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Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Science will control our shapes, our intelligence, even create new breeds of men – violent men to fight our wars, docile men to do our work – hell on earth. (Jekyll & Hyde, 1990)

Synthetic food, synthetic voice, synthetic body, synthetic memory, synthetic brain, synthetic everything. That is what we are headed for at an increasingly accelerated rate. We are losing our humanity minute by minute and replacing it with technology. This is not an accident. No, it is quite intentional. We are being programmed to accept the theory that technology is somehow better than nature, and that those who use it are superior to those who don’t, when in actuality, we are becoming hopelessly dependent on it.

There is nothing wrong with technology when it is used as a tool for accomplishing worthy goals. However, there is a big difference between using it in a positive, beneficial way, and as a manipulative tool to create terminal dependence as a way of life.

When you become dependent on the machine, those who own the machine own you.

We are increasingly using unnatural means to achieve “real” sounding and “real” looking artificial constructs to replace what nature has provided. Take for example, Auto-Tune technology. This is used to make singers sound on key when in reality they are taking a shortcut to what normally takes talent and years of practice. We have now replaced true human excellence in art with a microwave version of computerized sounds made to appear as human.

In January of 2010, Kesha Sebert, known as ‘Ke$ha’ debuted at number one on Billboard with her album, Animal. Her style is electro pop-y dance music: she alternates between rapping and singing, the choruses of her songs are typically melodic party hooks that bore deep into your brain: “Your love, your love, your love, is my drug!” And at times, her voice is so heavily processed that it sounds like a cross between a girl and a synthesizer. Much of her sound is due to the pitch correction software, Auto-Tune. LINK

This is the society of the future – Auto-Tuned, genetically manipulated, and living in a fantasy world. Not to worry if you can’t do something as good as the next person, or aren’t as physically attractive. Just add this enhancement and that enhancement and in less than the time it takes to say “hey, I want that too,” you will be just as good as the person who has worked for years to perfect his/her talent, nothing required but the bucks to buy the technology. An instant, microwave solution to life.

Cher – from singer to autotuned plastic surgery queen, and poster child for the artificial construct:



A once naturally beautiful woman with a wonderful natural voice is now completely dependent on artificial constructs. She cannot go back. She has done this willingly, and without coercion. However, the majority of people who become guinea pigs for transhumanist medical experiments are the ones who do it for reasons other than fortune and fame. They do it because they have been sucked into thinking that a system designed to make them dependent on Big Pharma drugs, the medical establishment, and any experiments these industries choose to do, is actually working for them and in their best interests.

Creating Dependency

There are many ways to create dependency on the system, but the biggest success by far is the sick care industry run by Big Pharma. What better way to create dependency than to take aim straight at the one thing that if we do not have, we become hopelessly dependent on others for our very survival – our health. A sick population is easily manipulated, and the sicker it gets, the more dependent it is on Big Pharma and the medical establishment, and the more raw experimental data is able to be collected. The medical system is designed to collect and store mountains of data on each and every illness you have ever had since birth, each and every medication you have ever taken, the side effects that you have experienced, dosage reactions, etc.

One of the uses for data such as this is to determine a statistical database, which is used for risk assessment for insurance purposes. The bean counters. You know, the guys who decide that if the chances of you surviving whatever is in that pill you just popped are in the company’s favor or not. If they are, then it stays on the market and the profits just keep on rolling in. And with all that available data, including DNA information, drug reactions, etc., the medical establishment has a wealth of knowledge at its fingertips to help it move ever onward in its quest for more drugs, more genetic engineering, and more human-altering processes that form the basis for its existence.

The incidence of diseases such as cancer has been growing rapidly while there is relatively no real cure coming from the allopathic medical industry. Natural cures that have proven results are shunted aside in favor of drugs and treatments that fail time and time again. Wonder why? I have. And the conclusion that I have come to is that the top medical industry corporations are not actually working for a cure. If real cures for diseases were used and openly endorsed, a lot of people would stand to lose a lot of money, power and control. There is a big payoff in keeping people ill and ignorant and enrolled in a so called “health” plan for which they pay their dues, take prescription drugs, and keep on feeding the parasitic corporations that are killing them. And of course, there’s all that data…

Everyone Benefits but the Mice

We can clearly see the results of these unwholesome experiments on humanity and all other life forms. We see these results in the increase in cancer, auto-immune disease, neurological disorders, obesity, sexual dysfunction, and a host of other diseases that seem to be increasing exponentially.

