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Farm Wars

When you want to get rid of a weed problem in your garden, you pull up the roots. If you don’t get the roots and just hack at the growth from those roots, the weeds will grow back.

This is the same for labeling GMOs. Labeling does not strike at the root, but addresses the problem after the fact. After the plants have already grown, multiplied, and contaminated everything around them.

Banning is striking at the root. If they are not grown, they will not multiply and contaminate.


We have a right to be GM-Free

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6 Responses to “GMO – Strike at the Root”

  1. TRM says:

    In the end all forms of resistance will bring the death of a thousand paper cuts to GMOs. Think of the HMS Hood vs the Bismark. Now think about hundreds of small ships going at the Bismark from all angles. Which one worked? Same here.

    Ban, boycott, label it, and whatever else you can think of. Don’t wait for someone else to get it done. Back everything anti-GMO that you can. The fate of the Bismark awaits the GMO industry.

  2. Baloney, abinico. This is just the type of defeatism that the pro-GM camp thrives on. Well, if we can’t label it, Monsanto has won. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, others are working to ban GMOs and are being successful. Like Patrick states, “This battle must be fought on a local level.” Several counties have already gone GM-Free, and there are several other counties doing the same thing. This rarely gets mentioned by the labeling crowd. Wonder why? I think we know.

  3. Patrick says:

    Hoping to fight this on a national level is wishful thinking. This battle must be fought on a local level and, hopefully, spread outward to neighboring towns, then counties, and eventually each state. Just as the fight against fracking has seen success at town levels, the same can happen with GMOs and by using the same basic argument, i.e., poisoning local water supply, which everyone understands. A two minute speech at your town board meeting can spark enough concern to mobilize folks as can a brief question at a school board meeting about what is fed to your children. Be prepared to provide additional info after the meeting.

  4. abinico warez says:

    It is a lost cause – when CA voted down labeling – Monsanto has won – the people have lost. Maybe in way this is good, since now the only way to go GMO free is to buy organic.

  5. LEWIS says:




  6. Brian comnes says:

    Jackson county oregon will vote on a GMO ban may 20. We need money to counter the million dollar opposition campaign. Please encourage your list to make a difference. Any amount helps, send them to OurFamilyFarmsCoalition .org and donate!!’