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Farm Wars

Yup! There goes another one. A potential android wannabe glued to a computerized gadget designed to talk back, respond to requests, handle telephone calls, remind about appointments, and basically act as a traveling personal secretary…

We’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of computerized control. That’s the signpost up ahead. Your next stop, the WiFi Zone!

Nowadays we’ve got all sorts of computerized toys such as talking cars that sense when another car is near and take action with no driver input that are equipped with navigational systems that tell us how to get to the nearest restaurant. We interact daily with talking phones that let us know the day, time and weather, which are being cleverly integrated into smaller and smaller devices such as watches and rings. Things that you keep on your person all day, every day. Things that you learn to depend on.

We are entering an age when talking to a computer will become so natural that the next logical step in the progression of integrating man with machine and eventually into android bodies with a computer chip brain will seem absolutely logical and sane.

If you don’t know about the Transhumanist Agenda, please read Transhumanism: Genetic Engineering of Man – the New Eugenics.

And if you really don’t think that heart and soul have anything to do with it, then hey, you’ve got it made. If you can afford the upgrade, that is…

The problem is all those messy experiments. You know the ones – chemotherapy, radiation treatments, mercury fillings, mercury-laced vaccines, genetically engineered food, toxic pesticides, food additives that would make a mouse slit its throat before consuming them, toxic garbage raining down from the sky, spewing out of exhaust pipes and belching out of factory stacks.

All leading to health issues. All of which are tracked. All of which are correlated and saved and studied and used for future ‘medical’ discoveries and breakthroughs. Such a noble enterprise…

That is, until you realize that the beneficiary of this mountain of research is not you.

You are the experimental subject. The beneficiaries are those who can afford the upgrade. The best medicine. The best health care. The best of everything. A Transhumanist Agenda designed for the rich and powerful who actually believe they can design a universe where they will live forever. And they need test subjects. And lots and lots of data.

Joe and Jane Doe are the lab rats. And eager and willing lab rats they are, lining up for the newest gadget. Trampling each other for the privilege of owning the latest and greatest. Shoving food-like substances down their throats just as fast as you can say ‘poison’ and begging for more as they crawl to the nearest clinic looking for a magic pill cure for the rot that is eating them up from the inside out and getting nothing but poison disguised as a ‘cure’ in return.

And we buy the con hook, line and sinker. Advertised as ‘setting us free,’ all these things that we think we need so desperately are poisoning our bodies and controlling our minds. They are really nothing more than traps designed to make us slaves to convenience if we allow them to – willing to give up that ‘freedom’ we so desire by tethering ourselves to the machine in order to be ‘free.’ Sounds kind of crazy when you say it out loud, doesn’t it? But the truth often sounds crazy in an upside down world.

Trapped by our quest for freedom through modern technology. Don’t milk that cow, we have herds of cows poked and prodded and fed genetically engineered, pesticide-soaked experimental ‘feed’ just ready, willing and able to feed you that milk you so desire. Well, maybe they aren’t so willing, or able, or healthy for that matter. But not to worry, it’s convenient! Don’t talk to your neighbor, text him via that new and improved watch-phone that reminds you when to take your pills every 4 hours, when to get up, and when to go to bed. Better to watch television than actually have a conversation.

Convenient. Easy peasy. A trap. A snare. A deception. And we love every minute of it. Even the pain. Why? Because everybody does it.

The ones who aren’t sick, who don’t fill their minds with endless drivel, who pay attention and listen to what is really going on around them – these are the ones who don’t fit in. Who stand out like a Petunia in a garden of thistles. And yet, these are the ones who will survive. These are the ones who are able to see through the deception and come to grips with reality. These are the ones who will help light the way for others to follow in the darkness to come. And it won’t be easy. Not by a long shot. Are you ready? Shouldn’t you be?

As for those who simply prefer to follow the crowd and go along with the program? Well, you couldn’t ask for better lab rats. Docile. Willing to accept ‘authority’ without question.

That is, until it starts getting personal and they start waking up. Then things can get, let’s just say, rather inconvenient…

©2014 Barbara H. Peterson

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5 Responses to “Walk like a Computer”

  1. Irene says:

    I don’t understand how deactivating TV equipment can incur a fine from the manufacturer. Is it deactivated when the electricity is turned off ? What if the property is on battery power and shuts down all non essential systems at night or while on vacation ? Is that the kind of behavior to cause a fine or is it more like piracy where you alter the receiver to steal programming not paid for

  2. Abe says:

    Hence the CDC’s ZOMBIE ALERT from a few years ago.

    Believe it or not, I’ve got cable TV for the first time in over 15 years. LOL Well I got my confirmation a day after it was suppose to be installed. But that’s not here or there. I was reading the FINE print. Does NSA is watching ring a bell. This was in the terms. I now have 2 TV’s and ordered 2 boxes. One for the living room, and one for the BEDROOM!!

    Am I being paranoid, but what if you unplug or deactivate it?
    After all I remember 100’s of times my chat cam mysteriously came on. I’ve heard how this new fangled $hit is suppose to have mikes and cameras in them, and seen videos about the VHF & UHF converters to digital having them in them. They want to see how “consumers react” to ads, ja shore youbetcha!!
    Maybe for kicks I’ll by one of those life like blow up dolls and a gerbil and have some fun. After all there all pervs!

    Hope them hoss’s are fairin better! Your a cut above the rest!!

  3. Any self respecting rodent knows how to survive. That more than you can say for the sleepwalkers marching morons who call themselves homo sapiens.

  4. DyAnah says:

    Hear! Hear! I’ve observed the same and share the viewpoint, though it’s a frightening reality.

  5. Eric Hall says:

    What did Aldous Huxley call it – Brave New World.