It’s not just that Americans are getting sicker. It’s that young Americans are getting sicker. LINK

So, besides the obvious corporate fiscal benefits of raking in a hefty profit margin by keeping a society sickly and in need of ever increasing expensive medications, is there another motive in this wholesale push for prescription drugs, vaccines and genetically engineered plants, animals, fish and humans? Is there a motive so dark and sinister that no one really wants to look at it up close and personal, and those who point out the road signs are heralded as paranoid kooks in order to quell the rising tide of information that clearly points to something that is much bigger and comprehensive than we really want to face? Just what is the endgame, or is there one?

Let me tell you a story about a future that just might be lurking right around the corner…

The Reinventing of Humanity

I believe that the following scenario is much more than possible. In fact, I believe that we are headed down it already at an alarming rate. This is the logical conclusion, sans the rosy picture, that our society’s push towards a technocracy embraces:

The goal is eternal life for those who can afford it, and those who can’t are the test subjects. We are the ones who undergo experimental surgery, experimental drugs, and experimental treatments all for diseases that are fostered and in some cases created by the power elite who have an all-consuming quest for the key to eternal life, and there are no holds barred in that quest.

When we die, what we die of, the manner in which the disease spreads, are all documented variables leading to a “scientific” consensus of our physical properties. The results are cataloged, sorted, and the data is correlated and used for further testing in order to further research into creating the perfect “master” race and its subservient “worker” race. It simply does not matter if one test subject dies, there is always a replacement right around the corner, standing in line, eager to play. Begging to play, even if it costs him/her everything.

And the risks? Well, everyone understands that in order to build a better human, a few “eggs” must get broken in the process. And the added benefit of contributing towards population control is always a plus, not to mention the immense wealth and enormous gratification such power can bring from convincing your test subjects to fight for the chance to die for you and spend their very last dime on a “cure” that you provide that is never meant to actually cure anything. Just another experiment. Another cog in the wheel of technological progress running an updated Roman Gladiator game sans the arena.

But remember, it’s all for the greater good… (Barbara H. Peterson)

In other words, “twenty pounds of crazy in a five pound bag” (Leverage).

RH Tree of Life2Creative Destruction – Out of Chaos comes Order

Chaos is instigated by disrupting as many patterns as possible. Patterns are orderly, and any disruption causes a chaotic state in which the organism has to adjust and form a new order.

The million dollar question: Is chaos being artificially induced with the intent to create a New World Order through a process called ‘creative destruction,’ that excludes anything resembling what we now recognize as natural?

Creative destruction – a process through which something new brings about the demise of whatever existed before it.

Genetically engineered varieties of plants, trees, fish, animals, drugs, and even people, all set to replace the natural varieties that existed before them. And if you are rich enough and powerful enough, you just might get an A ticket to the transhumanist definition of eternal life while those around you simply become obsolete by designing yourself a new artificial body that with care, should last forever.

There are those who are bent on obtaining this type of eternal life no matter what the cost. But just like the hydrogen bomb, just because we think we can doesn’t mean we should. Unless, of course, you don’t care a rodent’s patoot about the people you need to experiment on in order to accomplish your objective. So, the experiments continue. Eyes set on upgrading – ascending, if you will. The singularity. And it simply wouldn’t be paradise if it wasn’t for a subspecies of man to do the menial chores with a supposed superior race to rule them. A bit of integration into machines for the harder chores. Hey, designer humans, designer bots, anything goes. And the experiments continue, and the results of these massive experiments, fail or not, are the same. A whole lot of dead mice. Or, the way things are going, half mouse half human.

Life on this planet is being re-engineered in ways that will render everything unrecognizable in the years to come through such things as genetic engineering, nanotech, integration of man with machine, synthetic DNA, artificial life, and chemical/radiation mutagenesis, all geared towards supposedly creating a better world. But the millions of people that are being experimented on and cast aside as waste products have a different story to tell.

