GMO EmperorFalse Promises, Failed Technologies

Coordinated by Navdanya and Navdanya International,
the International Commission on the Future of Food and Agriculture,
with the participation of The Center for Food Safety (CFS)

We have been repeatedly told that genetically engineered (GE) crops will save the world by increasing yields and producing more food. They will save the world by controlling pests and weeds. They will save the world by reducing chemical use in agriculture. They will save the world with GE drought tolerant seeds and other seed traits that will provide resilience in times of climate change.

However, the GE emperor (Monsanto) has no clothes. All of these claims have been established as false over years of experience all across the world. The Global Citizens Report “The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes” brings together evidence from the ground of Monsanto’s and the industry’s false promises and failed technology.



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4 Responses to “The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes”

  1. Interesting perspective, thanks for the article.

  2. Abe says:

    How can you tell when a presstitute or a DC pollitician is lying?
    You all know the answer to that one!!

  3. Irene says:

    I am angry that the legislatures still wont hold any corporate “people” accountable. Not one banker, not even Jamie Diamond who admits he purposely broke the Sarbains Oxley regulations that carry a 5 million $ fine and 20 years in jail. Not Monsanto for continuing genocide, not US Agricultural policy that poisons the best farm land and water and pushes poison on children and livestock alike. There seems to be a complicitly manufactured consent to cause the most harm to Gods Earth before the coming of Christ. I’m made fun of in town hall meetings and PTA meetings by people who have no advantage in hiding the truth. I have more bland form letters from attorneys general than I do bills. I’m assured that the school is trying to not give my children GMOs but the teachers don’t even know what isn’t GMO and they feed my kids “treats” for good behavior that set the digestion to pants poop mode or worse, EVERY DAY. THEN, if I send a organic chocolate bar to school with them it gets taken away and I’m told not to send candy , but then it gets replaced with GMO chocolate before the day is over. The health and gym teacher is the worst offender. The lunch lady is having intestinal surgery this week for tumors in her abdomen and the results of the Saralini rat study was shut down to save time in the PTA meeting last week. No wonder 2-4D is being approved for widespread use, it worked so well in Viet Nam.

  4. suss says:

    Ya know what i’m completely sick of? the fact that everything they have claimed is proved false yet they march on acting as if it isn’t so??? the farmers are still planting it the people are still eating it. they have a ton more crops in the works. supposidly the people don’t want it yet it continues! I won’t buy it i tell people about it etc. et al. yet as i said seems like, maybe just maybe the “seems like” Hum maybe things are changeing? time will tell but i tell ya i can’t stand it i am so frusterated its beyond! I know one thing for a fact they will not stop shoving gmo’s down our collective throats no way no how so w/ that i’m signing off, to all you awake people not too many of us that is for sure!