This website is designed to provide comprehensive yet simple guidelines for each individual to approach their respective city council with tools on how to end GMO cultivation and toxic pesticides associated with them in their own city or county.

This has been done in San Juan County, Washington and other cities across the nation. Proactive citizens all across the country have taken a stance and made their voices heard, and have made a positive change in their cities by urgently requesting the end of GMO cultivation – this can be done and is being done on local levels, right now, in over 30 cities across the U.S. – but there are as many as 30,000 cities across the nation – we need your help!

“Power of The People” is the foundation of our nation; it is the freedoms and liberties that we hold sacred still to this day – you, are the singular voice of The People – let it be heard loud and clear.

With that in mind, this website’s sole purpose is to offer you the necessary information to complete the courageous task of banning GMOs in your city by:

1. Offering the GMO FAQ brochure, to the right, to your city council members for quick info about GMOs.
2. Visiting State and Local Government Directory to find your city council phone number and location.
3. Downloading the PDF file below, which include references on how to request GMO ban ordinance.


Step 1 – Get familiar  

Call your local city council clerks office and ask them how you can go about getting a copy of zoning and by-laws on toxins and hazardous substances in your city. This process will be giving you information about the by-laws that are already in place pertaining to hazardous materials. If you’re also seeking to introduce an ordinance to ban GMOs exclusively, your city may require a certain number of signatures needed to pass an ordinance, so call to get any necessary information needed to introduce ordinances in your city that may not be covered on this website.

Step 2Make a plan of action

Find out when your city council meets and has open public comments, then schedule to go to a city council public meeting and approach the city council and present your case with the documents and information you’ve gathered from this website. You will usually have 3 minutes to present your case to the city council. If you can find others to support you in your efforts, bring them with you for moral support, and ask if they too would like to speak to the city council, as 3 minutes may not be enough time for you to present your entire case – they can continue where you left off after your time has expired.

Step 3Show a video about GMOs

Watch Genetic Roulette about GMOs, which is a 10 minute video. It should be considered being played (if requested at your city council and time is allotted) to your city council so they can see, from experts and researchers, the adverse impacts of GMOs.

Step 4 –  Download the PDF file

Below, there is a PDF document you can download and take with you for reference when speaking to your city council. Edit as necessary. Also, there are other PDF files that you can download (optional) throughout this website that offer useful tools and resources like research studies and such with even more information about GMOs and the pesticides that are used to cultivate them.

Step 5 Learn about Preemption

Many legislative officials oppose Preemption, so simply call your representatives and ask their stance on Preemption. If they oppose it, you may have a potential ally on your side. Find if Preemptive Legislation is in your state, then click the link below to learn the process of Preemptive legislation if it’s in your state with this toolkit – Click here.

Initiative to Ban GMO Cultivation
Each individual has the opportunity to make a positive change in their own city, as other cities have done so far, with proactive citizens across the U.S. and abroad that have banned GMO cultivation.
  Let’s not wait for someone else to do it….

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4 Responses to “The How-to Guide to Ban GMOs in Your City or County”

  1. Gerry Collen says:

    Byron( sorry )

  2. Gerry Collen says:

    I meant that comment to Bryon.

  3. Gerry Collen says:

    Could you please explain what you are saying. I am not from your area & have no clue what you said. Thanks

  4. Byron says:

    Farm Wars

    Here in the mid mid west (Heartland KcMo) area most (a lot) people (50’s & up) seem to know (w/no help of medias) of the draconian’s behind gmo’s, vaccines, well, I could go on. While our farmer’s market’s do well but it’s seem’s something else is going on, I don’t know, the sodium fluoride has to have an effect on those who don’t filter.
    The mostly academia indoctrinated group seem to care less, if they could?. To many oddity’s? Is the soil being conditioned (overhead spray) to accept gmo’s more so?