monsantosaurus rex final

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7 Responses to “Monsantosaurus Rex – Farm Wars Graphic”

  1. LOL!!! Now that you mention it…. Mine came out first!!!

  2. johnathan says:

    Oh and I wanted to add that their was a farmer in England at the height of the mad cow disaster that was convinced that it was the
    spray and drops that were used on cattle to kill the large horse like flies that bothered them, that actually caused mad cow disease. He had lots of facts to back up this idea and I am convinced that he was right. If I remember correctly it was an Phosmet organophosphate which has been has been used at high doses in British warble fly. The pesticides continue to kill and harm us in more and more ways. We need to put a stop to this!

  3. johnathan says:

    I do not understand why the farmers simply don’t band together and refuse to buy or plant GMO seeds. Also it’s up to the farmers to use the internet and educate themselves on alternatives to pesticides and herbicides and then share the information with each other. Education is the key. Is there a website for farmers who do not want to plant and do not plant GMO seeds and also do not use pesticides and herbicides and fungicides for that matter. If there is they need to band together and start the process of change, as they are now being encouraged to use agent orange which was used in Vietnam and is still crippling children physically and mentally to this day as it is still in the soil there. If not then a site needs to be created for the express purpose of educating farmers and consumers and helping them band together and begin to make real changes to both farming and policy. If everyone thinks things are bad now, wait until GMOs take over the food supply, because of drifting where one GMO field poisons all the fields within 100 miles, through pollination. Not to mention the land soiled with agent orange! This is going to escalate and get worse right now. I just read that due to chemtrails that people that are dying of lung diseases has increased just in the last year. This is serious scary stuff and the time for action is now.

  4. Abe says:

    Geeze Barb that other site looks like Angelina Jolie Voight!

  5. Peter says:

    I say the more pictures like this to educate people about Monsanto (in a fun way of course) the better. Great job.

  6. Alan Donelson says:

    Too cute a representation, Barbara. I doubt you have it in you to produce a truly accurate depiction. David Dees does very well, as you know.

    Your image belies the true satanic monstrosity this collective of (I have to presume) humans has become. I find it impossible to conceive another fellow human being working to design “terminator seeds”. Round-up is a whole other chapter of malfeasance, in my opinion.

    History best predicts the future. When the Monsanto chemical division got sufficient notoriety and accumulated (potential) liability, the PTB within Monsanto corporately “spun off” the chemical division. Look for similar “spin offs” as Monsanto lets loose of the their poisonous agriculture endeavors, as each face the Light of day.

    I say reduce Monsanto to nothing.