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Who owns your children? Who determines your child’s fate? Who decides what your child will wear, eat and what they will believe? It costs hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to raise a child. Parents make unbelievable financial sacrifices to raise a child as they plan for their future. Parents go through unbelievable heartache in their role as a parent as we rise and fall with our children’s accomplishments and setbacks. Parents rejoice when their child takes their first step or speaks their first word. Parents are forced to forsake the follies of their young adulthood in order to provide for their child. Parents agonize when their child is sad. And God forbid, a parent’s life effectively ends when they lose a child.

With all the tribulations it takes to raise a child, there should be no question that the final authority to raise a child rests with the parents. The ultimate authority over a child, resides with the parents. The Bible clearly tells the parents that they are in charge of your children with the following admonishment:

“Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother”.

Ephesians 6:1-2

Please note that the Ephesians verse does not command children to honor thy President, or honor thy TSA, nor do the scriptures command children to honor the CPS, DHS and FEMA. When one examines the natural order of things, it is clear parents are to be clearly in control of their children. READ MORE…

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2 Responses to “Who Owns the Children?”

  1. Abe says:

    oops, the articles were about GMO foods, the same ones Barb reprinted a few months ago. So it was worth reading!!

  2. Abe says:

    “A society which will not fight for their children isn’t worth saving. If parents will not stand up to protect their children, who is going to protect them? And if the state gains complete control over our children, then God help us.”

    This conclusion is spot on!
    A few months ago I went to our local elementary school to talk to the principal and let her read those series of article Dr. Swanson did for the Seattle Examiner. Left it with her for a couple weeks. Plenty of time to read 42 pages. I called ahead to make sure she would be there so I could get it back. As I was walking up to the front door I spotted a sheriffs car. I thought it couldn’t be there for me. Well I was wrong, and threatened with arrest if I didn’t leave. Plus that idiot principal didn’t read one page. Well my kids haven’t gone there for at least 15 years now. The changes from even then to now was staggering. Public shools should be renamed “The Hitler Youth”!! These socalled “Authorities” are overstepping there bounds by miles! I can’t belive how stupid parents are these days!