Genetically Engineered Crops, Glyphosate and the Deterioration of Health in the United States of America

Nancy L. Swanson, Andre Leu, Jon Abrahamson, Bradley Wallet

Journal of Organic Systems, 9(2), 2014

Glyphosate Residues US



A huge increase in the incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases has been reported in the United States (US) over the last 20 years. Similar increases have been seen globally. The herbicide glyphosate was introduced in 1974 and its use is accelerating with the advent of herbicide-tolerant genetically engineered (GE) crops. Evidence is mounting that glyphosate interferes with many metabolic processes in plants and animals and glyphosate residues have been detected in both. Glyphosate disrupts the endocrine system and the balance of gut bacteria, it damages DNA and is a driver of mutations that lead to cancer.

In the present study, US government databases were searched for GE crop data, glyphosate application data and disease epidemiological data. Correlation analyses were then performed on a total of 22 diseases in these time-series data sets . The Pearson correlation coefficients are highly significant (< 10-5) between glyphosate applications and hypertension (R = 0.923), stroke (R = 0.925), diabetes prevalence (R = 0.971), diabetes incidence (R = 0.935), obesity (R = 0.962), lipoprotein metabolism disorder (R = 0.973), Alzheimer’s (R = 0.917), senile dementia (R = 0.994), Parkinson’s (R = 0.875), multiple sclerosis (R = 0.828), autism (R= 0.989), inflammatory bowel disease (R = 0.938), intestinal infections (R = 0.974), end stage renal disease (R = 0.975), acute kidney failure (R = 0.978), cancers of the thyroid (R = 0.988), liver (R = 0.960), bladder (R = 0.981), pancreas (R = 0.918), kidney (R = 0.973) and myeloid leukaemia (R = 0.878).

The Pearson correlation coefficients are highly significant (< 10-4) between the percentage of GE corn and soy planted in the US and hypertension (R = 0.961), stroke (R = 0.983), diabetes prevalence (R = 0.983), diabetes incidence (R = 0.955), obesity (R = 0.962), lipoprotein metabolism disorder (R = 0.955), Alzheimer’s (R = 0.937), Parkinson’s (R = 0.952), multiple sclerosis (R = 0.876), hepatitis C (R = 0.946), end stage renal disease (R = 0.958), acute kidney failure (R = 0.967), cancers of the thyroid (R = 0.938), liver (R = 0.911), bladder (R = 0.945), pancreas (R = 0.841), kidney (R = 0.940) and myeloid leukaemia (R = 0.889).

The significance and strength of the correlations show that the effects of glyphosate and GE crops on human health should be further investigated.





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25 Responses to “Full Report: GE Crops, Glyphosate, and the Deterioration of Health in the US”

  1. molecule says:

    Abe — IMHO we can reverse GMO — For me, there’s good evidence from the work of Gerald Pollack (4th phase of water — it’s actually the 0th phase or the aboriginal phase or the celestial phase) and of Georges Lakhovsky (cosmic energy, creating dna, healing all things), and of Guido Ebner (use of a simple static electrical field to (a) remove ALL corruption of our plant DNA, including GMO, and (b) reverse all “selective” breeding by whitecoats, by reversion of seed DNA back to its primordial state, from 1,000,000 years ago). In other words, the core DNA of the plant is able to handle the tension of a small electrical field, meanshile, the GMO and the weak DNA of centuries of greedy cross breeding both come apart under electrical pressure (meaning GMO has applications in warfare!)

    Re use of a solar hot plate as an engine to drive water — no need for PRV and chk valves etc. Just have a pickup a few inches off the bottom center of a rain barrel/cistern, feed it to low side of hot plate, then return from high side of hot plate to the top side of barrel, so as to produce a counter-clockwise flow, to go with apparent coriolis forces. Downside is warming of the water, so keep rainbarrel/ cistern in the shade or burried. Also use of pipes. Pipes are ok for a rain barrel/ cistern, if inlet pipe is covered. Inlet pipe in a pond will need an inlet filter that is cleanable, inspectable, maintainable. That’s why I want to use electricity or exclusion zone effects only to spin the water, with no pipes or engines.

    A solar powered residential A/C is an important idea! For commercial farming and for food storage, especially meats. I’m a big fan of going off freon and back to ammonia for all refrig — it works better, costs less, just add a little heat. Only tiny amount of electric power is needed, for controls only.

