Linda knows about the USDA and doesn’t trust it one bit. And with good reason. Watch the video and find out why.

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2 Responses to “NAIS – An interview with Linda Faillace, author of Mad Sheep”

  1. Sherry says:

    Few people know how dangerous our store bought meat is. If
    everyone could just by their meat from a local farmer…..

    I haven’t eaten store bought meat in ages except when we are out
    and then it is never beef but fish or chicken.

    I wish it was 1955 again…life was good.

  2. laurel says:

    poor linda, she did everything right and usda goon squad screws it all up!
    instuting scrapie prevention is excellent as it was linked to a form of mad cow many many years ago by a vet in australia, similar but not the same. humans can catch a form of it if they work sheep. bloody rare though!
    as to USDA and FDA also blocking mad cow testing, I have been going off about it for ages, its insane to allow canadian and mexican animals in, for starters, and to NOT test the entire usa herd is purely criminal negligence!
    NO Nais , Remodel the udsa, ha ha! they are PARTNERS!! with delta pine (AKA MONSANTO) in terminator genes, think they care for the public…no way. thats why GM animals and foods are allowed so fast with NO safety testing at all.