no_more_warBarbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

The irresponsible use of GMOs (genetically modified/engineered organisms) is a symptom of a much larger societal problem, and that is the indiscriminate use of increasing violence to get what we want when we want it.  We do violence to others and call it business. We do violence to ourselves and call it improvement. We applaud when men beat each other to a pulp then declare victory to the winner while the opponent lays bleeding on the mat.

We are seeing an increased use of police force almost every day, increased government force, increased restrictions on personal freedoms, oppressive legislation, and an increased attitude of “I could care less about anyone” in those around us. We walk around with cell phones stuck to our ears and don’t even talk to others. We are so absorbed in the moment that we cannot see anything around us. We want what we want when we want it.

And nature is not exempt. If she does not comply, then we declare war. We beat her, trick her, and otherwise bend her to our will. We use force. We use violence to get what we want. We cut and chop, splice and dice, and poison our way to the winner’s circle. This sort of violence is being done to our farmlands each and every day by those who choose to spray toxic poisons, alter our genetic structure through genetic engineering and destroy entire ecosystems and humanity in the process, and we all lay bleeding on the mat.

Stuck in a cycle of destruction played out in the cornfields and haystacks, in the labs and factories, and most importantly, in our homes and bodies, we find ourselves trapped in a culture of death thinking that there is no way out, just endless violence. We have a dysfunctional relationship with the very planet that sustains us, and there is no way to win this battle. If we destroy the planet, we destroy ourselves in the process. We commit suicide.

Nature has a voice, but we have to stop the madness and listen. To put aside any preconceived notions about agriculture that promote mono-culture, chemical burn-down, genetic engineering, and chemical pesticides, and begin working in unity with the planet instead of bending her to our will no matter the harm we do.

If we are good stewards, we use the least amount of force necessary for both nature and man to thrive. We exercise compassion and respect for all living things and end the cycle of abuse. We end the violence and start a real relationship. We start listening.

©2013 Barbara H. Peterson

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11 Responses to “GMOs and the Indiscriminate Use of Force”

  1. lisa says:

    well said Bert

  2. CINDY says:

    A fatal mistake by man, to ever think he is “not” bound by the laws of nature!
    For he himself is made from these laws!
    A rude awakening for the elite!


  3. Bcboss says:

    We are wheat/barley farmers and if you truly want to understand our food system, how it has been hijacked, and power taken from those who grow it please read the book ‘Seeds of Destruction”. You will then know what we are up against …You can not put this book down, the ‘players’ are names you will know…
    Share the book with others, know what is coming. This should be required high school reading so everyone knows and understands the big picture.

  4. Barb T. says:

    We are, of course, going down the wrong road, and we are doing it for money and you can’t eat money. The people are being thrown to the lions, their cells infiltrated by plasmids of the lower forms of life and the very old primal cells in our bodies are being activated because of this. Digestion is being hampered and mucosal cells compromised in all the organs of our bodies. The companies that are doing this cannot excuse themselves by saying they don’t know what they are doing as they do know what they are doing (because they are great scientists,by their own admission).
    I am beginning to realize that they are in control and it is going to take more than the people working against them to make them change their course. We can’t stop working but we really need supernatural help on this one, so pray. Put in your petitions to the Almighty. He has the kind of power we all need.

  5. Tina says:

    You are so right on this one.

    Rock on, Barb.

  6. Abe says:

    Another great article.
    Bert what an exceptional response, my hats off to you!

    Hope people will take 27 seconds to watch Dr. Hubers assesment of of how we’ll be looked back at in the history of mankind.

  7. nedlud says:


    One of the biggest cowards I have ever had the misfortune to deal with is George Siemon, ceo of Organic Valley. Men (ahem) like him have reduced to so-called organic playing field to gmo rubble and radioactive ruin. Un-f*cking-believable. May he burn in hell.

    Also high on the list (of cowards) is whoever is running the Seed Savers Exhange (Decorah, Iowa), the one that used to be Kent Whealy’s brainchild (lovechild actually) and great inspiration. Poor Kent Whealy. May he live in peace.

    Wendell Berry is also a coward. A Jimmy Carter type.

    Your comment was well said and needed.

    your friend,

  8. Julian says:

    So well said Barbara!

    It’s time for any and all surviving ‘independent’ farmers to club together and help each other out ‘beyond the Matrix’. Nowhere left to go accept down this road. Need to build our ‘arks’ and save our real seeds – be ready to go it alone, together.

    IT IS TIME TO BUILD YOUR ARK! We guarantee you an interesting meeting and an unforgettable adventure in the Polish countryside.

    You are invited to visit the beautiful Polish countryside and to take part in the workshop “Quit the Matrix – build the Ark” during which you will learn how to build your Arks – places that are foundations for food and energy independence.

    We will show you our Ark, the ECOCENTRE ICPPC, which is situated only 40 km from Krakow and easily accessible from different directions.
    We will share with you our experience .
    We will have together very tasty meals made from our own organic products.

    You will stay in a beautiful Small Holding, Potoczek, next to the ECOCENTRE. You can stay longer or come earlier .
    Lectures and workshops will be given in English and Polish.

    DETAILED PROGRAMS of the workshop:

  9. Wouldn’t think of erasing, Bert ;)

  10. bert says:


    This is a tough issue. There are two principles of war. It takes two parties to have one, but it only takes one party to start one. Local police powers have aligned themselves with a so-called “Continuity of Government” crowd, who have organized themselves into a Government by Secrecy. In effect it is a mafia of liars, thieves, murderers, pedophiles, drug dealers and traffickers in women and children.