  2. Abe says:

    You have the scientific mind!! Good for you!!
    HMMM…. I was thinking (LOL)If you took a rain barrel and plumbed it from the top through a check valve (to prevent thermal syphoning) to the low side of a solar flat plate, then coming out at the top of the flat plate, have a PRV (pressure relief valve)set for maybe one or two PSI, then plumbed to the bottom of the barrel, if that could get a perpetual flow going, or maybe even a vortex? At least whilest the sun is out.

    Interseting youtube channel.

    Then there’s magnetics. Believe it or not, back in the 70’s I was thinking about a photo voltaic powered mag-lev monorail when I was taking a/c, refridgeration, and solar power class.

    I did do the first solar residentual a/c system, and steam engine in the world. We used mirrors that had to track the sun. Could light a cig in the focal point as fast as a lighter.

  3. molecule says:

    Really interesting … my main interest is in figuring out how to get water to spin, using no moving parts … using only EM forces, be they static, transverse wave or longitudinal wave. If we can figure out how to do this and scale it up, then we can spin water in our rain barrels, our UG cisterns, and in our farm ponds, without bearings, shafts, disks, motors, mechanical gears, etc. It should be open source. The Russians supposedly have some kind of EM propulsion device on their submarines, which pushes water along. If that could be scaled down, it would do perfectly for spinning ponds, rain barrels, etc. Also in the first experimental nuclear reactors, where mercury was used for coolant, they Sandia Labs engineers got mercury to circulate by EM pumps alone, with no spinning parts, seals to fail, etc.

    The goal is to find a way to keep water in barrels, cisterns and small farm ponds, moving. Water likes to keep moving … it loses its electrical charge with it’s sitting still. That’s part of Pollack’s package, but I don’t think he emphasizes it enough.

    A Polish(?) guy living in Canada, Vtech, has got water spinning in a jar by static electrical forces (youtube search on blackchisel97), and he is working on replicating the work of Guido Ebner. Swiss scientist who found a way to reverse GMO in seeds … he got DNA in seeds to revert back 1,000,000 years by germinating them in a small electro-static field, I think 1 kv per cm. No current, no power, just a static field. The DNA of plants and of commercial trout reverted back to original DNA.

    So DNA has memory and water has memory. And Luc Montagnier has reconstituted DNA memory from water memory, so DNA and water are related. We are seriously on the verge of being able to reverse all the crimes that the idiots have tried to foist on us. BTW Tesla was not about power … he was about health!! Wall St. wants us to think of Tesla as kind of power demon, when reality is just the opposite.

  4. Abe says:

    I think the peppermint is so high because farmers use glyphosate as a dissicant. This drys the leaves out on the stem. on say a soy bean, most of the glyphosate is from what came up through the plant from the ground and what could permeate the pod to the bean, and then permeate the bean.
    How about Eugenics Police Agency? EPA

  5. Abe says:

    PS I wonder if this is how Andrea Rossi’s eCat machine, and that water powered car works? I think Rossi used electrolysis with copper and zinc, and the murdered water powered car guy used 602 stainless steel.
    H2O + H2O = H3O2 plus a harvested H atom for fuel. I wonder how they got the H3O2 back to H2O?

  6. Abe says:

    Hey Quickstraw Like your modification on that story. I guess Dr. Swanson did too. Sounds like that paper is kicking some GMO A$$!She gave me some update I’ll share with you all.

    Very funny, wise guy.
    btw, head honcho at JOS told me last week (before even a week was up) that our paper had over 700 downloads and over 600 views of the abstract (he gave the exact numbers, but I can’t remember). Seems to be getting some traction. Some people are saying that it isn’t peer-reviewed. It is.

  7. molecule says:

    Thanks Abe,

    Dr. Seneff’s presentations and interviews … on glyphosate GMOs and human health are IMHO always worth listening to carefully. (As are Dr. Gerald Pollack’s on the 4th Phase of water.) As far as I know, she has two with Patrick Timone and one with Dr. Mercola. Huber’s interviews are important as well. I’m really looking forward to hearing them together.

    Also, your other links were awesome as well. Right on.

  8. Abe says:

    You made my head spin Barb, Are you that quick with a gun??

  9. Wonderful! Thanks for the update ;)

  10. Abe says:

    I just heard from Dr. Swanson. It will be edited some before it’s ready to put online. It was just over 2 1/2 hours long.

  11. Abe says:

    I caught more than half before I had computer problems.
    This is the link for Womens Weekly GMO Free News.

    I will leave a link on this page and let BARB know as fast as I can.

