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Farm Wars

There is a great mystery afoot across our country.

According to unofficial sources its cover name is geo-engineering, and it is said to be a way of reducing global warming. But to a growing number of investigators it is blatant genocide, which could mean death to you, me, and those we love.

Its more common name is chemtrails, short for chemical trails sprayed into the atmosphere by high-flying jumbo jets. This means death to much of our plant, animal, and sea life.

Still, many people are unaware of the chemtrail phenomenon, even though dark elements of our intelligence forces have filled our skies from coast to coast for decades with deadly chemicals.

How can we expect the majority of our citizens to understand the complicated machinations of the New World Order, which are cleverly hidden within the left/right paradigm, when most of us have not even noticed the aerosoled toxins that have been turning our blue skies into a murky haze?

Without the need to be able to read or write, the evidence that the US federal government is our enemy is right before our eyes.st2

And the controlled media? When have you ever heard any mention of chemtrails in the mainstream media?

When were chemtrails discussed in any of the presidential debates? When has the New York Times (“All the News That’s Fit to Print”) used the word chemtrails except to belittle those who have tried to sound the chemtrail alarm?

These fiendish aerosol weapons against mankind go largely unnoticed by the general public and all but unreported by the corporate media.

This obvious blackout has gone on for decades in spite of the fact that daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly tangible proof has been poured onto our heads telling us we have been and are being controlled by a sinister force.

But successfully sounding the clarion alarm about chemtrails in a much more convincing and entertaining manner than my above rant is an amazing new novel by fellow writer, Cara St. Louis-Farrelly, titled The Sun Thief.

While set as a novel, this basically true story is one of the best-written, most important narratives of this age or any other. Ms. St. Louis-Farrelly is a truly masterful writer, a true humanitarian, and a gift to us all.

In the genre of books called faction (fictional books with plots rooted in facts), The Sun Thief stands tall, as does Ms. Cara St. Louis-Farrelly. Her contribution to the thriller genre is only surpassed by the importance of her message – we are all under constant, deadly attack by our elected and appointed governmental officials.

What can you do, as an individual, to profoundly help remedy this outrage?

Read and then tell others about The Sun Thief.

What all of you will find in this fabulous novel will be empowering.

But first, make sure you and they can handle startling truths.

©2014 J. Speer-Williams

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6 Responses to “The Sun Thief Review”

  1. Bcboss says:

    This new category of books called faction is just another technique to confuse people about reality and truth. Do you think by reading an ‘entertaining’ book about chemtrails is going to make someone a believer?
    I only educate people about chemtrails when we are outside and can see them. When you can allow people to see them with their own eyes and see for themselves that it is not normal, then you have a believer.
    Something you can see is not a conspiracy, which they need to understand is the word they attach to anyone who doesn’t conform to their thoughts.

  2. Abe says:

    Can You say “Polar Vortex”?

  3. Bcboss says:

    I believe the category of ‘faction’ is another methotrexate to confuse us as to what is real or not.
    Was it tr

  4. Irene says:

    Thanks for the book suggestion. Too bad its fiction because I’d love a way to proove the point beyond a shaddow of a doubt.

  5. suss says:

    I had stunning photos of the trails that started over my house on a beautiful sunny summer day the were all uniformly striped 5 or 6 of them then the started horizontally then diagonally then they spread out then it was white i took pix of these as they progressed and sent them to mu mom and sis because they claim they don’t have them on the western side of the state like we do on the eastern side, anyway i sent them, neither replied back so i had my answer w/ no reply- typical they are so steeped in the brainwashing from lamestream media that if its not on that boob tube it isn’t news it isn’t real- they claim its contrails weird is all i can say- the ptb sure know human nature thats for sure they knew they could get away w/ this they know the collective conscience is asleep at the wheel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. frank says:

    ‘they’ have been chemtrailing the living aspirations out of the northeast.