2013 session

Senate Bill 863


Relating to preemption of the local regulation of agriculture;
declaring an emergency.


Makes legislative finding and declaration that regulation of agricultural seed, flower seed, nursery seed and vegetable seed and products of agricultural seed, flower seed, nursery seed and vegetable seed be reserved to state.




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8 Responses to “Oregon’s Monsanto Protection Act Passes SB 863”

  1. bert says:


    Because localvores seem to be well … better organized than most in Oregon … we need someone to lead the way on a law that would require that any farmer using glyphosate and GMOs on his farm must post signs on his property to that effect (“GMOs grown here” and “Glyphosate used here”). Furthermore, he must record that fact, as public knowledge, with the local soil and water conservation district. The local SCS would maintain a map of all properties that had been poisoned by glyphosate and GMOs. It would help the local police forces understand thee scope of the problem that we are dealign with.

    Once a farmer has glyphosated his farm, the economic resale value (and thus tax value) of his property will drop like a stone. Ultimately, no one but Monsanto will buy it.

    It would be helpful to local SCS scientists to be able to map the uses of glyphosate and GMOs. Neighbors would also be alerted, so that they could take appropriate monitoring actions for a lawsuit if the farmer failed to contain the glyphosate or GMOs, and they became a public nuisance.

    At some point local communities will have to use the zoning powers and nuisance laws, like those law allowing confiscation of properties used for producing or dealing in illegal drugs, to similarly confiscate the properties of farmers who use GMOs and glyphosate poisoning. If they don’t, the rural communities will slowly see their economic tax base disappear down the Monsanto rabbit hole. Time is not far away that no one (other than Monsanto) will purchase a farm that have been poisoned with GMOs and glyphosate.

  2. sundown says:

    Dang! And I was going to retire in Oregon, north west Oregon, that is…I’ll have to come up with a “plan ‘B'”….

  3. Abe says:

    Maybe all Oregonians should send there reps these videos done by Howard Vlieger the other day in Washington state? Well worth watching.

    Part one

    Part two

    Anyone know what he said after people shut off there cameras?? Bet it was GREAT!

  4. rediron1 says:

    Hey, their not that stupid to know whats good n whsnot for their kids to eat so either they don’t care or their being paid off simple as that.

  5. Kev C says:

    The idea of decentralising government should also be applied to all manner of employment and services. When we take produce from one area and transport it to another we are not only getting apples and other food but we are depleting the resources of the production area. All this land grabbing in foreign lands is doing exactly that. In a very short time they won’t be able to grow any food. Their soil will be depleted of all nutrients just as ours is now.
    Local jobs means less commuting and less pollution and less reliance on a diminishing finite resource. It also will hit the greedy fat cat corporations right in the pocket.
    But first you have to have seeds. Your own organic open pollinated seeds and the freedom to plant and grow them.
    Now is the time to organise and prepare your defences against the thugs who would enforce this draconian stupidity for their masters.
    Go to it or roll over and die slowly. The choice is entirely yours people.

  6. Michael R, says:

    Neo Cons are Trotskite Communists…what will they regulate next? Could they please clean up the Pacific from the Fukushima radiation?

  7. Kev C says:

    What the hell are these people thinking about? Are they from this planet? Somehow I cannot quite get why they would allow the control of all these products to become the property of one corporation. Unless they are all in hock to them or have been caught with their hands somewhere that they shouldn’t have been.
    Something doesn’t add up here. What they have done is totally against all morals and ethics.
    The only explanation I can come up with is they are all psychopaths. If you want to know how to identify a psychopath then get a copy of Jon Ronsons Psychopath Test. It will open your eyes.

  8. Emmett G. says:

    For 30 yrs I’ve bought my veggie/flower seeds from Nichols Garden, a wonderful family=run business. I’ve also bought my herb seeds from Richo Cech at Horizon Herbs for yrs. Both these businesses are in Oregon. I thought the neo=cons were all about unregulated capitolism. I guess that means only for Monsanto et al and big ag.

    I’m very angry about this!