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Farm Wars

In a recent court case OSGATA v. Monsanto, in which Monsanto was preemptively sued to keep the company from suing farmers due to genetic contamination of their crops by Monsanto’s genetically engineered varieties, the following decision was reached:

We conclude that Monsanto has disclaimed any intent to sue inadvertent users or sellers of seeds that are inadvertently contaminated with up to one percent of seeds carrying Monsanto’s patented traits.


There is one glaring problem with this, among many. And that is, GMO transgenic contamination is so widespread that even most seed suppliers cannot guarantee that the seeds they sell to farmers are not contaminated up to at least 2%.

The amount of GMO contamination that might be present in conventional alfalfa is not known. But a December 2011 report by Stephanie Greene, a geneticist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service, ARS, said that after Roundup Ready alfalfa was first deregulated in 2005 industry testing of conventional seed lots found levels of contamination as high as 2 percent.


In fact, there is no guarantee whatsoever that levels even higher have not contaminated our seed supply.

The default standard for certification as GMO free has been taken to be zero in many cases, although experience shows that meeting such a standard will be difficult. There have been proposals for setting maximum allowable levels in the range of 1 to 3%, and it is likely that some tolerance level above zero will be accepted in the future.  


So, tell me again about how I should feel grateful that Monsanto tells us that it will not sue if the contamination levels of its GMO seeds in our crops are under 1% when the seed we purchase is most likely contaminated with levels of 1-3%, with an average of at least 2%?

Can you smell a set up? I sure can. The fix is definitely in. Buy seeds, plant, and if the seeds you buy are contaminated with over 1% of Monsanto’s transgenic varieties, which is highly likely, expect a knock on the door by the Monsanto Mafia.

P.S. If you get lucky and the seeds you bought have under 1% contamination by our seeds, we won’t sue you….. MM

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10 Responses to “The Fix Is In – GMO Contamination Greater than 1% Grounds for Lawsuit”

  1. david says:

    Being former military intelligence, I connect the dots but now I do not need as much hard fact evidence to know where there is smoke there is fire. It does go against training, but then the military was never able to drive out my individuality any more than normal education. Actually, an answer to a single prayer opened more to me than all the compartmentalization allowed me to understand. It’s why the term military & intel are mutually exclusive. I was never a good student in acedemics, spent over half my time in vocational classes learning trades, and found I did not want the factory lifestyle between strikes & layoffs anyway.Even then I knew manufacturing was going away. As an Int Op I have been underground. I have been to HAARP. I have also been to Norway several times. I learned many things, like the king prefers his coffee black, from natural beans.

    It’s natural that wind would blow seeds from one farm to another in a given region. The very idea that wind from nature itself is legally permitted as a reason for suing a farmer as if he broke a law when it’s due to nature is insanity & completely immoral.I am amazed there are judges on the bench that actually allow this. The law would need to be overturned. Otherwise, one needs to be a small scale farmer using as I mentioned before, a geodesic biodome. Use of orgone is also highly reccomended. The design creates more heat than a hoop or any other design, aside from being cheap and the strongest possible design. It isn’t a perfect solution, but the best I know of for preventing cross contamination, unless you include a hepa filter, but the size being in submicron renders it ineffective against the self replicating nano array passing the blood brain barrier. With this law allowing Monsanto to sue it enables them to destroy all others in their path. Moreover, this now legal takeover assisted by nature itself, promotes the oldest condition of corruption against humanity…they are returning civilization to the same condition as in the days of Noah. To separate humanity from God in all manner possible. To alter the DNA.
    The entire corruption of the biosphere by geoengineering which vastly increases performance of the entire electronic cage is nothing new, for those who understand the conditions of life on earth in the last age. The technologies have varied in appearance somewhat but the goal has always been the same. The bottom line is there is ultimately no protection for those who refuse to live as perscribed by the greatest LIVING example in creation…Jesus. Just as all roads lead to Rome, connecting the dots teaches, that the ultimate solution always ends up leading back to being holy. Increasingly one discovers that the wayit is becoming, is that food must be prayed over in order to prevent it from killing you.(This of course requires one to be holy) Just as the example of the loaves & fish feeding 5,000, this is the way it will be. Angelic intervention is not possible otherwise.

  2. JoshuaF says:

    What I would do particularly if I was an organic farmer is to send a Notice to all my near neighbours who you suspect of using GMO seed warning them that you will take legal action for damages if your seed becomes GMO contaminated by pollen emanating from their crop. The problem is that Monsanto has used the law against farmers but the farmers usually fold in the face of heavy legal artillery. Farmers should have been much more proactive.

  3. “After dismissing Plaintiffs’ negligence claim, Judge Wallace also dismissed Plaintiffs’ strict product liability claim on similar grounds. Judge Wallace held that Monsanto cannot be held strictly liable to the Plaintiffs for injuries caused by transgenic toxins in the environment resulting from the unforeseeable and unintended uses of dumping, disposal, scrapping, recycling, incineration and destruction of transgenic toxins and transgenic toxin-containing products by third parties.” http://www.naturalgrocers.com/.....n-lawsuits

  4. Jasonn says:

    How about suing Monsanto for negligence by contaminating YOUR seed stock?

  5. Rabbitnexus says:

    This is just sickening! If anybody should be suing, it should be the farmers whose crops are contaminated with the GMO garbage!

  6. nedlud says:


    Thank you for stopping your use of Roundup.

    We have a ‘neighbor’ who has used the federal farm programs to swell his land holdings, over the years, considerably. His machinery is HUGE. But at least, for some reason, he did not plant gmos, staying with conventional and hardly ever planting corn, which was a great relief to us, since I grow my own open-pollinated varieties. Now, however, his grandson is taking over and going full bore with the RoundupReady regime. I have to be very careful now, to avoid (as much as possible) further gmo contamination of my op corn, which when tested, did have gmo, but in an amount almost too small to be measured, according to the lab which did the testing.


  7. Richard says:

    Pesticides are ‘economic poisons’. Now our crops make their own ‘economic poison’ to poison those who eat it?

    Monsanto is both crazy and crooked. I was one of the largest Roundup end users in California at one time – then I discovered they were not really telling the truth.

    Beware anything the major chemical companies say. Also beware the regulators – neither have consumers or citizens as their actual interest.

    They need to be more responsive to complaints and questions and be more transparent and honest.

  8. This was the plan from the beginning to contaminate the biosphere then file a patent on every living thing on this planet including us full spectrum slavery.

  9. I spoke to a gal yesterday that was waffling on the GMO issue. She was all for banning dangerous pesticides, but couldn’t make the connection between GMOs and pesticides at all. She concluded that some GMOs might be safe, so she was not for a ban, and wanted to change the subject, saying that we were getting too specific. I was merely answering her questions and the answers were not what she wanted. I am sooooooo sick of intentional ignorance.

  10. Abe says:

    Clearly GMO’s should be banned!!