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Farm Wars

The movement for a ban on GMOs is growing. Recently I came across a couple of things that have given me renewed hope that some of the people so adamant about labeling are beginning to see the light and making the shift towards endorsing a ban.

This came from

don't label ban

And this came from March Against Monsanto, who is asking for studies showing GMO harm:

We want Ban

If you are still on the fence about this, please listen to the following testimony of a mom who found out just how GMOs can affect your health and the health of your children:

Still not convinced? Here is another first-hand account of what GMOs are doing to us:

Ellen says: I have a pretty good idea since I developed a mystery autoimmune disease a year ago plus where my body attacks itself…years of unknowingly consuming GMO food had altered my immuno response. I was weak, had severe joint pain and anaphylaxis after working out combined with severe asthma. A year on non GMO organic food and I weigh more (not less) and can play my favorite bone crushing sport polo without issue and am strong as an ox. Had I continued to eat a normal American diet I would be dead for sure. I was told no cure available for mystery ailment just carry 3 epis and inhalers and prednisone and pray each time the paramedics get to me in time. I politely disagreed and sought my own homeopathic, naturopathic and alternate treatments including deep cleansing detox. I know others who accept their fate and hope that the drug companies will make them well or run for a cure but I took matters into my own hands and have lived to tell my story. My destiny is different than their fate. 

Barbara H. Peterson

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10 Responses to “Monsanto is Not ‘Too Big to Fail’ – Ban GMOs Now!”

  1. gmo2ashes says:

    Thanks Barbara for telling it like it is; hopefully your message to ban GMOs will resonate with more and more soldiers in the fight to turn the tide against this ongoing assault.

    I also liked the video with the mom telling her story about GMOs and her children’s illnesses. I’m saddened though that she would rely upon a pediatrician to advise her, or to give her “permission” to try not eating GMOs. This is likely the same pediatrician who injected her children with dozens of vaccines containing all sorts of dangerous chemicals and toxins.

    This is the problem; so-called “medical professionals” are trained, licensed and inculcated with a superior mentality by the pharmaceutical industry’s influence, then given legal authority to direct and determine your destiny. Not only would you need to avoid eating GMOs, but also stay away from allopathic doctors who chemically poison you further.

    Yeah sure, I’m certainly in favor of banning GMOS; and if I ever found myself on a jury judging someone charged with burning GMO crops, I’d vote my conscience, not guilty and nullify. Clearly, both burning AND banning GMOs are morally legitimate defenses against a plague that seriously threatens our health and the future welfare of our nation’s children.

    Still, one has only to open their eyes. GMOs are just a single part of GOV-CO’s growing arsenal of weapons used to cripple, kill and plunder the country. This undeclared war against America is so rampant and its people so naive, ignorant and dependent, that sadly, I have doubts that no matter what people do, GOV-CO’s overpowering resources will prevail and all will be lost. I shudder to think what things will look like in 20 years.

  2. abinico warez says:

    CA failed to get GMO labels – huge defeat for truth and justice – Monsanto might have won.

  3. sundown says:

    Another very informative piece! Thanks again!

  4. Billy Massey says:

    Why not call for these executives to be prosecuted for trying to poison and kill us? Has anyone written to the congressman about this? I have and got nothing but everything has been approved by the FDA.

  5. Abe – Actually, the correct word would most likely be “prostitute,” as whores work for free ;)

  6. Abe says:

    Sen. Klobuchar & Sen.Franken Your murdering my kids! I’m done playing mister nice guy! I want your blood!! YOUR NOTHING BUT A BOUGHT AND PAID FOR WHORE!!
    Yes Barb BAN!! TOTALLY BAN!!

  7. Abe says:

    Chemicals, Chemicals, Chemicals!! DUH!!!

  8. Karin says:


    Labeling is Enabling

  9. Karin says:

    I’m running with it Barb.

    Put it out on twitter and tweeted to some other GMO ppl/ groups asking for unity with a Ban.. forget the lableing scam.
    That just enables Monsanto further. Once in the door they will never get out, ever.

    Will give it more tweets tomarrow. :)

    We can do this gal !!