    Dr. Samsel was talking about :The Gut: Pathway to Modern Desease
    Part 3&4. This Drs. Seneff and Samsel deal with just the GMO seed. What we know about Glyphosate and it’s “inert” ingrediences is only half the story! Like how the “inert” ingredience compounds the effects of glyphosate, So will the seeds. It sounds like this GMO crap will go from very scary, to down right terriffing.

    I also seen the other day that a whole bunch of oganic papaya growers in HI lost there organic certification due to cross pollinating. I know they plan on or are cutting down there trees, but haven’t heard anything about legal actions yet. I hope they go for the juggle and don’t wuss out.

  12. molecule says:

    I tried to watch (or even just listen to) the “Live Stream” with Dr. Stephanie Seneff and others with discussion of new study on Glyphosate and GMOs. Google/Youtube says it’s private and won’t show it. I’m in Virginia, US. Friday, 7PM, so it’s past the “live time.”

    Did anyone make an audio recording by chance?


  13. Abe says:

    I was checking out the WWGF News ( Weekly Women’s GMO Free News) Youtube channel today. It’s worth a look. I see they have a couple videos about the making of the new documentary “BOUGTHT”. I’ve heard very little buzz about this as of yet. The story line seems to fit some of the most hated corporations on earth! I’m sure this comes as no surprise to Farm Wars readers and will just ad more gas to the fire! This is part of “The Octopus” Danny Casolaro died for trying to expose some 20+ years ago. Funny how things always point to JFK and Iran Contra? (GHWB)

    The Hidden Story Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma & Your Food

    These story lines converge on Wall Street: Vaccines, GMOs, Big Pharma, Greed, Corruption & Lack of Conscience…

  14. Abe says:

    At first I thought this was a joke. It isn’t. Sad but true and explains alot. I suspect a GMO rat behind this!!

    Virus that ‘makes humans more stupid’ discovered

  15. Thanks, Abe! Looking forward to the live stream. For those who are wondering just what crop group 15 is: http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.....eed-crops/

  16. Abe says:

    LIVE Stream Friday Nov. 14 10am (PST) Panel Discussion on new study – #GMO Crops, Glyphosate and the deterioration of health in the USA #WWGFNews #LabelGMOs

    Dr. Stephanie Seneff, MIT Senior Research Scientist
    Dr. Nancy Swanson, Retired United States Navy staff scientist, author
    Dr. Anthony Samsel, Retired Science Consultant
    Dr. Don M. Huber, Professor Emeritus, Purdue University
    Kathleen Hallal, Moderator
    Mary Middleton, Co-Host

    Study Conclusions (Excerpt)

    Panel Discussion on new study – GMO Crops, Glyphosate and the deterioration of health in the USA
    WWGF News

  17. molecule says:

    Barb, you’re right … just ban “it” i.e. both glyphosate and the GMOs that supposedly “tolerate” it, while they kill off humanity.

    Glyphosate and GMOs are inextricably linked. No reason to ban glyphosate, and allow the GMO, and vice versa as well.

    A farmer pays extra for Monsanto GMO seeds. There’s only one reason that he’s paying extra for GMO seed, and that’s because he intends to use what most GMO seeds are made for, which is spraying of glyphosate.

    Ban them together.

  18. Jack Harper says:

    The Gene Revolution is about an incredible threat to our collective health and about the success of genetic engineering in Agriculture. Almost all modified crops are engineered to survive one or more sprays of the herbicide RoundUp. Glyphosate the active ingredient in Roundup bounced into our world in 1964. It was invented by a small chemical company developing a line of pipe and industrial boiler cleaners. It is a small molecule, amazingly strong as a chelator, very good at what it does. Next to any biological system, it is deadly toxic by starving organisms of essential minerals in their food chain. Glyphosate competes for metal ions and so it impairs or prevents the essential activity of most metallo-proteins (the enzymes that make your cells hum together) by robbing those metal ions – particularly manganese, magnesium and cobalt. It’s in the rain, in the water and in the food, even in mother’s milk. Our food chain is badly contaminated. What do you suggest we can do about that ?

  19. molecule says:

    PS, I completely concur with Savoie’s comment below, although the so-called “British Royal Family” may be operating as a media smokescreen, not unlike the Federal Reserve. For the extermination of white Europeans in Russia, they used a form of British fascism called Bolshevism. Gold (stolen from American banks in farming communities in 1880s by Wall St financial frauds — pre-Federal Reserve) was used to finance Lenin and Stalin and their Bolshevik Holodomor (when a handful of fascist misogynists exterminated 10 to 30 million white Europeans). After the Federal Reserve they financed both sides of World Wars I and II, resulting in successful extermination of 60 million innocent white Europeans.

