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Farm Wars

Farm Wars is creating a line of mini milk goats for the busy family that would like fresh milk every day.

The Farm Wars Mini Milkers are a Nigerian Dwarf and La Mancha cross, able to be milked from 2-4 years per breeding. They have wonderful dispositions and great tasting milk. They also make fun pets that are happy to eat your weeds.

We are looking forward to a time when local communities band together with resources to feed each other organically and have the ability to get off of the chemical food treadmill.

A goat will keep you alive and healthy, and Farm Wars would like to expand its vision to include a community resource for organic, whole milk and milk products, as well as a fun, playful herd of family milkers that only require minimal maintenance.

Please help us to create this community resource by contributing to our campaign.

Thank you!
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Here is the link to contribute on our GoFundMe campaign. Any and all donations gratefully accepted!




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One Response to “Farm Wars Mini Milkers GoFundMe Campaign”

  1. anonymous says:


    May your dreams of healthy ecologically self reliant community and many others come to fruition
    2015 and beyond! It’s the new wave.