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Farm Wars

In this grand experiment that we have been dragged into kicking and screaming by those who would attempt to devise the perfect human, the perfect animal, the perfect plant, by manipulating their basic genetic structure to suit a preconceived design, we are being led by babies in adult diapers who have no understanding of the very things that are crucial in revealing the perfection that is sought.

We are taught in school that practice makes perfect, and in a way, it does. Repetition and rote have their roles. We build muscle by repetition. We learn to write by repetition. But we each do these things differently no matter how much uniformity we attempt to maintain.  We are taught to do the same thing each time in order to produce something that is within uniform parameters. But we will never reach the goal of complete uniformity. It is unattainable. Each repetition is different than the one before it and the one after it. True uniformity does not exist.

So why do we equate uniformity with perfection and just assume that when everything appears to be exactly the same it will then be perfect? Nothing is exactly the same, and uniformity can never attain perfection because it lacks the one thing that brings brilliance to an otherwise bland existence. And that is – the imperfection, the straying from the mold, the seeming randomness that makes up the uniqueness of each and every life form. Not one is the same. Not one. All are unique.

And we are setting ourselves up to lose it all to the limited constructs of a few geneticists’ awkward attempts at mimicking creation, who plug away at changing our genetic structure much like a baby taking his/her first steps and not anticipating the inevitable crash. That unique combination of genes and outward influences that make up each and every human, animal and plant on earth is becoming lost in a factory that spews out genetic mutations just as fast as it can rake in the profit.

There is a design to this life that we know nothing about. When we try and change that design, we are as children playing in a mud puddle. We can only guess at what our machinations will produce in the long run. Anyone who says differently is either very, very confused, or lying.

Instead of the genetic revolution that we are being told is the salvation of mankind, we just might very well be facing a genetic devolution of mammoth proportions if we don’t reign in this insane quest for a monocultured, uniform society devoid of the perceived imperfections that are so necessary for true perfection to flourish.

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16 Responses to “Genetic Devolution”

  1. Abe says:

    Barb seen a story on CBS this morning about 3d printers making hearts. Couldn’t find the cbs story but I found this.
    Coming soon to a 3D printer near you: human tissue and organs

  2. B. Talbert says:

    We are a miracle and the powers that be are not acknowledging that and think that they are the be-all and end-all with their man made “science” for profit. Our primal cells and genes from the “old pools” are being messed with by people who think they know everything and in reality don’t know much. Commonplace discoveries are still being made every day. Perhaps lemming genes and plasmids are being used to alter some of our foods. Just read some of the patents that detail things in our food and medicine.

  3. lf says:

    To this day if you ask most drs. what does the appendix do? They will tell you it is a completely useless organ. So what does the appendix do?
    It is your probiotic factory! So if something this simple is still so misunderstood , I sure don’t trust them to understand life…all life on the molecular level!

  4. Yossarian says:

    Jacking with the genetic makeup of plants and animals is totally insane. It’s one thing to mess with something we fully understand. But that’s in no way the case with GMO plants, and now GMO animals! It’s no wonder corporations like Monsanto are fighting tooth and nail to avoid having to label their Frankenstein products, no one wants to eat them except for the totally deluded, or totally brainwashed!

  5. Most likely similar, not identical. I have a gelding who is completely different from both of his parents. I also have had 3 mares from the same mare/stallion pairing. They are similar, but totally different in personality. One of the three came out with her front legs in a curved shape like curved sewing needles side by side. That was how she lay in her mom. Her genetics said that they should be straight like her relatives. If I had left them that way, they would be crooked to this day. I worked on her legs by trimming her feet constantly and encouraging her newly forming legs to straighten out to where they should be. She is now straight legged just like her sisters, mother, and father.

    Most people think Arabians are too high strung to be good rides. I disagree. For the most part it is how they are handled. They are naturally more alert and intelligent than your average horse, and demand to be treated as such. The training is completely different with them. If you treat them like your average quarter horse or appaloosa, what you will most likely end up with is a basket case. An uncontrollable maniac. This is the problem, not that the horse is high strung. There are horses that are very dull and others that are very excitable. This trait can be magnified or reduced by outward influences. Genetics is the map. Outward influences determine the exact trail.

  6. windy says:

    If the intensive Russian study of Fox behavior has any bearing, it indicates that even transplanting embryos had no effect on the temperament of the offspring. I have had the same experience with cattle, horses and dogs, bad tempered or high strung parents always produce similar traits in their offspring.


