Barb’s note: This is a repost of a very important interview with Leuren Moret. Please listen to her discuss the relationship between HAARP, chemtrails, uranium, and the global doomsday machine that has been set in motion by the global bankers and sociopaths with enough money to do what they want, to whom they want, anytime they want.

Climate change is very important to the farming community. Our most important asset, which is comprised of those people who give their lives to provide food on the table, is being systematically destroyed.

Get rid of the ability to produce good, clean, nutritious food, and you get rid of the people.

Listen to this interview with Leuren Moret regarding HAARP and the NWO plans for depopulation. Why do they do it? Didn’t you know? He who dies with the most toys wins.

Listen here:


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5 Responses to “HAARP: Depopulation and Melting the Arctic for Fun and Profit”

  1. avenger says:

    check out dr nick begich on haarp
    {angels dont play this haarp}
    i am also familiar with radio frequency
    you should also know then that the tiny little antennas on earth we use for cb transmissions is dangerous to stand in front of while transmitting.
    impotence could be one of the effects.
    not to mention the army and their gear.
    where were you looking at when they taught you that part.
    my collegue actually got kicked in the balls for putting his face in front of a radar transmitter,(It was`nt even on

  2. Ed Machinka says:

    To Don Cline.
    I would hate to get you started on Chemtrails.
    Have you ever watched these “trails” being formed or laid?
    Most are contrails and they dissipate, however that 1% or so do not. They actually expand. I have been watching the sky for decades viewing the clouds during the day and stars at night.
    I have seen these “trails” being laid. Also on many occasions I have seen the trails stop and start again. Many of these chemtrails expand over time forming a curtain or veil. I have spoken to several pilots over the years and some are aware of them. Chemtrails are the most complained thing to the FAA website. Check out the U.S. Air Force has a website which explains their program called: Controlling the Weather 2025. When you have some time, you can read directly from their program at this URL–
    And don’t get me started with HAARP.
    Good to know who are a RF technician. But what have you read about the program other than the bullshit from CQ magazine?
    I think some of your comments are silly too Mr. Cline.

  3. Eva,

    They don’t walk around with the rest of us, or eat the same food, or do anything even vaguely similar to you and me. They have enough money and holdings to go anywhere they want, hire anyone they want to grow organic, clean food, and I can pretty much guarantee you they do not chemtrail where they live. They do not drink tap water from flouridated municipal water, or even come in contact with anyone other than their so-called peers unless they choose to. They have also stockpiled good, clean seed, not GMO, in the Doomsday seed vault.

    The ones that are doing the damage are, in my opinion, sociopathic. The sociopath cares nothing for anyone or anything other than him/herself. I know because I worked with sociopaths in the prison system. They simply do not think the same as us. When they see a nice ranch, they immediately consider it theirs. The owner is expendable, and if he/she gets in the way of getting what the sociopath wants, that’s just too bad. He/she will just have to be eliminated. No sympathy, no compassion, just a matter of business. Sound familiar? This is the type of personality that is attracted to positions of authority, and is the least qualified for it. This is what we have running the country, with plans for the world in the form of the New World Order.

  4. Eva says:

    How do the so called elite avoid to be infected by the chemtrails, Electrical pollution, Toxic and Radioactive pollution, uranium, swineflu, GMO, and the rest of the depopulation programs, if they walk around in the streets, breath the air, and eat and drink the same as the rest of us?

  5. Jimy says:

    Does Fluoride react to HAARP?