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Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

You’ve all heard of DDT and how it was touted to be the “benefactor of humanity.” Well, DDT move over and make way for Glyphosate!

The great expectations for Glyphosate have been realized. Exhaustive scientific tests conducted by Monsanto have shown that, when properly used, Glyphosate kills a host of destructive micro-organisms, and is a benefit to all humanity.

Monsanto produces Glyphosate and its products in all standard forms, which is the country’s most used herbicide. Today, everyone can enjoy added comfort, health and safety through the microbe-killing power of Monsanto’s Glyphosate products, which benefit industry, farm and home, not to mention the medical community.

Due to Glyphosate’s far-reaching effects, you can bathe in it, use it in your feminine care products, smear it on, pour it on, inject it in your body, swim in it and drink it. You can spray it on your food, kill weeds with it, kill bees with it, spread it on your toast and feed it to your kids. And since mother’s breast milk is now filled with it, no worries about starting your child off right with a good, healthy dose of it from day one.

Glyphosate – The all-purpose wonder drug, Made by Monsanto.

For everything that ails you.

Glyphosate Patent US7771736

Compositions of the present invention can be administered by any means that produces contact of the active agent with the agent’s site of action in the body, for example, suitable means including, but not limited to, oral, parenteral (e.g., intravenous, intraarterial, subcutaneous, rectal, subcutaneous, intramuscular, intraorbital, intracapsular, intraspinal, intraperitoneal, or intrasternal), topical (nasal, transdermal, intraocular), intravesical, intrathecal, enteral, pulmonary, intralymphatic, intracavital, vaginal, transurethral, intradermal, aural, intramammary, buccal, orthotopic, intratracheal, intralesional, percutaneous, endoscopical, transmucosal, sublingual and intestinal administration. They can be administered by any conventional means available for use in conjunction with pharmaceuticals, either as individual therapeutic agents or in a combination of therapeutics. Preferably, composition of the present invention is administered as a pharmaceutical formulation comprising at least one compound of the present invention, as defined above, together with one or more pharmaceutically acceptable carriers. It can be co-administered in the form of a tablet or capsule, as an agglomerated powder, or in a liquid form, or as a liposome.

The preferred route will vary with the condition and age of the recipient, the nature of the disorder being treated, or the severity of disorder. It is believed that oral administration, or parenteral treatment is the preferred method of administering the composition to subjects in need thereof…

Compounds of the present invention may also be administered vaginally, for example, as pessaries, tampons, creams, gels, pastes, foams or spray formulations containing appropriate carriers in addition to the active ingredient. Such carriers are known in the art in light of the present disclosure.

Formulations for rectal administration may be presented as a suppository with a suitable base comprising, for example, cocoa butter or a salicylate. Formulations suitable for nasal administration may be administered in a liquid form, for example, nasal spray, nasal drops, or by aerosol administration by nebulizer, including aqueous or oily solutions of the active ingredient. Formulations for nasal administration, wherein the carrier is a solid, include a coarse powder having a particle size, for example, of less than about 100 microns, preferably less than about 50 microns, which is administered in the manner in which snuff is taken, i.e., by rapid inhalation through the nasal passage from a container of the powder held close up to the nose.

Formulations suitable for parenteral administration include aqueous and non-aqueous formulations isotonic with the blood of the intended recipient; and aqueous and non-aqueous sterile suspensions which may include suspending systems designed to target the compound to blood components or one or more organs. The formulations may be presented in unit-dose or multi-dose sealed containers, for example, ampoules or vials. Extemporaneous injections solutions and suspensions may be prepared from sterile powders, granules and tablets of the kind previously described. Parenteral and intravenous forms may also include minerals and other materials to make them compatible with the type of injection or delivery system chosen.


Glyphosate may cause autism, birth defects, IBD, leaky gut, brain damage, abnormal fetal cell development, obesity, gluten intolerance, depletion of crucial minerals, immune deficiency issues, diabetes, lipoprotein metabolism disorder, Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and all sorts of diseases that we haven’t even discovered yet.

Monsanto will in no way be held responsible for any and all health problems associated with the use of this product.

@2015 Barbara H. Peterson

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2 Responses to “Injected with Glyphosate!”

  1. the postman says:

    Wow! You’d think that there’d be some limit to their sickness, but no, there isn’t. The floodgates of poison have been opening fast and furious over the past decade with the younger generations being mostly oblivious to the assault on our health. Corporations like Monsanto and Procter and Gamble won’t stop until we’re all dowsed with life destroying chemicals; aided mostly by those who are so germophobic and afraid of the least little whiff of nature that they’ll make their whole environment–including that of their own children completely devoid of all microscopic life, as if mankind had actually evolved in such a spic and span environment to begin with. This past fall, for the first time in my life I noticed that my lawn trash bags (Hefty) are now infused with perfume as if leaves themselves are just too foul smelling to contemplate bagging them without some relief! No more lawn trash bags for us as it’s composting time this coming season! If a person needs their whole front lawn awash in $10.00 hooker perfume just in order for them to manage fallen leaves, they’ve got much bigger problems to worry about! — the postman (

  2. molecule says:

    glyphosate and tampons — TAMPONS!

    Monsanto deserves credit for its morally depraved creativity!

    Someone more familiar with tampons than myself should write to the marketers (Johnson & Johnson, or whomever) and DEMAND a certification from their legal departments that the cotton in their brand of tampons is glyphosate free.

    Every woman and young girl should demand to know, Is the cotton in her tampons glyphosate free?

    (Actually, they might do better to read Megre’s Anastasia Ringing Cedars series, are learn how important it is for women to reconnect with Mother Earth. The menses is not a biohazard. If no tampon manufacturer will certify that the gmo cotton in their tampons is glyphosate free, then the solution is probably another topic. That’s because the cultural misogyny and deep psychological brainwashing has been so pervasive.)

    I personally doubt any tampon manufacturer will certify that their tampons are glyphosate free, since practically all US cotton is Monsanto gmo. That means the cotton used in tampons is sprayed with glyphosate during production and also just before harvesting. Fields are sprayed with glyphosate just before harvesting a finished crop, to get an early start on poisoning the soil … to get a 3-week jump on stripping the field of all competition so that the next crop in the rotation can come in on a clean field.