Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Road to Freedom copy

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13 Responses to “The Road to Freedom”

  1. Well done, Ken! I’m so happy for you. Thanks for letting me know ;)

  2. Ken Robertson says:

    well said Barb–you inspired me a few years ago, we had chatted a few times, when you heard I worked for Merck at the time you were appalled. You will be happy to know I left that mind numbing earth destroying shithole behind and became self employed. Your being aghast at my job helped prompt me to change so thank you – rock on little sister ; )

  3. BlueBlogger says:

    “…slaves on the plantation…”

    There may be a way out; maybe. The url below seems like something that could be at least part of the solution or maybe a starting point –

  4. Science based on the theory of evolution fails to account for the myriad artifacts that show a higher intelligence thousands of years ago. We are not as advanced as we think we are, and as we have been in earlier times. It also does not account for the inception of life. Where did the very first life form originate? The big bang theory simply does not cut it.

  5. Jerry Daniele says:

    Arthur seems a bit confused. He claims there no scientific proof of a creator and turns right around and sights mother nature (capitalized) as though this feminine entity is the shaker and mover. Do the math Arthur. Scientifically, the math does not and will not support the theory that life occurred by chance and then evolved into extremely complex life forms. In logic you can not prove a negative. You say there is no creator? Then prove it. Good day.


  6. Alan Donelson says:

    @Arthur Patriart December 3, 2013

    Your posting took me back to my twenties, when I espoused such nonsense, too, first as a “scientist” (chemistry and physics in college, then medical sciences, especially pharmacology), then as a neophyte in “spiritual sciences”, an oxymoronic joining of method and madness, I’d say. By the end of a fourth, seven-year cycle, I too could explain EVERYTHING & NOTHING with my personal system of thought!

    I believe that each of our respective “long and winding roads” bear scrutiny, self-reflection, and challenge, lest we fall to the wayside in arrogant disregard of both gravity and righteousness. I for one would delight in discussing with you such topics! A common framework of thought we lack, however, and to that we have next to turn our attention. May I suggest Yogi Bhajan’s series of lectures on The Mind, for aye! there’s the rub!

  7. Arthur Patriart says:

    As a scientist, I define existence through physics, biology and chemistry. I have seen no evidence of a creator and I do not imagine one because I cannot explain all that I observe. Life does appear to have some direction, as does the other forces of nature. But, it does not favor humans over other life forms. Nature cares only about the survival of the replicating cell in any form. I suspect that humans will eventually be eradicated via bacteria and fungi as we slowly poison our environment. Mother Nature eventually kills her own children as they descend to a low level of natural strength. Most humans lack the intelligence, courage and morality to develop a society where the evolution of humanity can advance to a longer life for our species. Humans are a momentary blip in the path of cellular life. Humans are not special, just more self destructive. I can go on and on and apply my model to politics, economics, religion, etc. if anyone is interested, or wants to discuss my model.

  8. Ross of the Great Southern Land says:

    @Alan Donelson “…I peer inside every time I get a chance to center in Peace. …”

    No need to tell you that you are on the right – and truly the only sane track. But very few get it. Every other track leads eventually to a dead end – or skirting the rim of that Infinite Well of Sadness and Grief.

  9. Irene says:


  10. As Eric Blair writing under the penname George Orwell WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. Welcome to OCEANIA.

  11. Alan Donelson says:

    Thank you, Barbara. Inspiring. Gentle touch to heart, much appreciated.

    The road to freedom leads homeward, too, past the Infinite Well of Sadness and Grief, where half-empty glasses of brine tease the thirsty. A teacher taught that to begin this journey, one best, and first, forgive one’s self. For we do blame ourselves. After all the mess we’ve made, some say terminal, innocents still abound about us, seemingly untouched by any evil, apparently unblemished by chemical insults present in air and water and land. Here at home, we have a puppy that greets each day as a magnificent, near infinite blessing of Joy and play and Love. I just saved seeds from generous plants, though germinated way late in the season, nonetheless most found time enough to reproduce. With forgiveness, I can at least do more than I have to date.

    Another teacher pointed out that the Kingdom of GOD is within, which belief I hold. I peer inside every time I get a chance to center in Peace. I look for answers to these terrible, wrenching questions we entertain. I toss virtual pennies into the Infinite Well of Sadness and Grief, while adding salty droplets to dark waters below. How soon now the Golden Dawn? The question echoes as I await an answer, but a single answer is all I ask of my Self. So I sit and listen when I can, then arise to do more than I have done already.

  12. pm says:

    If you substitute “Fed Reserve bank cartel” for “U.S. Government” then your manifesto will be 100% accurate. All governements are just collection agents, enforcers and fronts for these plutocrats.

  13. Emmett G. says:

    Barbara, of all the things you’ve ever written, I like the above quote most of all. It sums up the entire present situation in the U.S. and has a deep ring of truth about it. It’s sad and heartbreaking but I believe that until at least a majority of us realize what is happening in America, we are doomed. But if enough of us are willing to work to change things, we at least have a chance. I don’t have high hopes for humanity, though, especially when I think about what America and many Americans have become.