Ray Seidler, former Senior Scientist at the EPA who wrote the Biosafety Plan with a PhD in Microbiology, presents the science and economics behind the GMO disaster – Why Measure 15-119 to ban their cultivation is necessary.  Please go HERE to read more about the Jackson County measure to ban GMOs.

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In 2012, Jackson county residents learned that a Swiss biotech company had been contracting with local landowners to grow GMO sugar beets on their vacant lots. Concerned that pollen from these genetically engineered crops would contaminate non-GMO crops in the area, several citizens stepped forward to address the situation.

Finding no recourse after contacting numerous governmental agencies, they drafted a petition to ban the growing of GMO crops in Jackson county. After collecting over 6700 signatures, the petition was qualified and will appear on the May 20, 2014 ballot as Measure 15-119.


Economic & Ecological Considerations of GMOs – a talk by Ray Seidler



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