In other words, you and I are not the beneficiaries of the ‘perks’ that this brave new world supposedly provides. We are but cogs in the machine, the rabbits in the cages smack dab in the middle of the experimental lab. We don’t count. Never have, never will. Not in the minds of those who would control us and change us into their vision of the perfect species living on the perfect world. But one person’s vision of Eutopia is another’s nightmare. Welcome to the jungle…

“I recognized my two selves: a crusading idealist and a cold, granitic believer in the law of the jungle” – Edgar Monsanto Queeny, Monsanto chairman, 1943-63, “The Spirit of Enterprise”, 1934.

And just how do we get there from here?

Let me count the ways…

Genetic Load, Inbreeding & Mutagenesis

Genetic Load

Genetic load is the difference between the fitness of the theoretically optimal genotype in a population and the fitness of the observed average genotype in a population.

This is important to scientists because if genetic load gets too high the population will be in danger of going extinct because the organisms are not able to survive and reproduce.

One part of genetic load is “mutational load” — the piling up of harmful mutations that have not been eliminated for some reason by natural selection. Too many harmful mutations will be lethal. LINK

The Use of Inbreeding to increase then eventually decrease genetic load:

Inbreeding increases genetic load in the short run, but actually decreases genetic load in the long run. Overall, inbreeding increases the rates of homozygosity. In the short run, this means that offspring are more likely to get two recessive and deleterious alleles, so they will have lower fitnesses and experience an inbreeding depression. The result is that you could begin to weed out deleterious alleles, some scientists have gone so far as to claim that if a population begins to decline because of higher mutation rates then getting the remaining organisms to breed with their relatives will help push out some of the more harmful mutations.[7] However, once the rate of the allele gets high enough the pairing frequency will get so high that it will start to weed out those alleles at a high rate since the organisms which get them will die before reproducing. This is referred to as a purging of the population as a result of inbreeding.[8] This kind of load is dependent on sexual reproduction, so isn’t present in asexually reproducing species. LINK


Bath the organism in radiation or toxic chemicals then stand back and see what emerges. This is mutagenesis. It creates mutations and when the process is performed in a lab, the unwanted mutations are discarded and the desired mutations are kept.

Are we undergoing mutagenesis as a species? Dowsed with radiation, genetically engineered food, vaccines, medicines and toxic chemicals, what sort of mutations are and will be occurring? Especially considering horizontal gene transfer from genetically engineered organisms in our food supply….

Mutation load is the main contributing factor to genetic load overall.

Since we have not been experiencing severe natural selection since the Industrial Revolution, the number of harmful mutations in the typical individual must have increased by about forty or so. We must have devolved quite significantly. LINK

[There has been a] decline of general intelligence of approximately one standard deviation, or 15 IQ points. 1889-1989 LINK

Create the mutations, increase genetic load, then weed out and eliminate the genetic variants to reduce genetic load and create super babies:

One way to make better babies: get rid of the very low frequency mutations. The vast majority are harmful or neutral in effect. The many harmful mutations we all carry are known as genetic load. Cut down the genetic load and the result will be super babies. One of the benefits of cheap full genome sequencing is going to be the identification of these many lower frequency mutations. Better we do this to humans first before someone tries to use many Neanderthal genomes to basically vote on which genetic variants to keep in order to create a Neanderthal baby. Greg Cochran asks his readers what the problem is in doing this. The likely result of such an exercise: super Neanderthal. If a large number of Neanderthal genomes can be discovered and sequenced then that’ll enable more reduction of genetic load.

Those of us already born by reducing genetic load from many parts of our bodies. First we need the ability to grow replacement organs. We then need (and will soon have) massive amounts of full genome sequencing information to identify the harmful genetic mutations. Next, we need gene therapy that can fix pieces of our DNA in cells removed from our body and grown in culture. Basically, replace the harmful genetic letters and make cell lines immunologically compatible but superior. Then use one or more of these cell lines as starting points to grow replacement organs. Then we’ll be able to replace our body parts with new parts that are both younger and higher functioning. LINK

Mutated DNA via industrialization, GMO, radiation, chemicals, fluoridated water, inbreeding, etc., creates high genetic load. Use genetic engineering to “fix” mutations and make the subsequent cell lines superior. Thus the evolution of the species is theoretically directed. Erase the history and genetic memory of the human race and all life on earth in order to rebuild it according to some oligarch’s specifications. Yeah, that oughta work…

Genetic Engineering

Genetically engineered everything including body parts with superior qualities. On the surface that all sounds very beneficial and even philanthropic, but what about inherited genetic memory? What does the artificial manipulation of DNA do to our generational memory? The memories that make us who we are as a species? What is the mixing and blending of DNA from every sort of animal and plant with totally unrelated species going to do to our genetic memory?

