This interview was conducted with Wayne Hage at the Pine Creek Ranch in Nevada. It sheds light on who is buying up the water rights in the western states, and how the BLM and Forest service use dirty tactics to take water rights and the land from lawful owners:


This interview is with his son about the ongoing struggle:


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7 Responses to “Nevada rancher whose land was taken by BLM over water rights tells it all”

  1. Nunya says:

    This is such an injustice. My heart goes out to these families that have been in legal battles with our government for so many years. I can’t imagine that ranching is an easy way of life, just in itself, but to have to fight the government’s perpetually funded legal staff for so long has to take quite a toll. How awful. I don’t have much, but let me know how I can help. We can no longer allow this to happen to these salt-of-the-earth American families.

  2. Goldbug36 says:

    How sad that people are still believing “there is nothing we can do about this.” An apathetic attitude merely emboldens the psychopaths and sociopaths of our Stepford Congress. There are many things we can do. For starters, we can quit buying their toxic food creations, we can quit banking with the major banksters, and we can (and should) quit paying unconstitutional income taxes to the unconstitutional Federal Reserve. If you don’t believe this, watch this full-length documentary:
    Our forefathers would be ashamed of a people who have become afraid of their own shadows. This group in DC has become nothing more than self-serving parasites, who are killing their host.

  3. Irene says:

    this really IS from the depths of the rabbit hole, I send information from the dark side to help you understand. Love, Irene,

    P.S. I’m still checking clover and weird other clover on my farm. {I’m not calling It alfalfa, it’s too weird , genetically too different to recognize.}

    “here ya’go,,, Forbidden knowledge TV:

    Laura Magdalene Eisenhower: ET Invasion Has Already

    Occurred and Governments do Not Want Us to Know


    through Irene ,
    – Alexandra

  4. Tina says:


    ‘nothing you can do about it’.

    That’s kr@p.

    There’s PLENTY Barbara and others can do about it. They are going to FIGHT IT AND WIN.

  5. Matt Sobol says:

    “We are the people you depend on. Do not f_ck with us.”

    – Tyler Durden – Fight Club


    My ancestors granted you the right of being as a beneficial symbiote. In my apathy I allowed you to devolve into a parasite.

    Your physiology is built upon deception. You engineer the collective, and drive it to the abattoir.

    Your license is sustained by the monopoly of violence in all its forms. My compliance enables you.

    In your maturity, direct action serves only to strengthen your grasp of dominance. However, your present and future depend upon me.


    I am not your livestock. My creations are not your possessions.

    I will no longer support your system. I will create no thing that empowers you.

    I will confound you in a myriad of ways. I will clog your pipes, and back up your drains.

    I will cause you to expend one thousand times what you collect. I will bleed you of strength. I will convert your energy into resistance.

    I will inoculate all that I contact against you. I will assist only those who see you. I will prepare to rebuild on the compost of your cadaver.

    I revoke your right to exist.

  6. And just what is your solution, Josephine? Since it is a done deal, and nothing really matters, we should just roll over and take it? Sorry, not buying it. The doomsday scenario you propose is a possibility. I could also walk out today and get hit by a car. Should I hide in the house? No. Because Fukushima is important, that means that nothing else counts? No. I will continue to fight what you consider ‘nothing.’ It is either that or become that which I despise.

  7. Josephine BAssett says:

    This stuff means nothing. They are going to take the land and nothing you can do about it. They’ll take it saying they want to build a new Army base. You won’t be able to stop them. They will get this guy’s land. As soon as they detonate a nuclear bomb then everyone will be busy with martial law. When that occurs they will be able to stop anything anyone wants to do. The important things right now is Fukushima. I would wager you are going to see an earthquake inside of a year and when it occurs we will have to leave the USA. I would wager money it will occur in the time period. The trade winds will bring that nuclear fallout on top of us. You can live where that occurs. They won’t tell us we have to leave. Radiation is silent, no smell and you can’t see it. But you will get the affects.