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Barbara H. Peterson

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Recently Natural News published an article titled “Bill Gates GMO Zombie Eggs,” in which the author asked “Are you eating fake eggs made in a laboratory? Who knew?” then went on to declare that Beyond Eggs was genetically engineered (GMO). So, I did a bit of research to determine if this was true.

Hampton Creek developed Beyond Eggs and uses the Beyond Eggs product to make two items that they sell: Just Mayo and Eat the Dough. Both products are Non-GMO Project verified. So, the questions are…. Are Beyond Eggs non-GMO, or are they GMO, and if so, how are the products made with them receiving Non-GMO Project verification?

This is a prime example of why I advise people to research everything for themselves. Either the “eggs” are GMO, the GMOs in the “eggs” are less than the .9% allowable threshold in the total ingredients and therefore qualify for Non-GMO Project verification, or they really are totally non-GMO and the premise of the article is false.

I contacted Hampton Creek Foods, developer of Beyond Eggs, and asked a representative if Beyond Eggs used any GMO ingredients, and she said emphatically, NO!

Although I do not agree with accepting financial backing from the likes of Bill Gates, that does not alter the fact that Beyond Eggs qualified for Non-GMO Project verified status. So, either every single product verified by the project is suspect, or Beyond Eggs is really non-GMO.

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4 Responses to ““Beyond Eggs” Plant-based Egg Substitute Non-GMO Project Verified”

  1. Does the 0.9 % rule apply to just eggs as a single commodity?

    The reason I ask is because billions of eggs whether they are destined to go on the plate or to become chicks are run through automated vaccine machines. Quite often those who play at ‘natural’ farming will acquire chicks that come from foreign countries that have started their lives rolling down an autoinoculator. All vaccines are GMOs. It would be just like the Controllers to sneak that in as a pass for eggs; or the hens that grow from them that then lay second-generation contaminated products and may even later become roasters or fryers themselves. They would get a non-GMO status because the initial pollution came in under the arbitrary threshold.

  2. Morgan, You might want to direct your response to Natural News. They put out the article regarding your eggs being GMO, I did not. In fact, I researched to find out that you are indeed Non-GMO Project verified, and that was the reason for my article, to set the record straight ;)

  3. Hey guys, this is not correct. What we’re doing isn’t scary, or genetic modification – we’re simply using plants that can function like eggs. We’re even certified by the Non GMO project. Please call if you have questions 415 374 7524


  4. Ronnie Harding says:

    Companies that use GMO food need to be blacklisted. For sure they’ll have some other trick up their sleeve to use on us. This is attempted murder and they need to be sued and locked up. I quit eating anything from the store and now grow everything. I planted a bunch of fruit trees and grow grapes for wine. I don’t care I warn people of their toxic crap and I buy nothing