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A new US survey highlights the ominous “gene drift” problem, the contamination of organic food crops by GMOs from other farms.

This is not a new situation. It has been present since the introduction of commercial GMO crops in 1996.

The survey was conducted by two groups: Food and Water Watch, and Organic Farmers’ Agency for Relationship Marketing (on Facebook). Questionnaires were sent out to 1500 organic grain farmers. From the 268 responses, a key factor emerged:

“One out of three responding farmers have dealt with GMO contamination on their farms. Of those contaminated farmers, over half have been rejected by their [organic] buyers for that reason. They [the farmers] reported a median cost of a [rejected] semi-load (approximately 1,000 bushels) of $4,500.”

Contamination is accomplished by insects, birds, and wind. It’s a fact of life. It can’t be avoided, despite establishing buffer zones between farms.

In the long run, every healthy food crop is threatened. How can pure farming survive intact, when particles containing GMOs are in the wind?

We’re looking at something roughly analogous to lab safety, where contamination is famous. Stricter and stricter measures are put in place to avoid it, but even in the most secure facilities, it occurs.

For the past decade, in the US, major activism has been directed toward the labeling of food containing GMOs. It has been an uphill battle. Meanwhile, the gene drift continues.

At what point will labeling become an empty gesture, because the overwhelming majority of food grown in the US, including organic, is contaminated with GMOs?

Facing up to this is difficult, to say the least, for those activists who have been working themselves to the bone to achieve labeling of GMO crops.

They make an assumption of what I call temporary coexistence. The argument goes this way:

“We’ll use the battle to label GMOs as step one, which involves educating the public and acquiring a few victories in states. Soon, hundreds of thousands or millions more Americans, who are able to see, finally, what kind of food they’re buying, will reject GMOs. Food growers and sellers will be forced to switch over to non-GMO. This action will starve Monsanto and other food giants, and they’ll have to concede defeat…”

That’s the best-case scenario. Ignoring several questionable assumptions in that argument, the long haul to achieve a few labeling victories will compete with gene drift, which goes on no matter who wins or loses.

You can be sure Monsanto is counting on this. Monsanto sees a fait accompli. “Doesn’t matter what you people want, we’re all GMO now, all food crops contain GMOs, the gene drift wins.”

Activism took an inadvisable turn in the road some years ago. It opted for labeling, instead of outright bans on growing GMO crops.

Activist leaders decided coexistence with Monsanto was unavoidable—at least for the time being.

The result of that decision was available, for all to see, in the nature of the television ads taken out in California and Washington state, during the campaigns to pass labeling initiatives.

The ads were weak, bland, and without anything resembling a hard edge. Attacking Monsanto head-on was out of the question.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again—being on the side of the angels in a political battle doesn’t guarantee victory. That’s a brand of New Age thinking that will take you into extinction.

To achieve bans on growing GMO crops depends on showing people the true threat GMOs and Monsanto pose to: human health, the survival of non-corporate farmers, and the future of agriculture (and therefore life) itself.

In other words, you have to attack, no holds barred.

If the public feels no threat in their guts, they will walk away from the whole situation.

And again, most importantly, the gene drift isn’t waiting for a political vote on a ballot measure.

“The US still leads the world in GM plantings, with 170 million acres in 2012, which produce 95% of the nation’s sugar beets, 94% of the soybeans, 90% of the cotton and 88% of the feed corn.” (USA Today, 2/28/12)

Think of that acreage as a weapon. It launches genes to organic farms, to non-GMO farms.

Monsanto is fully aware of this.

We’re past the point of arguing labeling vs. outright bans on growing GMOs.

Those men who have been leading and bankrolling the battle to label GMOs are businessmen. They see market forces, PR, consumer power, buying trends. They try to apply that knowledge and mindset to a political struggle. It doesn’t work.

And it certainly doesn’t factor in the rates and results of Monsanto genes drifting on the wind all across America, contaminating food on the land.

The counter-plan is simple and obvious:

For starters, at a fraction of the cost of bankrolling GMO labeling initiatives, engage fearless, talented, ingenious artists and filmmakers who absolutely take no prisoners.

Within several months, spread their new ads all over the Net. All over the planet.

These attack ads feature small farmers who have been put out of business by Monsanto and driven up against the wall, families of farmers who committed suicide, outraged mothers with their babies who are destined to grow up in a toxic Monsanto world, scientists who are ready to torpedo Monsanto with the facts about GMOs, terminally corrupt Congressmen who are on Monsanto’s pad

I’m talking about ads that are in your face, in your mind, in your soul. Ads that mock, that destroy, that rip open the truth and expose a nest of scrambling maggots.

Mercilessly go for the throat. Day by day, hour by hour. Attack the enemy.

Law suits mounted by Monsanto?



Make a public non-stop spectacle of those law suits.

