Barb Peterson, Dave Hodges and Annie DeRiso take on the GMO banning versus labeling issue and talk to farmers around the country.


Barb’s Note: While those who have nothing to lose play the labeling game, people who have everything to lose are on the ground floor, fighting tooth and nail to keep their organic farms free from surrounding GMOs and the inevitable contamination they cause. Think about this: There is a clause in the National Organics Program that allows the use of non-organic ingredients that are GMO if there is no organic alternative available. The only logical conclusion to this is that in time, with contamination running rampant, most of our so-called “organic” food labeled USDA Certified Organic will contain a good portion of GMOs because no organic alternative will be available. Chew on that for a bit…


Non-GMO source not available


Petition for Inclusion of Sugar Beet Fiber onto the National List, § 205.606



Sugar Beet Fiber GRAS

 Over 95% of the sugar beets grown in the U.S. are GMO.

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2 Responses to “GMO Banning Wars”

  1. Abe says:

    Barb, you guys should try to interview Howard Vlieger or Dr. Judy Carmen about there pig gut study.