alison wells human in cageBarbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Think about it. The world around us has been carefully crafted as an illusion to keep us from realizing the truth.

Illusion is built on a phony belief system

We are taught to believe that sickness is inevitable, and that doctors can cure us of that sickness using drugs concocted in a lab. For a price. There is always a price.

We are taught to hate certain people because of their beliefs, the color of their skin, their gender, height, weight, the way that they walk, the way they talk, and the way that they look.

We are taught that we need to have certain things to be happy. That material wealth will make us better than our neighbors and deserving of praise.

We are taught that there is only one way to win, and that is to beat the other person.

We live in a bubble, surrounded by biases that form our reality. And it is a cage. The bars consist of thoughts designed to enslave us to corporations that relentlessly suck the life blood out of us. Thoughts that keep us docile and happy in our confinement. We are drugged by the media, lied to by fancy politicians and those who would be friends, experimented on by war-mongers and chemical companies, then thrown to the wolves when we try to fight back.

We are trained to be obedient consumers.

We are trained to never question authority and to toe the party line. And we willingly comply, because if we don’t we won’t receive our next treat.

Woof! I’m a good little doggie. May I please have a bone?

A love for the truth is built on breaking free from that belief system

Breaking free starts with one bar in the cage. The first lie that is discovered and dismantled. And the illusion starts unraveling.

The real shocker is just how deep the lies go. How fully entrenched our world is in lies, deceit, trickery, greed and outright malice. A tangled web of false beliefs that bind us, undone by one strand of truth, leading to another, to another, until the cage entrapping us is all but transparent.

Until we commit to finding and hanging onto that which is true, we live in a constant state of psychosis, unable to recognize the truth if it ran up, bit us on the arse, and trampled us with all four feet. We remain happily ignorant. And controlled. And powerless to escape the cage.

If we are determined to break free, then we must stand. To declare the truth that we find, and live by it. To refuse to compromise integrity, self esteem, honor, compassion and life for a temporary fix of gratification.

Woof! I’m a dog that has found the stash and won’t settle for your handouts anymore.

And it’s contagious. The truth, that is. It is the thread that holds all of creation together. It is the mother ship, the standard, the crown jewel. It will never let you down because it is the firm foundation. The rock.

There is no debating the truth. There is no compromising with it. The truth is the truth. Lies bounce off of it, ineffective. It is the one and only thing we can count on. Everything else is shifting sand. Everything else is the lie. The cage. The entrapment. And once you commit to the truth, there is no going back.

Let freedom ring.

©2014 Barbara H. Peterson

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13 Responses to “Our World is Built on Illusion”

  1. Danny says:

    LMAO Yep!

  2. Mark says:

    Sadly, our young people are fully indocronated by the systems put in place before they were born. Education, media and technology play significant roles in shaping the thinking (or lack there of) of We the People. To take charge again, we all must remove ourselves from the influences that create mind-numb consumers. As we enter into the holiest of holy’s aka: The Holiday Season, the commercial whores will ramp up their tactics designed to hypnotize us into consuming their goods. If we could wade out of the rip current just enough to see some reality, then we have a chance. Teach your children and grand children that there is more to life than TV, Smartphones and media. Go fishing and talk to them. Camp, hike and explore the real world. Teach them to grow their own food, and treat their own illnesses, just like our forefathers did. Most importantly, teach them to think for themselves. This is the path to freedom in this FAKE WORLD.

  3. Tom says:

    I agree about taking a bar from the cage. Your piece made me think of the late Monsieur Baudrillard. We’ve been subjected to a simulacra. One bar removed, and reflected upon, will lead to another bar, etc., like falling dominoes. Otto Frank promoted a book which was shown to have been written with a ball point pen. His daughter’s diary could not have been written by that poor girl.

  4. Jim says:

    The only illusion is the one we create. The world is the way it is because that’s how we see it. Nothing more nothing less. The only thing that has to change is me.

  5. Truth is a never ending process of observation and rational analysis.
    Detecting contradiction is the fundamental value of rational process.
    Induction is forming premises by generalizing from observation.
    Deduction is forming conclusions based upon premises.
    Comprehension and understanding are two different philosophical processes. Comprehension necessarily involves either induction or deduction. Understanding simply means to recognize the meaning of a statement. Comprehension is a rational process. Understanding means accepting the meaning of a statement without a rational process.
    We cannot know all things based upon rational process. We use understanding when we accept the statement of a competent authority as true. We use understanding when we simply trust the word of another as providing an accurate source of information.
    The use of words as symbols is a process of understanding.
    The geometry of euclid is the tradional means of forming the rational facility of children in western culture for the past three thousand years. The geometry of euclid has not been taught in public schools in the United States since 1955.
    We are being lied to by public official who falsely claim that geometry is being taught in public schools. This is why people are are easily controlled by politicians and made into superstitious cattle. Civilization has been destroyed by militarist religionists calling themselves lawyers, bankers, police and soldiers.
    They are infact liars, thieves, bullies and murderers.

  6. GWillie51 says:

    The real issue of learning the truth is, it’s painful. To realize most if not all of what you see think and believe is not true, can be more devastating than one could ever believe.

