Double Whammy for Monsanto: Both Jackson and Josephine counties in Oregon have passed a ban on planting GMOs!!!

Take that, Monsanto et. al.


josephine county gmo ban

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3 Responses to “Josephine County GMO Ban Passes!”

  1. Tim says:

    The death of a thousand paper cuts is working. The large corporations have no idea what the next tactic will be, where it will come from, who will be working on it but they know it will happen.

    Try as they might the hydra is going to get them.

    Be creative, be non-violent and get in their face!

    Cheers on a great day for food freedom.

  2. Abe says:

    I got “Beyond Promises” from and online bio-tech update today. To be “Fair” I put up the other side of the coin. Those in the know will have to hold back there laughter, or anger on Beyond Promises.

    Beyond Promises:
    Top 10 Facts about Biotech/GM Crops in 2013

    Ten Key Facts about GMOs: from Jeffrey Smith

  3. Abe says:

    Take it to the county level!!