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Farm Wars

Did you know that genetically engineered vaccines are approved for use in livestock for the USDA National Organic Program? Straight from the horse’s mouth:
At present, the National List identifies all vaccines, as a group, as synthetic substances allowed for use in organic livestock production. Vaccines are not individually listed on the National List, but rather are included on as a group of synthetic substances termed “Biologics Vaccines,” that may be used in organic livestock production (7 CFR §205.603(a)(4)).
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7 Responses to “GMO Livestock Vaccines OK for USDA Organic Production”

  1. I have great interest as well for people to learn and know more of same with pet and human vaccine issues. Forced immunization upon babies shortly after birth and upon our pets annually regardless that its evident the protection lasts for YEARS!!! THANK you for a great site.

  2. Barbara Talbert says:

    There are patents and patent applications on the web for some of this. They can be printed out and read and they are very eye-opening. Most people do not realize that regarding meat what goes into our food animals bodies is going into our bodies. Veterinarians are not allowed to treat people but it is my opinion that many diseases and especially parasites are crossing species due to messing with the animals and our DNA and RNA.

  3. Laura Hayes says:

    In addition to GMOs, livestock vaccines contain antibiotics (penicillin, streptomycin, gentamicin, and more!), heavy metals (such as mercury-laden thimerosal and aluminum), and numerous “proprietary” ingredients which remain undisclosed so that they can not be identified or researched. Thus, here many of us are paying top-dollar for “organic” meat that is laced with neurotoxic and immune-damaging ingredients from the livestock vaccines. This must stop. Talk to you local farmer, educate him, and encourage him to forego the use of vaccines in his animals. Look for a 2-part article this week on the Fearless Parent blog, which will cover this topic and more (Part 1 on 2/24 and Part 2 on 2/25, I think). fearless

  4. Dr. Wiggins says:

    I’ve been an organic vegetarian for as long as I can remember. No meat and no cow’s milk. Thank God. What is happening to the American food supply? Before long everyone will have to get organic seeds to grow their own produce in order to have healthy, quality food. Things will be a bit harder for ‘meat’ eaters. The average person can’t ‘grow a cow’ in the back yard. Thanks for sharing.

  5. nedlud says:

    Bureaucracy in the society is just like cancer in the body.

    It’s not healthy.

    If you want to be organic, be organic, but don’t believe for a moment that bureaucracy is going to protect you.


  6. common law private attorney general Chris says:

    It would appear the “U. S. D. A.” has been usurpated by: Revolutionary Gorilla Terrorist Actors masquerading as our “Protectors” with intents on propagandizing the TRANS-HU[WHO]manist DIS-truction of the CREATOR’S natural man made in HIS image? PRAY hard for DEVINE intercession?

  7. Abe says:

    Thanks for this Barb. People don’t believe there are GMO drugs and vaccines yet. LOL Has been for some time now!