If I were to rebuild society, might I want to start with a clean slate? Erase the genetic memory of life and start all over again with new constructs. Erase then rebuild inherited genetic memory

Starting with the food we eat…

Horizontal Gene Transfer

Here, based on the analysis of over 1000 human samples from four independent studies, we report evidence that meal-derived DNA fragments which are large enough to carry complete genes can avoid degradation and through an unknown mechanism enter the human circulation system. LINK

Not only is the genetically engineered food we eat changing our genetic structure, but this is also being done experimentally in a lab mixing the genes of animals, fish, humans and who know what together to see what comes of it.

And what about the descendents of genetically mixed humans? What happens to the children that inherit modified genes? And their children? But don’t worry, it’s for the greater good. Our new bodies are right over the horizon… well, maybe not yours…

Inherited Genetic Modification & Genetically Engineered Humans

The FDA public meeting to discuss mitochondrial replacement that was postponed due to the government shutdown in October has now been rescheduled for February 25-26. This will be the first public meeting ever held by the FDA to discuss the feasibility and desirability of a form of human inheritable genetic modification. LINK

Several research teams in the United States and the United Kingdom are currently requesting regulatory approval for techniques that would create an embryo with genetic material from three different people and result in inheritable genetic modification (changes that would be passed on to future generations). These techniques have been referred to with several terms, including “mitochondria replacement,” “mitochondrial manipulation,” “oocyte modification,” “three-parent IVF,” and “three-parent babies.” LINK

Animals with Mixed Genes

Just how long will it be before this ad for “bork” becomes a reality?

Animals with Human Genes

Animals containing human tissues, cells or genetic information are used to refine research methods, creating animal models that better represent human disease, and to develop and produce new therapeutics. LINK

A mouse that can speak? A monkey with Down’s Syndrome? Dogs with human hands or feet? British scientists want to know if such experiments are acceptable, or if they go too far in the name of medical research. LINK

A Powerful New Way to Edit DNA

In the past year or so, researchers have discovered that the bacterial system can be harnessed to make precise changes to the DNA of humans, as well as other animals and plants.

This means a genome can be edited, much as a writer might change words or fix spelling errors. It allows “customizing the genome of any cell or any species at will,” said Charles Gersbach, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering at Duke University. LINK

“We’re not too stupid and we’re not too bright. To be a Gamma is to be just right.”


Darpa Robotics Project

A melding of machine and man makes for a type of human/machine combination that just might be useful in combat or other situations.

It won’t be a superstar football player who takes the first kick of 2014’s Football World Cup in Brazil. Nope, instead, it will be a teenager, paralysed from the waist down, who will use the world’s most advanced mind-controlled exoskeleton to get things underway. LINK

An Olympic games for “augmented humans” will kick off in Switzerland in October 2016 featuring exoskeleton races among others. Hosted by the Swiss National Competence Center of Research, it is hoped the competition will spur interest in human performance-enhancing technology. LINK

Scientists have created a revolutionary new electronic membrane that could replace pacemakers, fitting over a heart to keep it beating regularly over an indefinite period of time.

From Cyborg to Android

Now that we’ve come this far, why not go all the way and create a completely artificial life construct that is as close to human-looking as possible?

Synthetic Biology & Artificial Life

DARPA Hacking Humans the 47th Chromosome

Artificial Wombs

The artificial womb exists. In Tokyo, researchers have developed a technique called EUFI — extrauterine fetal incubation. They have taken goat fetuses, threaded catheters through the large vessels in the umbilical cord and supplied the fetuses with oxygenated blood while suspending them in incubators that contain artificial amniotic fluid heated to body temperature. LINK

Artificial Chromosomes

One recently developed method for gene transfer that has the potential to address many of these shortcomings is the use of human artificial chromosomes (HACs). HACs possess several ideal properties, including very large DNA delivery capacities, stable, episomal maintenance within the cell, and lack of immunogenicity. LINK

Starting with commercially available snippets of DNA, Boeke’s team stitched together ever-larger DNA fragments, then added them to yeast cells. In the end, all the yeast carried a bioengineered version of chromosome III. The researchers named the artificial chromosome, described in this week’s edition of Science, synIII, derived from the word “synthetic.” When they tested the synIII-carrying yeast, they found it was as strong and vigorous as ordinary yeast.