  7. neptunya says:

    Thank you for the last two articles, I often retransmets your articles as essential to me. Good luck. Neptunya

  8. abinico warez says:

    I used to make an issue out of the fact that govt cafeterias serve only organic food. Turns out I was wrong; they serve all types – organic, conventional, and GMO, but the difference is that it is all labeled, a piece of information not available to the rest of us.

  9. nedlud says:

    An excellent short essay and an equally excellent reply to windy, Barbara.


  10. George H. says:

    Whole foods vs. chemically laden toxic sludge. The choice, is ultimately, up to each and everyone of us. I choose health not sickness. Hippocrates said “Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food”. Wiser words were never spoken. Eat like Grandma and Grandpa did back on the farm, who both remained healthy and mentally alert into their 90s. Let’s face it folks, the power elite (the eugenicists) desperately want to depopulate the earth. Their playbook calls for man made pandemics, GMOs, chemtrails, fluoridated water, prescription drugs, fast foods, and the mind rot of TV and the perpetual propaganda of the MSM to reinforce their SATANIC AGENDA. “DUMBED DOWN AND DRUGGED UP” is their rallying cry and their “gift” to humanity. Their ARROGANCE AND GREED knows no bounds. EAT WHOLE FOODS, DRINK PURE WATER, turn off your TV set, and never, ever, vote for any candidate who has a D or R after their names. Vote for Independents who wholeheartedly believe in the US CONSTITUTION and in WE THE PEOPLE. It’s time to sack the entire Congress (shills, whores, egomaniacs, greedsters) and replace them with SANE PEOPLE. It’s really DO OR DIE time now, and all nicities must be cast aside. It’s brass knuckles time. It’s time we depopulate the 1%, it’s time to tear down the house that the NWO has built, it’s time to reclaim our GOD GIVEN DESTINY not our NWO HELL ON EARTH. Wake up America. It’s Defcon 1. OATH-KEEPERS you know what to do. LETS ROLL.

  11. I disagree, windy. It is a combination of genes and outward influences that determine the traits of offspring. This is epigenetics.

    The development and maintenance of an organism is orchestrated by a set of chemical reactions that switch parts of the genome off and on at strategic times and locations. Epigenetics is the study of these reactions and the factors that influence them.

    The genome dynamically responds to the environment. Stress, diet, behavior, toxins and other factors activate chemical switches that regulate gene expression.”

    Who are these “caring people” that you are referring to? And just who are the “dregs of humanity?” People are being systematically dumbed down by the public school system and if you go to this post by Jon Rappoport at you might come to understand that proper diet will change behaviour dramatically. I have also raised animals most of my life and can attest to the fact first hand that it is always a combination of genes and outward influences that determine traits.

  12. windy says:

    The fact no one wants to talk about is that intelligent, caring people are producing one child or none at all – while the dregs of humanity are producing dozens. I know from decades of breeding animals that it is always nature, not nurture, that determines the traits of offspring.

  13. Chico says:

    Your reasoning is correct, but the sociopaths driving this madness will not be turned by the reasoning of a person with empathy. Sociopaths lack empathy, and this affects their thinking. Whereas you and I can clearly see the insanity of their actions, they only see a game that they are winning.

    So, how do we stop them?

  14. Welcome everyone who unfortunately are still when these jerks get through to the world of Zardos. A starving groups of brutals serving our brainless masters in their never neverland pleasant dreams you all.

  15. Thanks Emmett G.! The link is fixed ;) Here is the URL:

  16. Emmett G. says:

    Barbara: I clicked on the “Buxton Feed Company” button but got a 404 Not Found error message. Just thought you might want to know.

    Re: your article above – I completely agree with you and I’ve thought about this alot the past few years. There are so many unsolved mysteries about how Life is created, where it came from, etc. that fiddling with DNA without knowing what you’re doing is absolute suicide. My husband is a biologist/microbiologist and is very knowledgeable about genetics. He literally cringes whenever he reads about GMOs; he knows where this will likely lead. It’s horrifying. I don’t hold out much hope for the human species at this point. Hopefully, the other life forms will be able to escape the lunacy/idiocy of humans and will survive but I don’t have my hopes too high for that, either. If “Karma is a bitch”, we humans are really in for it, the way we are destroying the planet.