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Barbara H. Peterson

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There are several theories regarding the Ebola issue on the net. In this article, I will discuss two of them.

  1. Ebola is here, and the government is downplaying its severity and letting infected people come to the U.S. to implement population reduction.
  2. The severity of the Ebola situation is a hoax, designed to implement a vaccination protocol and restrict our movements due to the threat of a pandemic outbreak.

Both theories are espoused by well known alternative media personalities. And both are polar opposites.

So, which is the most reasonable? Which makes the most sense? And which one just might be controlled opposition?

Theory 1

This theory espouses the belief that the government (CDC) is inept, and downplaying the severity of the threat in order to spread the disease to reduce the population.

Sounds reasonable enough, right? Yes, the government is inept, and the CDC is most likely lying. But downplaying the severity of the threat? Haven’t we seen mainstream media broadcast fear porn all over the networks lately while the CDC runs around in hazmat suits and a new and experimental genetically engineered vaccine is being rushed into production as I type? Downplaying? Seriously?

That my friends, is a big, fat red flag. Something is simply not right with this theory.

I see certain alternative media sites running like their pants are on fire attempting to strike as much fear in the hearts of their readers regarding the Ebola outbreak as they can, with a “buy this” link attached. Help! Help! Ebola is here! Buy this! Buy that! The government is lying to us! They want to kill us! Be afraid! Be very afraid!

So, what is the solution if this theory were to prove correct? Lock down flight travel? Lock down whole countries? Maybe just a regional lock down with entrance and exit points guarded by U.N. peacekeepers? Or maybe we should all simply line up for the jab and get it all over with. A pretty gloomy picture, but it does sell lots of publications and lots of products. And it promotes fear porn. And that, my friends, plays right into the globalists’ hands.

fear porn

And the strategy is brilliant. Just enough of the truth to sway people and maintain plausible deniability when the whole truth does come out, with just enough wiggle room to go in the other direction if necessary and come out smelling like a rose.

Theory 2

This theory espouses the belief that the government is pulling one big psy-op on the American people by amplifying the severity of the threat in order to terrify people into compliance with a vaccine protocol and the loss of even more liberties.

Now that makes sense to me. When you want to control a large group of people, you do it with mind control techniques. This requires a whole lot less in resources and man power than unleashing a deadly virus on people and having to clean up the mess. Simply terrify them and they will line up for your solution. That is how it has been done for centuries, and I have no reason to believe that the game plan has changed since it has been so successful thus far.

What has changed is that there are a lot of very influential alternative media outlets out there today that are nothing more than wolves in sheep’s clothing, existing to promote the New World Order agenda of total control and manipulation by pretending to be what they are not and twisting the truth just enough to lead us in the wrong direction and right into the waiting maws of those who would rule the world without us, and all for a pittance. For fame, glory, and the almighty buck.

©2014 Barbara H. Peterson

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9 Responses to “Controlled Opposition and Ebola Exposed”

  1. Less devious? I disagree. The amount of deception that is entailed in getting people to follow supposed “alternative news leaders” by convincing them of their credibility while leading them down the path towards the NWO agenda is a well thought out and effective strategy, bordering on the brilliant.

  2. Glen St.Thomas says:

    Well you make mankind sound less devious. There is much information, such as the Georgia Guide Stones, Bill Gates and many other references that suggest the reduction in human population is what they’re trying to accomplish.

  3. Bad-Clown says:
  4. Bloody flux diarrhea & vomiting followed by dehydration and death, spells Cholera not Ebola!

  5. My latest on the “Ebola crisis”:

    “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Africa?”

  6. George H. says:

    Leave it up to the bright common sense analysis of the very astute Farm Gal Warrior Barbara to cut through all the the bullshit and Hegelian double talk and arrive at the historical truth. Fact of the matter is that the Satanic oligarchs want 5 or 6 billion people DEAD (the Great Culling) and Ebola, and all the fear porn that attends it is just what the doctor (Mengele types) ordered. Keep the faith and keep your immune systems strong and we’ll roll right on over these Beasts of Satan once again. “Vox populi vox dei”- the voice of the people is the voice of God. And with God on our side-WE CAN’T LOSE. Thanks Barbara.

  7. Hugh Mann says:

    Never let a good crisis go to waste. I believe EbolaGate is another biological false flag like H1N1, Aids and the rest of the biological boogeymen. Follow the money. I vote for #2.

  8. Irene says:

    I’m told the ebola vaccine is based on the rabies vaccine. Doesn’t that need to be abdominally injected over the course of a month in 20 injections? I knew a child who was bitten by a raccoon in the 1970’s and she was in the hospital for weeks and week but when she came out she had one helluva story…

  9. Abe says:

    Then there’s Theory 3
    Which is both one and two. The gov. is inept, and they are pulling one big psy op. They can’t all be that stupid, or on the other hand that smart.

    BTW I sent this to a friend earlier. We like to send usless info back and forth. Subtract 30%!
    As far as the VA goes!!! Those that don’t know me,, I had a pulmanary embolism (Hegalism damn them “Ism'”). I went into the VA 10 days before the big event. Well,, they set me an appointment 3 months down the line. To make a long story short “tits on a boar”!!

    Don’t know how accurate or when these were taken. I guess sheeple still think the IRS is a government agency. LOL But they did rate higher than the VA.

    Ratings of Government Agencies Excellent/Good Fair/Poor Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 51% 41
    Central Intelligence Agency (Al-CIA-duh) 44% 45
    Dept. of Homeland Security 43% 53 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 39% 56
    Secret\Service 38% 52
    Centers for Disease Control (CDC) 37% 60
    Food and Drug Admin (FDA) 37% 59
    Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 31% 65
    Veterans Administration 30% 66