I know several stone-cold lawyers who would love to bring Monsanto executives and scientists to a deposition table, uncovering decades of corruption and driving the enemy to a Hell beyond his wildest dreams.

After six months, the idea of banning GMO crops will start to look very good, like a very, very sane action.

Do we want to win? Or be nice, and lose?

In this kind of battle, being nice is nothing more and nothing less than living in a trance. It’s a form of mind control.

Stop thinking of the war as fanning a small spark through polite education, and trying to make it spread.

Stop thinking of the public as a mass of politically correct cowards who have to be coddled and led through hoops, one at a time.

Stop thinking of the war against Monsanto and its allies as a consumer joust in the free market.

Anyone out there with a few deep pockets and an appetite for causing a very good kind of trouble should take note.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com

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5 Responses to “Will healthy food crops go extinct?”

  1. molecule says:

    I was told by a shaman with whom I studied for three years, and for whom I have the greatest respect, that the Mohicans gave the settlers corn (maize), with the intention of poisoning them, with the intention of making these disease ridden interlopers go away, as one would poison a parasite in the gut to make it go away.

    Ancient maize, or certainly pre-GMO “feed corn,” was never considered by the Indians to be a food. At best it was a soil fertilizer. They observed that in nature, no wild animal, given free choice, ever eats that s**t. Young animals may test nibble a sprout top in the spring, but never the grain. The only things that eat corn are white worms. Actually the corn evolves into white worms, since evolution is a pleomorphic terrain. Indians observed the maize-white worm relationship, and understood this. When used as a fertilizer the worms that digest the corn are eventually eaten by stronger microbes in the soil. The men of those few tribes who relied mostly on maize, eventually became weak and their cultures were either destroyed or enslaved. The few tribes consuming maize have barely survived, and their maize was subjected to hours and hours of actual (not virtual) hard physical pounding, stone on stone, with salt, before preparation, which used a red flame for heat. This goes deep into ayurvedic stuff, but the pounding literally beat the spiritual poison out of the maize, grounding it into the stone mortar. The spirits of the white worms were unable to tolerate the red charcoal fire as well.

    We are totally misled about surviving Indian culture. Leagues of Indian fakers are given funding, and pushed out front, being sponsored by the Monsanto-Black Guelph-Gladio-Pentagon crowd. These innocent, but clueless fakes are unable to speak their own language, which was far more advanced and poetically far more complex than modern English, and even German. In fact, it may have been more complex than the modern corn-fed brains can handle. The fakes are dressed up to dance in parades and public squares, chanting the ooogha boogha. This is Hollywood put down, pure and simple. Hollywood-Wall St racism. In point of fact, the tribes who were forced by European oppressors to rely on maize, have barely survived. Even then the spiritual white worms within the maize were treated with heavy physical pounding with earth connected stones. Infected by the spiritual white worm, the men were still not spiritually strong enough (in an actual way, not a new age way) to protect and carry forward their culture. This is not because of an inherent cowardice or weakness of their men and women, or of their cultures. It is due to the inherent poisons (ancient pre-GMO and modern post-GMO) within one of their primary foods. Be assured Monsanto understands the spiritual terrain. They also know that their dirty GMO tricks makes it worse! The invading demons of the European culture allowed the conquered and depopulated tribes to consume maize, because the demons recognized that in the spiritual realm, even after pounding on stone, salt, and cooking in a carbon based red flame, maize represents a spiritual process whereby strength will be diluted by the white worm that is within the maize.

    The Eurocentric agricultural “products” to be avoided at all costs, GMO or not, are (a) corn — no wild animal with free choice in nature ever eats it. The coastal tribes fermented it with fish and seaweeds to produce their soil fertilizer. The only things in nature that can digest maize are white worms. Evolution is a pleomorphic terrain — the genetics for the white worms are actually contained within the genetics of the maize. (b) soy — again the same thing, the ancient Chinese grew soy only as a soil fertilizer, much as Indians used maize. (c) cotton and tobacco — they are improper substitutes for hemp, and (d) refined sugars and alcohols. I’m still not decided on the raw juices of cane (which are grown above ground with air and light and contain chlorophyl and magnesium) versus sugars from sugar beets (which are below ground in damp and total darkness), so I lump all sugars together.

    We are fed a romantic line of bull about maize, and its lost tribes and their lost cultures. One must also be dispassionate when observing the destiny of populations that have been forced to include maize, soy, cotton, tobacco, sugar, in any part of their diet. The dark spiritual forces behind Monsanto know that if a population can be forced to consume the white worms of maize, soy, cotton, tobacco and/or sugar, it will eventually exterminated. Mother Evolution exists within a pleomorphic terrain, and she don’t mess around. Pleomorphic means that the white worms that eat maize do not travel from afar to find it and attack it. In order to protect mother nature, all of the genetics of the white worms that eventually eat maize were already contained within the maize. The white worms did not find the maize — they came out of it. Evolution is a pleomorphic domain. Same for the others.

