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7 Responses to “GMO Farmers Riding a Dead Horse”

  1. Irene says:

    it is the same the world around, only learn the bare minimum and coast along. God grows the seed you plant for better or worse.

  2. jacque doffe says:

    in portugal and spain the farmers are so ignorant…part of the inheritance of their past….a prime minister/dictator/ university professor, who said “you don´t need to read or write to plant potatoes”……and most of them are , almost 40 years later, still essentially illiterate!…of course they can still read the newspaper to get the sports news and scores!
    the only real letter of the alphabet they know for sure is $$$$$$$$

  3. irene says:

    Dear Abe,
    About your health issues and finding a real doctor, start here.
    About figuring out the matryx, start by taking notes on this interview and go research the topics Karen Hudes touches on.

    That web sight about magnesium I forwarded to my ailing mother, thank you.

  4. amicus curiae says:

    good one Barb! ;-)
    gaurdian uk ran a pro gmo item yesterday
    their comment section was a treat to read..majority are well aware and very sceptical and vocal about NO GMO wanted or needed.
    the usual save the 3rd world spiel isnt working anymore.

  5. Wily says:

    Farmer’s demise!
    The problem(s) When many farmers rely on satellite (directv/dish, some cable’s) networks like RFD (rural free delivery) have propaganda programs such as ‘corn college’ rural news etc!
    Rfd also plays to older American’s & Country! It’s sad, I do watch many shows on RFD but farmers (especially younger ones) are clueless of the 21 agenda(s) that are braiding the hemp for their (our) noose’s!
    Aerosol’s (why are they spraying) seems to be conditioning the earth to except gmo’s exclusively! The producers of gmo’s were the chemical manufacturer’s of war’s past, hmmm!
    What is ‘written’ on the Georgia Guidestones? THEY call us peasant’s (useless eaters) and the surviving remainder are planned to be trolls of good little workers! Anyone over 45 or 50 may nor apply!
    They are evil camel dung eating sob’s!!!

  6. Abe says:

    Sounds like many are ready to dismount!! Especially in the last month or two!! The wake-up is not even close to full force yet.
    I’m in Ag country. Crops is a major part of our economy. Sent the GM Watch article from yesterday to my people in Saint Paul yesterday, about the 25 countries that refused grains from the USA due to GMO contamination!! I’ve read a few things on the net the last few days, can’t remember what the catch phrase was they were pushing, but it was good, but GMO contamination I believe will be it!!
    BTW Barb, Have you thought of doing a GMO and how it depletes magnesium in the human body? How it throws all the important ratio’s with Magnesium out of whack. Calcium, potassium, Iron etc…. Been doing Magnesium now for the last week. My friend (an organic farmer) brought me some drops a week or so ago, and last weekend dropped off a book by Dr. Carolyn Dean called “The Magnesium Miracle”. I’m sleeping better, no heart palipitations, less cramps at night, and other things I’m blank at at this time. She ties in GMO’s and how they deplete our necessary minerals. Also how they’re (essential minerals) lacking in our diet today if you eat that crap!!


    I’ve about had it with the Warfarin Treatments I’ve been getting the last month or so.! But that’s another story!

  7. irene says:

    Do don’t think most GMO farmers know that they are on a dead horse. The ones around here think the GMO seed is the only seed, so they are eating the horse, not riding it.