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GMO-Free Hawaii Island

Aloha e kakou,

It is being reported by people attempting to speak to Council members Kanuha, Kern and the Mayor by phone or appointment, that they are being rebuffed.  They are receiving communications from all sides and probably not reading emails sent to them about Bill 113.

The priority is to send a hard copy letter to Mayor Kenoi immediately, as he may be planning to veto the bill in the next couple of days.

Councilmembers Zendo and Kanuha voted YES to pass Bill 113.  It is counterproductive at this time to send any negative comments or long messages to further educate them on GMOs.  Put yourself in their shoes to see if you would rather receive aloha from supporters or negative messages from the opposition.  Short, heartfelt aloha and mahalo messages and thanks in advance for voting to override a veto by the mayor would be  welcomed by them and would probably preserve their YES votes.  Contact for Mayor Kenoi and Councilmembers attached. 



GMO-Free Hawaii Island is going to present this petition to Mayor Kenoi on Tuesday, November 26, at 9:45 a.m., at his office in the Hilo County Building.  PLEASE SHOW UP TO SUPPORT HIM!

It has over 2,600 signers and will continue to gather signatures whether the mayor signs or vetoes the bill, and the petition can then also be used to urge the council to override his veto as it is written to accommodate both scenarios.  Please continue to circulate it.


If you produce food of any kind, even if it is just to feed yourself, let us add your name to this letter that will be sent to Mayor Kenoi in a couple of days.  To be included on the letter, please reply to this email – gmofreehawaiiisland@gmail.com, with the message:  “Yes, I want to sign the letter to Mayor Kenoi,” and include your full name, company name if any, what you grow, and your town.  For gathering real signatures, a copy of this letter is attached and can be printed out if you know farmers and others who would like to sign it. Their names can later be typed into an email and sent to gmofreehawaiiisland@gmail.com  with the message same YES message as above.


We the undersigned, represent organizations, businesses, family farms and individuals who are committed to providing safe and nutritious food for our families, our friends, our community and our state, for this and for future generations.  

We encompass agricultural producers at all different levels of production, as well as those whose businesses support farming practices on this island. 

We support Bill 113 as passed by the County Council because: 

We believe that food sustainability must protect the soils, the micro-organisms in the soils;

We believe that food sustainability must protect beneficial insects such as honey bees; 

We believe that food sustainability must provide for seed security;

We believe that food sustainability must protect groundwater resources and waters that run into the ocean;

We believe that food sustainability must protect the biodiversity of our island.

We are committed to the centuries-old, sustainable ways of growing and providing food….. those conventional, natural and organic farming practices which minimize harm to the soil, the waters and Beneficial Insects, and which protect the seed supply and the diversity of plant life on our island.

(3) LETTERS TO THE EDITOR:  If you haven’t yet, please send an open letter to Mayor Kenoi or the County Council via a letter to the editor.

Hawaii Tribune Herald (limit 300 words)

P. O. Box 767

Hilo, HI 96720

Email:  letters@hawaiitribune-herald.com 

West Hawaii Today (limit 300 words)

P. O. Box 789

Kailua-Kona, HIU 96745

Email:  wht@aloha.net

Big Island Weekly

75-5580 Kuakini Highway
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740


Mahalo for your support!

GMO-Free Hawaii Island    gmofreehawaiiisland.org

Visit our Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/GMOFreeHawaiiIsland

Email:  gmofreehawaiiisland@gmail.com

Hawaii County Council Contact

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