    It’s apparent to me that the BRF has morphed into the same Bolshevik form of misogyny that they used to exterminate Russian and European populations, to destroy the populations, and the soils and waters, of the north American continent.

  20. molecule says:

    Awesome research! Peppermit tops (peppermint teas) are saturated.

    We know that in the Bolshevik Fifth-column now operating as “a Banker-Goomnament complex,” the letters “FDA” stand for the Food and Depopulation Administration. Now that it has apparently lost all of its credibility, with regulation of poisons in our food supply and soils being then shifted over to the EPA, we have to come up with a more fitting name for the EPA. Environmental Perversion Administration? This is the depopulation agenda of Wall St. being implemented by Bolshevik infiltration of key government beaurocracies. So now the EPA is regulating Monsanto in our food supply. WTF? The Bolshevik snigglers are apparently aware that the FDA is losing, or has lost credibility.

    (1) curious that Peppermint tops are 200 ppm when most others are 10s to 20s. Makes one wonder, after peppermint teas, what else? Glyphosate will be high in the various peppermint teas sold in “health food” stores, and in toothpaste. Brush your teeth with glyphosate!

    (2) also grass, forage, fodder and hay fed to animals is allowed at 300ppm. For nutritioual as well as economic reasons, freshly sprouted (hydroponic sometimes) fodder is becoming popular as a substitute for feeding hay in the winter. Now the seeds to produce the fodder (barley, …) can have 300ppm glyphosate. This degree of biblical misogyny and political irresponsibility cannot be merely accidental, or some undetected scientific inversion.

    (3) Barb, if by chance you run across what the allowable values were before the change in July 2013, can you post them?

  21. Abe says:

    First I’d Like to commend Dr. Swanson for her stick-to-a-tive-ness on this paper. She was hit with road block, after road block on this paper for almost 2 years. The fact that it’s finally done, is a testament to her resolve! ATTA GIRL NANCY!!

    Over 2 1/2 years ago we started collecting data so Nancy could do a series of articles (about 10 weeks)for I-522 in Washington State. After collecting data on about 25 deseases (of which 22 were very compelling) we hit a brick wall. My opinion is that the CDC, FDA, USDA caught wind of this project a locked all the windows and doors.

    Before these articles were all completed, these graphs started popping up on web sites all over the world. Were also being used in talks by the likes of Vlieger, Mercola, and Smith for a couple. After the urging by numerous Drs. & scientists, she decided it would be a bigger bang to go through the peer review process.

    Because the findings were overwhelmingly obvious, is why it was such a tooth and nail process. I personally believe this paper will have as big of a bang as Dr. Seralini’s (CRIIGEN)2 year study on NK-603 Maize. It was obvious as hell special interests didn’t want this paper published! The day this was published CRIIGEN’s Sustainable Pulse put this out.

    New Study: Huge Increase in US Chronic Diseases Linked to Glyphosate Herbicides

    A new correlation study published on Friday in the Journal of Organic Systems has linked the world’s number one herbicide, glyphosate, to a huge increase in the incidence of chronic diseases across the United States.

    My hope is people will bombard there state, county, town and city officials with this data, and strongly urge a ban on all GMO’s till a long term (2 yrs) independent study on health effects, and enviromental impact are done and proven safe. Lets face it, as long as you can water these things with poisons, that will never happen.

    Thanks Barb! In my opinion YOUR THE BEST!!

  22. Monsanto has had direct representation inside history’s most dangerous secret society—“The Pilgrims Society” (Monsanto chairman, Charles Allen Thomas, Pilgrims New York leaked roster 1969). The Pilgrims are sponsored by the British Royal family, the world’s largest landowners. Prince Philip is widely known as a fanatical population reduction advocate and personally controls over 800 organizations (Wiki). Many agribusiness interests have had direct representation in this nearly unknown group since 1902 including International Agricultural Corporation, Amstar, General Foods, Kellogg, Procter & Gamble, Cuba Grapefruit Company, Southern Cotton Oil, the entire “sugar trust,” and many other interests in USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

    “Given the growing body of research clearly revealing Roundup’s toxicity to the germline of animal species, the argument can be made that this chemical has contraceptive properties and therefore genocidal consequences. By directly affecting the biologically immortal cells within the testes, whose DNA contains over 3 billion years worth of information essential for there being a future for our species as a whole, Roundup should be considered an instrument of mass destruction.”