    GMO or not GMO, stop consuming all lines of food related to Monsanto.

    If your neighbor farmer is using any of these products, talk to him. If he refuses to listen, you will have to figure out how make him listen. No need to call 911. The police are on the Pentagon-Monsanto payroll. Eventually, it may have to be a farm war, mano-a-mano. Or, evolution will exterminate us all. She don’t fool around. Evolution is a pleomorphic kingdom. With our consciousness, we are in the crux of it.

  2. nedlud says:

    I hate Organic Valley as much as I hate Monsanto.

    I flat out told George Siemon, ceo of OV, on the phone in 2008 that he was a ‘motherfucker’ (exact quote).

    He thinks he’s a nice guy, a good guy, a man worthy of trust. He sells that image. A lot of people do. People then shell out their money to buy his products.

    He’s a modern day highly successful executive and businessman. And that makes him a con, a crook, a coward, a liar, and a (expletive deleted).

    A lot of people won’t believe me.


    I’m not a nice guy.

    And I won’t be.

    Not to those kind of people.


    Rappoport has it right except that maybe he has too much faith in what he thinks is ‘organic’. Maybe he should call George Siemon and ask him about what Organic Valley did to me, our family and to many others.

    He (Rappoport) can call me too. I’d be willing to testify.


  3. Ed from PA says:

    I agree 100% with everything you’ve said here Jon. It’s long past time for people to wake up and realize that we live in a world that has been totally corrupted by the self-appointed elite family dynasties, the multinational criminal corporations, corrupted by nearly all human governments on planet earth, corrupted by most of our social, “educational,” “legal,” political and professional entities and yes, even organized religions of the world! It’s been that way for centuries because the “elite” control everything including what, and how, the global population is taught.

    Nothing is going to change for the better until enough of us stop supporting ALL governments, stop buying consumer junk products from multinationals and big-box retailers (buy locally produced, organically grown food, locally manufactured products and other consumer goods from your true friends and neighbors), stop patronizing the mainstream medical establishment and their partners in crime, the pharmaceutical giants whose agenda is to make everyone sick and dependent on their toxic poisons and protocols so that people keep coming back time and again because they’ve been brainwashed into believing that these corrupt entities are there to help them.

    THEY’RE NOT THERE TO HELP PEOPLE!!! They are in business to make money any way they can do it, plain and simple!

    Our bodies have an amazing ability to prevent illnesses, and to heal themselves if we do get sick, if we just learn how to properly feed ourselves and avoid dangerous toxins, poisons and learn how to live responsibly. Every normal person has the innate capacity to teach themselves what’s most important to learn (it’s simply acquiring useful, beneficial knowledge), including learning how to take care of your own health WITHOUT patronizing the criminal sick-care system!

    Always remember that intelligent, responsible humans DON’T NEED MONEY to live happy, healthy, fulfilled and independent lives. Money is a tool invented by the corrupt elite for the sole purpose of enslaving the masses while enriching the greedy bastards who already have too much. Enough IS NEVER ENOUGH for these Service-To-Self psychopaths!!! Work is another invention of the criminal elite. Work is for slaves!!! Each of us has the universal right, AND DUTY, to direct our own lives responsibly as we alone see fit. Each of us should be doing what we find most interesting and challenging and which brings us total happiness. Stop participating in THE BIG LIE!!! Anyone and everyone who thinks they have to work for a living is simply enabling a criminal deception to continue on indefinitely . . . IOW, if this is how you function, you are an accessory to a crime!!! IT’S TIME TO STOP!!!

    Anyone who truly wants to free themselves from the tyrants can learn how to do it.

    Once one understands how, and why, our minds have been purposefully and deceptively enslaved, you instinctively know what has to be done to free yourself! Essentially, the process requires each individual to throw out most of what we’ve been taught to believe by the corrupt slave-masters because fully 75% of it is designed to keep people perpetually confused, dumb and in slavery. Each person must take individual action to teach oneself what your equally brainwashed parents and the government-controlled indoctrination centers, commonly referred to as schools, should have been doing all along but failed to do. THEY, the corrupt elite, DON’T WANT an intellectually competent and independent population because self-reliant humans can’t be controlled and bled to death financially, figuratively and physically through perpetual wars created for the sole purpose of enriching the owners of war-making industries.

  4. Abe says:

    No more Mr. Nice Guy! Time for the Coup-De-Gras!!

  5. Alananda says:

    Thank you. Black & white, passive or active: We have a choice. We can draw a line in the earth we occupy as good stewards. GOD bless you, Jon R., Barbara P., and all the rest of the saints we have raising a voice to alert, awaken, and call to arms. I be one who has listened and responded. Lonely but getting less so!!