    Violence is an essential part of Mother Nature and of her Evolution. The operative phrase, when it’s properly understood, is Well-regulated. That W-word is a single word, connected by a hard hyphen. It is found in the dictionary under the letter W. It does not mean that someone has a hundred government licenses and permits, all paid for by a debt fraud called mafia money, hanging out his back end. For example a “well-regulated” gentlemen gets up at regular hours, showers, shaves, works hard, loves his wife and children, and generally attends to his daily matters and goes about his life in an orderly way. As another example, the planets are “well-regulated” in their orbits. That is, Jupiter does not try to be Mercury; Mercury does not try to be Saturn; Mars does not try to be Venus, and Venus does not try to be Mars. They all spontaneously accept their role, and thus become regular in their own orbits. That powerful, and absolutely wonderful and intuitive, phrase by Joel Salatin, “the piggishness of the pig” is another example of how the power of innocence will always eventualy emerge upward, passing through the crown of forgiveness, to form a well-regulated pattern of behavior, such that it is beneficial to evolution. Pigs can be violent. But the piggishness of the pig is merely an expression of the Innocence of Evolution.

    The deep injustice of today’s so-called Dept. of Justice, carves a scar deep into the face of Innocence. Somewhere, somehow, this government by secrecy, with its leadership of bedwetting FEMA-mafioso, has acquired a belief that they have successfully appointed unto themselves, the power to take Innocence, Justice and Evolution, and throw them all into a trash compactor. They have no clue exactly how well-regulated and pleomorphic Mother Nature can be.

    A government that maintains itself by violence and by secrecy is not a well-regulated phenomenon. We now have 1,000,000 acre farms, purportedly owned by the chimerical gnomes and phenoms of the Wall St. bankers. They employ two or three people to actually go out and occupy the land, where their only job is to fill the gas tanks for the gargantuan GPS-driven 8-tired tractors, operated remotely by Pentagon computers. Meanwhile they destroy the land and water using the technology of NPK-Monsanto monoculture. The same Pentagon-FEMA crowd as greated gangs in the slums of Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Atlanta, Los Angeles, … Their members have seen the faces of their mothers scarred by police violence and injustice, again and again. Their capos, or leaders of these gangs, are starting to realize that as this government by secrecy begins to collapse (from its own corruption generated from within, since evolution is a pleomorphic domain), those 1,000,000 acre farms will no longer have any actual or effective ownership. The modern Wall St. concept of property, by force of arms, will simply disappear. The capos of the Chicago street gangs will, by use of whatever well-regulated violence is necessary, make the inevitable appointments to put those unowned and unoccupied lands back into a happier and more productive and less harmful state of being. This is will not be a downward “redistribution” in the Marxist or class concept of warfare. This will be a spiritually upward, and anti-Marxist, elevation of property (farm land) into a “higher and better use,” in the natural and evolutionary and well-regulated sense of that phrase. The Wall St. gnomes will try to claim title to the farmland. But they fail to understand that they do not actually own their million acre farms. Because they do not know what property really is, in natural law. The Wall St. gnomes have no creativity. They have no happiness with nature and evolution. They are failing to infuse it with any form of actual individual innocence, or creativity or natual evolutionary desire. The “piggishness of the pig,” is a very beautiful and powerful idea. meaning nature’s pigs, not Wall St.’s wannabe pigs, or the dirty blue-coats who are trafficking in drugs and pimping children for our priests, football coaches, and politicians.

    So, here we go. It gets down to our failure to understand what happines is and what property is. Life liberty and pursuit of happiness … Happiness cannot be imagined without an idea of what property really is. A Wall St. gnome, who steals 1,000,000 acre farms using bank fraud, and who then claims ownership without any actual possession, is making a mistake. Property is not the inert thing. Although a thief can be repelled by threat of violence, property cannot be maintained by actual perpetual violence. The dirt itself is not the property. The inert or dead part of property is called the “res.” The property part is a living thing, just like the individual who infuses property with his identity and actual ownership is also a living thing. Property is something like innocence. When guarded by a well-regulated militia, it has an actual power of its own. It is all the right, title, interest and estate, held by an individual or group of individuals, as holders of a fee simple, wbo openly, notoriously, exclusively and continuously, occupy, use, develop, improve, infuse, possess, dispose of, and etc., in such quiet and happy ways that they are generally accepted as rightful owners by the well-regulated militias of their local communities.

    Women and children are always annoyed by the potential waste inherent to violence. What has happened to the strength and righteousness of men? Because of the cowardice of men, we have all fallen under control of a government that now perpetuates itself by fear and secrecy. As Trotsky argued, government by secrecy is best enforced by perpetual state-sponsored terrorism. A 1,000,000 acre farm is an act of violence. That it is not under actual occupation and creative infusion by its actual owners, that too makes it an act of violence against nature. Glyphosate, which according to Dr. Don Huber, may be the world’s most powerful antibiotic yet, is an act of violence. It doesn’t kill just weeds. Over time, it kills absolutely everything. Given the current state of cowardice in men, who will set this injustice straight? Will Mother Nature survive? Are the faces of the innocence of our mothers to be endlessly slashed at and scarred up by the injustice of a government that operates a prison industrial system? Evolution is a pleomorphic domain. Eventually a government that operates by secrecy and violence cannot sustain itself. Irrespective of the fact that today’s “men” have lost all memory of the need that nature has for them, as keepers of the seed, as examples of strength and righteousness that goes with that obligation, the long-ago ordained and deeply prescribed desire of nature to seek upward evolution, and to forgive and to heal the scars of injustice that this government by Monsanto is now carving into the face of innocence, will prevail.

    I use some strong ideas in this one. And I’m sorry that it’s so long. Please feel free to erase it if you want. If you have benefitted from it, I’m happy.

    With highest regards.