In making the souped-up yeast chromosome, the researchers altered roughly 15% of the original. They deleted sections of chromosome that seemed unnecessary, and they spliced in bits of DNA that allow them to scramble the yeast’s genes on command. Such scrambling generates a batch of yeast with enormous genetic variation, allowing researchers to fish out the strains that grow best or fastest or have gained a particular ability.

“That’s where the real power of synthetic biology is going to come in,” Boeke says. “It’s evolution on hyperspeed.” LINK

Artificial Tissue and Organs

While the media focus on the possibility of 3D printing assault rifles, something far more meaningful has been going on in a number of university and commercial labs across the US: research to print human tissue and organs. LINK

A team of bioengineers has announced it’s one step closer to creating a four-organ human replica for experimentation.

Much of the work currently being done to engineer human organs through 3D printing and various other techniques is not carried out with the aim of delivering a fully-fledged implantable transplant candidate. Of course that’s the ultimate aim, but for now these tiny replicas — sometimes only half a millimetre in size for the sake of cost — are being developed to test drugs. LINK

Artificial Muscle

American scientists have developed a robotic muscle 1,000 times more powerful than a human’s – using a revolutionary material that fluidly changes its properties. LINK

Artificial Skulls

A 22-year-old woman from the Netherlands who suffers from a chronic bone disorder — which has increased the thickness of her skull from 1.5cm to 5cm, causing reduced eyesight and severe headaches — has had the top section of her skull removed and replaced with a 3D printed implant. LINK

Artificial Heart

A team of cardiovascular scientists has announced it will be able to 3D print a whole heart from the recipients’ own cells within a decade. LINK

Artificial Liver

A US biotechnology company has 3D printed a tiny functioning liver in the lab that survived just over five days — more than twice the life expectancy of 2D versions. LINK

Artificial Intelligence

A new generation of artificial intelligence systems will perform some functions that humans do with ease: see, speak, listen, navigate, manipulate and control. That can hold enormous consequences for tasks like facial and speech recognition, navigation and planning; the biometrics age is fast developing facial, iris, and palm sensory recognition and voice characteristics…

‘We’re moving from engineering computing systems to something that has many of the characteristics of biological computing,’ said Larry Smarr, an astrophysicist who directs the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, one of many research centers devoted to developing these new kinds of computer circuits. LINK

Put it all together and you have the perfect recipe for global domination and a separation of classes that can only exist on store shelves. You become what you can afford. All of these brilliant technological innovations, coming together and culminating in designer humans and designer bodies for the rich and powerful to choose from. Helluva deal.

©2014 Barbara H. Peterson

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4 Responses to “Reinventing Humanity – A New World Order Wet Dream”

  1. Right! Science will deliberately be the death of humanity.
    Our genetic memories passed down through many generations is a value not even considered by the Luciferian eggheads in science pushing toward transhumanism and a technocratic dictatorship. I want to be human, naturally! I want a natural world to live in! It is not wrong to resist science run amok! Live free or die, for the children!

    Thanks for the great work, Barbara. Keep it up.

  2. DarkStarAz says:

    Chupacabra explained!

  3. Maitreya says:

    The intellect without your intuition awake is one of the most dangerous things in the world.

    And we are living under the danger of intellect, because intellect has given science immense power.

    But the power is in the hands of children, not in the hands of wise people.

    Intuition makes a man wise.

    Call it enlightenment, call it awakening; those are simply different names for wisdom.

    Only in the hands of wisdom can intellect be used as a beautiful servant.



  4. Tina says:

    Well, it isn’t gonna be me.

    I have seeds I KNOW are shit-free. I may even in the future try to get trained to put stuff under a microscope, and check my own seeds, plants etc.

    I am not going down without a fight.