’s a very good question. Just remember: “The Era of Flesh is Over.

@2015 Barbara H. Peterson

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3 Responses to “Immortality – Just a Click Away!”

  1. George H. says:

    Do androids dream of electric sheep or does Lifenaut dream of electric androids. Can I upload all of my personal data, my records, my photos, my complete digital archive directly to Lifenaut or will it take a circuitous detour through cyberspace, and just for extra safekeeping over to NSA, and thence to any and all other corporate entities that would gladly pay to harvest this extremely private and sensitive data, that will (theoretically) at some future date, be installed in my very own ventriloquist’s dummy (oops I mean) android. Now, whether or not Lifenaut is inspired by the “Golem” legend or more by Dr.Frankenstein is a moot point, because neither existed. The Golem was a myth and Frankenstein’s monster was a figment of Mary Shelly’s imagination, as is the Lifenaut’s pipe-dream, but it certainly is a clever ruse to hoover up all of our “digital archives” to be put (glory of glories) into our very own vanity dolls. I’m still waiting for the demented “futurist” Ray Kurzweil over at Google to “upload” his consciousness into a supercomputer, preparatory to that exact wonderful moment in History when his personal mindfile can be “downloaded” into a biological body Bwahahaha. Up and down and all around and over and over it goes. From the first steam powered robotic pigeon created by Archytas around 400BCE to the androids of today, mankind has played with creating life, but outside of the normal methods of human procreation, he has failed miserably, but try and try again he does, on this fool’s errand, never to ultimately understand that MAN PROPOSES BUT GOD DISPOSES.

  2. common law private attorney general Chris says:

    “In The Year 2525” If man is Stll Alive … Zaegar and Evans seems:


  3. tazz says:

    All I can say is wow, I shared this with my daughter, which she just listened and watched. I explained this may well be your future. She responds uh huh.