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Glyphosate is not only used for genetically engineered (GMO) crops created to be resistant to it, but it is also used on non-GMO crops including sugar cane fields prior to harvest as a “ripener.” So, even when you buy pure cane sugar to avoid genetically engineered sugar beets, you still get a good dose of Glyphosate in your package.

RipeningSugarcane’s response to ripener application may be lessened when conditions favor good natural ripening or when conditions are not conducive to glyphosate absorption. Ripener application will reduce vegetative growth and may reduce cane yields. However, cane yield losses are generally offset by increases in recoverable sugar per ton of cane, resulting in equal or greater yields of sugar per acre when harvested during the recommended treatment-to-harvest interval.–Glyphosate.htm#5

But Glyphosate is supposed to be safe, so what could possibly go wrong?

Scientist Slams Biotech Industry over Deadly Kidney Disease Epidemic

Dr Jayasumana recently released a study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health that proposes a link between the world’s number one selling herbicide known as Roundup (aka Glyphosate) and a series of mysterious epidemics of fatal chronic kidney disease of unknown origin (CKDu) affecting several poor farming regions around the world.


What qualities does Glyphosate have which could make it into a killer of so many people? Is Glyphosate alone the reason for the outbreak of CKDu?

The strong metal chelating property of glyphosate is the key factor. Glyphosate was first patented as a chelating agent, wetting agent and biologically active compound. It was initially used as a descaling agent to clean out calcium and other mineral deposits in pipes and boilers of residential and commercial hot water systems. Descaling agents are effective metal binders, which grab on to Calcium, Magnesium and heavy metals to make the metal water soluble and easily removable. Later, Monsanto acquired the chemical and obtained a patent for its herbicidal properties. Once glyphosate is combined with a metal, it does not follow the normal degradation pathway and remains in the environment or biological systems for a long time. Glyphosate alone is a weak nephrotoxic substance. When it combines with arsenic or heavy metal, its nephrotoxic property is enhanced a thousand times.

Glyphosate alone is not the cause for CKDu but, it seems to have acquired the ability to destroy the renal tissues of thousands of farmers when it forms complexes with nephrotoxic metals.


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3 Responses to “Glyphosate and Kidney Disease”

  1. common law private attorney general Chris says:

    MO-AH-AN Santo /a.k.a. MOnSanto IS an: AH-NA-“G”-RA-MA-tic / anagrammatic RE”spell”ing of: “MO” for MO Loch and “Satan” ?
    HoSeAH 4:6: “MY People are DIStroyed for Lack of Knowledge”
    ( True Knowledge) PRAY hard?
    Blessings to these Victims of MURDER by soul less corporations

  2. Abe says:

    “Future historians may well look back upon our time and write, not about how many pounds of pesticide we did or didn’t apply, but by how willing we are to sacrifice our children and future generations for this massive genetic engineering experiment that is based on flawed science and failed promises just to benefit the bottom line of a commercial enterprise.”
    Dr. Don Huber

  3. windy says:

    I think there is far more glyphosate in the ’roundup ready’ crops as they are engineered to grow ‘sequestering cells’ which take up the chemical and store it in these cells.

    How much of it is in the milk and meat from animals who eat it?