    I know most of what “the world” tells me isn’t true. I don’t like it but I have taken the path away from the illusion, it’s not an easy road, but so far it’s been worth it.

    Good luck and fair travel to those others who wish to make the journey. . Awakening may not be pleasant, but you’ll never know the truth until you do…

  7. Joe says:

    Cognitive Dissonance is probably the mother of all diseases. It creates illusion and illusion is the father of lies. Cure Cognitive Dissonance and lies flee like dirt from a good detergent.

    What is this disease called Cognitive Dissonance?

    Simply put, it is the “holding of two opposing views that maintain equal strength in our thinking processes”.

    How did we acquire this disease?

    This insidious disease was given to us by our parents, our governments, our educational systems our health institutions, our religious institutions, our friends and our peers.


    Not necessarily: The disease was passed down through the ages to those who passed it down to us.

    Give one example of holding equally two opposing views.

    Pure science and pure religion: The former ‘looks for truth’ and the latter claims it ‘knows the truth’. Both science and religion have their false ‘gods’. These gods have names such as ‘tradition’, ‘authority’, ‘blind faith’, ‘theory’ and powerfully persuasive weapons to keep people enslaved with their brand of ‘truth’.

    Give another example.

    Spirituality and Carnality oppose each other by holding up the label of ‘duality’. Each of us has been indoctrinated with this brand of Cognitive Dissonance. We claim to believe in a spiritual ‘god’ on the one hand and we act out our lives as if our ‘gods’ don’t exist on the other hand. Either all religious gods are false or human flesh is evil: this is the subliminal message that has been handed down to us from ancient times.

    What is the cure for this disease called Cognitive Dissonance?

    We dust off a seldom used weapon that everyone has (except for neuroscientists) called Free Will. Free Will, when used properly, is a powerful medicine that tends to eradicate blind obedience. Once we have found our own Free Will and treat it with respect (Free Will means personal responsibility, not license) we shall have found the cure for Cognitive Dissonance.

    I have no right to dictate to you how to utilize Free Will. When you find yours you will know how to use it.


  8. common law private attorney general Chris says:

    a.k.a. The MA Tricks more commonly known as: Matrix

  9. many possibilities says:

    One way to achieve objective knowledge is first observe the people and objects of this world. Next, make elementary inductive abstract generalizations based on these observations.Then, from these elementary generalizations, one should make deductive conclusions.Thereafter,one is then able to make wider generalizations and conclusions which eventually coalesce into a whole system of objective beliefs. From the truth of this whole system, one can then circle back and affirm the truth of the initial elementary generalizations.

  10. The language is important, for the health of the soul
    as 7+ Ph water and good food is medicine for the body

    eventually the truth becomes self evident….

    thankfully we’ve made it this far up the mountain of truth

    and if the going is getting easier you’re not climbing

    have you ever seen a recipe for pemmican ?

    Not being known doesn’t stop the truth from being true.


  11. TTW says:

    Hey Barbara Peterson- Great piece. Well put and right on the money.

  12. Joe in JT says:

    Lies? What comes to mind for me is Ukraine. Congress approved a $5 billion dollar budget for the State Department to coup Ukraine. They did. Murdering many people in the process. US puppet Poroshenko is leading Kiev now to slaughter innocent Russian speaking East Ukrainians. The kicker is Obama blames everything on Putin and Russia! Everything you hear on the media about Ukraine is a lie.

  13. Abe says:

    I’ve been out of work since day one of “Hope and Change”. When I was still expecting to go back to work in the spring, I started to research 9/11 to prove my friends brother was wrong. He wasn’t!! I haven’t been out of the rabbit hole since! What ever the “Bought” in DC or the or the presstitutes say, I automatically believe the opposite! Why? Because they repeat the lie over, and over, and over again. There’s always money for the man behind the curtain! Whether it’s 9/11, 7/7, vaccines, food, terrorism, chemtrails, these mass killings, ( No one died at Sandy Hook) etc!
    Between the government, the media, and the “stupid virus, they have what few cogent thinkers out there behind the barrel. When Gabby got shot in the head, the media never said a peep about Judge John Rolls who just 48 hrs. before ruled that the government confiscating our retirement was unconstitutional.

    I was talking with my banker the other day about how this banking crisis was all fabricated. She didn’t have a problem with anything I was saying till I connected 9/11 to it. Then she labelled me. You get the same blank look, and the same dumb question. WHY??? LOL What’s older than protitution? The quest to rule the world! DUH!

    BTW the documentary,
    Vaccines—Are They Still Contributing to the Greater Good?
    The producers of this film are allowing a full and FREE viewing through 11/21.

    I’m sure people here already know that garbage they have in them (vaccines). Share wth friends and family that still believe, that being injected with, mercury, aluminum, fluoride, formaldehyde, GMO plant and aninimals, etc. are good for you! Sens Barbs article with it!!

    Alot more people are waking up today than ever in human history! It’s easier to kill them than to control them.(Biggie Z)aka Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski NSA Carter

    1) Were being dumbed down.
    2) Were being made sicker.
    3) Were being made infertile.
    Desiree Rover Health Jounalist.