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Farm Wars

We are creatures of habit. We get up at certain times, got to bed at certain times, eat certain foods, like certain things, and rarely think about the consequences of our actions. We rely on our past knowledge of what is good and healthy and nourishing to still be valid in today’s genetically engineered, pesticide soaked world.

But what if the things that we have grown up with and learned to trust have changed so dramatically that they are no longer good for us, but just appear to be?

What if the chains of habit that bind us to certain actions are merely illusion, designed to keep us coming back for more and more of the same stuff that is now killing us?

This is mass marketing, folks. And it is all around us.

The package says “natural” and “healthy” and we go for it. We bite. We take the bait like fish in a tank and end up floating belly up with no one to blame but ourselves.

That candy/power bar that you grabbed at the checkout stand is not what your great-grandma used to make. It is a concoction of toxic and addictive chemicals designed to keep you coming back for more with a pretty wrapper shouting “All Natural!”

The only thing “natural” about it is the natural tendency for mega-corporate food conglomerates to make money off of ignorance, health be damned. If they can sneak in an addictive substance that just happens to be a neurotoxin that keeps you coming back for more, the actual damage it does to your health is an acceptable risk. After all, you have to prove that the product did any harm, and good luck with that considering the toxic soup we live in today day in and day out. Just try proving that one of them actually did the damage.

And the beat goes on. We get sicker and sicker and the mega-corporations that peddle filth get richer and richer.

What was good for you one day just might contain a toxic additive the next. And the label? Since most labels are designed to hide more than they reveal, deciphering the good from the bad has gotten a whole lot more difficult.

I see people in the grocery store just grabbing items off the shelf without even looking or thinking about looking at the label. Hell, the food-like substance they are buying could be the very thing that is causing their son’s diabetes, daughter’s irritable bowel syndrome, husband’s kidney problems, or be the reason for infertility, yet in the cart it goes without a thought. Then it’s off to the doc to find out what’s wrong while the real culprit lies right there in the shopping cart, unnoticed.

We are creatures of habit.

And the marketers know it.

And they use it to bind us to their products.

And they fight us for even the smallest concession such as accurate labeling which is rapidly becoming an oxymoron. Yet we bite. We clamor for these same corporations and government to provide truthful labels, when it is in their very nature to lie. And we know it.

Take for example, GMO labeling. It’s in the alternative news every day. Label GMOs! Just Label It! Sounds good, doesn’t it? That’s the point. It’s supposed to sound good, reasonable, and worthy of the good fight. However, the real threat to them is a ban on cultivation, and they know it. If we keep on fighting for labeling, they win.

A distraction. A misdirection. Look! We’re getting GMOs labeled! Well, maybe some of them… it’s a win! But for whom?

Think that voting for labeling while accepting money from Monsanto et al is a conflict of interest? Naw, just business as usual, as Hawaii’s elections and those who voted for labeling as well as another “Monsanto Protection Act” prove:

State Sen. Clayton Hee (D-23), who passed GMO labeling out of committee as chair, but who also sponsored SB 3058 — one of the bills referred to as Hawaii’s “Monsanto Protection Act” — and who received $20,850.

Yeah, go ahead and support labeling, then push protection for Monsanto against any form of cultivation ban disguised as a “right to farm” act:

AB 3058: Amends Hawaii’s Right to Farm Act to ensure that counties cannot enact laws, ordinances, or resolutions to limit the rights of farmers and ranchers to engage in modern farming and ranching practices.

The GMOs just keep on a growing, our food supply just keeps on being saturated with pesticides, and we keep getting sicker and sicker.

Creatures of habit, easily distracted.

Distracted with a pretty label that makes us feel “safe.” Meanwhile, the GMO juggernaut rolls on, and the pesticides associated with them pollute the world with toxic waste.


map of approved crops


Want to end the cycle? Change your habits. Quit being manipulated. Quit being a slave to the mega-corporations that want to control your every desire and fill your pantries and bodies with their addictive, health robbing garbage that is only good for one thing – to make the company that sells it money.

Quit being a guinea pig and grow as much of your own food as you can. Save seed. Share seed. Divorce yourself from big ag and break the chains that bind. It’s the only way out of the corrupt system of food deception that we are surrounded by. Don’t just say no, say HELL NO!!! I don’t want your poison, and will do everything in my power to keep you from force-feeding it to me, and this just might include being responsible for what I put in my own mouth. Go figure…

©2014 Barbara H. Peterson

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4 Responses to “Chains that Bind”

  1. Don Holmes says:

    One day my dad went out to feed his chickens (that he bought as chicks at the feed store so he would have home grown meat and eggs) and one of them could hardly stand up. These were all white chickens. The next day 3 or 4 more could not stand up, so, he took them to a vet and the vet told dad that chickens weren’t sick but were not layers ,they were genetically modified and was supposed to be butchered at 6 weeks old and the reason they couldn’t walk was that they were too heavy. they were 2 months old. We had to butcher all of them immediately. So there goes the home grown theory, even the seeds you would be buying will be out of modified plants.

  2. The only answer to the death of the GMO industry is to not buy their product lines at the retail level through out . But first in order to do this the public must be educated on what unlabeled products are GMOs before the mass boycott can even start to get off the ground.

    The Herculean problem is for years the population has been addicted to the process fake food industry and the makers of GMO knows this very well. The hypocrisy of it all that Monsanto cafeterias only serve certified organic produce and not their own GMO foods .

    Even if I listed all the food groups that contain GMOs from the time I spent researching this subject how many people will actually read my article and do as I do and follow through with the boycott? It is so sad today that the mass majority of the global population has become consumer slaves to the multinational process fake food companies that really care much more for the welfare of their stock shareholders than the costumers that they are supposed to serve. A crime against humanity with zero accountability of an industry that is more powerful and influential then most countries. Holistic Chef Barry “Your Good Earth Chef “

  3. common sense may be in short supply today….

    but eventually as the language is purified fewer and fewer
    people will believe the lies of the “Corporate” inland pirates
    who print the currency and own the media and run the
    “HELL ON EARTH” corporate crack house called CONGRESS…
    which is the exact
    opposite of progress….

    remember when the Farmers shut down DC with their TRACTORS…back in 76…?

    THINKING is not a CRIME yet…

    TRUTH really matters…especially for those people who plan
    on surviving this “AGE” we are currently enduring.

  4. Karen Scribner says:

    Thank you! I have been wanting to see a resource like this map. I think the “habit” is really addiction to the glutamates that form in processed foods. See For me stopping eating wheat (the original lab created food) allowed me to stop eating the other habit foods.