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Special guest Melissa Diane Smith (, author of Going Against GMO’s, internationally known journalist and holistic nutritionist, will go over the science of GMO’s and how they work, and her experience educating and helping clients recover from health conditions by removing GMO’s from their diets.

Barbara Peterson, rancher, long time writer, activist for a GMO-free world, and creator of Farm Wars (, will review what is happening in the struggle to free humanity from the devastating health and environmental effects of GMO’s and how our everyday decisions can help in a big way.

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2 Responses to “Lost Arts Radio: Melissa Diane Smith & Barbara Peterson – Ban GMOs”

  1. Thanks, Bert! It is a Nigerian Dwarf and La Mancha cross – Mini Mancha that is my focus. The Nigerian Dwarf has a very high butterfat content to the milk, and the La Mancha is no slacker. They both have wonderful qualities, and the combination seems to be excellent. Fiona, my main Mini Mancha doe, has wonderful milk that makes excellent cheese. I milked her for two years and decided to breed her. She was still producing, but was ready to dry up easily. She would have kept milking, but I need to expand my herd. They are also aseasonal breeders, meaning that you can breed them all year round instead of being limited to just the fall season. The layering and composting just comes natural with the goats and chickens that run all over their pens. I really don’t think that taking care of these critters is supposed to be all that much hard work. Nature has a way of taking care of things if we just listen, observe, and follow what appears to be working. Since this is a work in progress, I have not looked into posting on it yet. I love the idea of being able to reverse the genetic contamination and will definitely look into this work.

  2. bert says:

    Very awesome interview Barb!

    I hope you can archive an MP3 of your interview on your site.

    I love your idea of a Lamancha-Nubian cross, to creat a low yield family goat, with 2 to 4 year lactations producing 1 quart a day. WONDERFUL!

    Also, your idea of layering and composting within the goat pen.

    Do you have a webpage on this yet?

    This is really huge.

    You need to look into the work of Guido Ebner. We have a very inexpensive way to blow off GMO from our seeds. He discovered it in the 1950s, and his work is totally suppressed. It’s called the Ebner Effect. Google Ebner Effect with corn, or fern, or trout. Basically, when modern seeds comes with tons of bad DNA that has been accumulated over the centuries basically as bad memory. When those seeds are replicated (or eggs are fertilized) in the ordinary way, the bad memory and bad DNA carries forward and is replicated. Howver, when those seeds or eggs are germinated or fertilized in a small static electrical field, the weaker DNA of the bad memories are blown off, and the seed reverts to its original pristine state. Ferms and corn revert back to varieties not seen for millions of years (in archeological digs only). Trout get stronger, grow their shouts back, and don’t need antibiotics at high densities, like modern trout do.

    In other words, wow!