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Here  in  Poland  the  battle  to  save Polish farmland from corporate buy-outs continues. But that’s not all the Polish farmers are up against…Watch the video below. Tractors have been blockading government institutions from 14 January…

Regulations that  the  Warsaw  government  has  imposed over the years have  made  it  virtually impossible  to  sell  farm  processed foods to local shops, schools or private individuals. The only way farmers can conform with the hygiene and sanitary regulations imposed from above, is by carrying out their simple processing tasks in specially designed and equipped buildings that none can afford to build or to adapt.. except the very large producers supplying the food industry and supermarkets. Yes, that’s right – it’s all about destroying the competition – which in this case is the small and medium sized independent family farms that produce the best foods!


There are still one and a half million such farms in Poland!

ICPPC is supporting the protesting farmers to highlight this grossly unfair treatment of all who wish to provide fine quality, flavourful and ‘real’ farmhouse-foods in their own localities.

You too can be part of this vital protest…
Join in – by sending a brief letter in support of the farmers to Prime Minister Tusk urging him to change the regulations so that family  farmers can sell their products locally! And send a copy of your letter to us here at ICPPC – biuro@icppc.pl . Thanks!

Contact to Prime Minister:
Premier Rządu RP Donald Tusk
Secretariat of the Prime Minister
Aleje Ujazdowskie 1/3, 00-583 Warszawa, Poland
fax: +48 (22) 694 70 53
e-mail: sprm@kprm.gov.pl

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One Response to “Poland’s Small Farmers Stand Up Against Corporate Takeover And For Food Sovereignty”

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